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Com Tam Vietnamese Restaurant

We’ve been hearing good things about Com Tam Vietnamese restaurant so we decided to go and take a look and try some of their food. Com Tam is located at ...


Amboy: Resto Bar and Grill

Eroreco subdivision is a great place for foodies.  It is home to two popular restaurants.  The wildly popular Pamilya Grill, the Japanese restaurant RinJin and finally Amboy’s – The newest ...


Victorias Foods Launches its Signature Recipes

Victorias Food Products is the food branch of the Victorias Milling company here in Negros and they manufacture all sorts of products such as canned sardines, canned bangus and even smoked ...



Txacho: Authentic Spanish Cuisine

Txacho is one of the most popular  restaurants in the art district. ...
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Cooking in Singapore: An Interview with Chef JP Anglo.

The Bacolod Food Hunters proudly present an exclusive  in -depth interview with ...

Negros Museum Cafe: YOU MUST VISIT THIS NOW!!

The best restaurant in Bacolod is the totally excellent Negros Museum Cafe. ...

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A pleasant lunch at Mushu

The Bacolod Food hunters recently made reservations for a 10 person lunch at Mushu with some of the house specialties. The food was great and not a trace of MSG was to be found anywhere.  The food was all gobbled up in the blink of an eye. Now here’s what we ordered: Martin admits that […]

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WaraWara: Eat all you can grill!

WaraWara korean restaurant has been around for some time and we’re reviewing it now because there has been a price drop in their eat/grill all you can buffet!  Previously priced at 450+ php, the buffet is now about 380+ php pesos! (mondays to thursdays) It’s an awesome deal because the good quality of the meat and […]

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Jay Abello’s Pureza: The Story Of Negros Sugar.

Pureza is a film directed by the great Jay Abello (Director of Namets!) and it is a documentary about the sugar industry and the state of life of the sacadas and the farm workers who work on the big sugar farms of Negros. We were finally able to get a DVD of Direk Jay’s film through […]

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Yuya: Bacolod’s first Anime Shop

Bacolod Fans of Anime rejoice! A new shop dedicated to catering to the inner anime fan or otaku in you has now opened!  It is the first shop in Bacolod to cater soley to Otaku fans. Yuya is a shop that specializes in selling Anime goods, posters and cosplay accessories.  They’ve opened on the corner of La […]

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Eat all you can Shawarma and Shawarma Rice!

It’s amazing how Bacoleños love Shawarma.  It is simply amazing how this middle eastern sandwich has captured the hearts and bellies of Bacoleños everywhere!    We have the famous Shawarma ni Kulas, and now another new Shawarma place has become extremely popular.  It’s eat all you can Shawarma!  Bacoleños love a good deal and eat […]

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Gaming Library: Board games, collectible card games and more.

Guys and gals, what comes to your mind when you hear the words “board game?”  Probably you think of games such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or even Clue. You’d think it’s a major snoozefest right?  You’d probably roll your eyes and refuse to play whenever someone invites you to play a “board game”. Well, […]

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