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PASPIZ: Pizza and Pasta Corner.

PASPIZ is a new restaurant in Bacolod that serves Pasta and Pizza at affordable prices. It is the brainchild of former BACA culinary school instructor Uwe Markow.  Uwe thought it would be a great idea to bring together two things that Bacolenos love.  Pizza and Pasta. It’s a small restaurant.  It’s perfect for merienda/snacks.   […]

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8cc Sisig House

A restaurant that serves sisig inspired dishes – that’s 8cc Sisig house! 8cc sisig house was conceptualized by a group of doctor friends who wanted to try their hand at the restaurant business.  They decided to serve sisig since it’s a popular comfort food for then whenever they have a rare opportunity to dine out. There’s quite a few items […]

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The First Visayas Cosplay Summit!

On March 5- Bacolod hosted the very first ever Visayas Cosplay Summit! To legions of anime fans and cosplayers in the Visayas – this was the chance that they were waiting for – to show off their costumes and to cosplay as their favorite character! Read about it here!

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Chef Carmine Restaurant: A taste of Italy.

Are you a fan of Italian food?  Good. Because an awesome new Italian restaurant has opened in Talisay city in the most surprising of places – at a Phoenix Gas station!   Right in front of the Phoenix gas station is the swanky The District (by Ayala malls)  therefore making it easy to miss this awesome little […]

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The amazing fantasy art of Ramon “Monztre” Puasa Jr.

  We’re proud to bring to you today an interview with one of Bacolod’s finest digital artists and illustrators – Ramon Puasa JR. Ramon skillfully blends traditional painting with technology and creates beautiful fantasy illustrations for clients overseas. Ramon, a.k.a Monztre is best known for his illustrations in several international award winning card games and video […]

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365 Modern Cafe – featured in the 12th edition of Lonely Planet’s travel guide to the Philippines.

Lonely Planet is one of the world’s most trusted and best selling travel guides. During the creation of their 12th edition travel guide to the Philippines they visited Bacolod and awarded three restaurants with a prestigious star. Among these restaurants who received their star rating is 365 Modern Cafe. 365 Modern Cafe is a simple, […]

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Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things is now in Bacolod

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things – a new franchise restaurant is now open in Bacolod.  They’re open at the Billboards (corner Ramos street – Lacson) and they’ve got extremely good things on their menu. Their restaurant has a very trendy urban appearance.  It is cool and inviting.  The restaurant also has an outdoor bar area where […]

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Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu is now open in Bacolod!

Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu is a Shabu-Shabu branch that is very popular in Cebu.  They’ve now opened a branch in Bacolod City!   Their branch is located at corner Lacson – San Sebastian street. Telephone number (034-4336192) We went and tried out their Shabu-Shabu! There’s a lot of people trying out the Shabu-Shabu and the […]

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The best fishballs in Bacolod. Yes, we’re serious. ;-)

Almost every afternoon – a tricycle carrying a display case sets up shop at the corner of 1st street – and Lacson street, right at the corner of the SSS building.   A few minutes later crowds of students begin to form disorderly queues.  This is the famous fishball cart of Lacson street. The secret […]

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D’Coffee Ground House: open in its new location!

D’Coffee Ground House is an extremely popular restaurant for students because of its mugs of coffee and cheap but delicious food. At night it transforms into a friendly place for people to meet and enjoy the company of others. It’s open 24 hours so if someone needs a good cheap place to have coffee, study or […]

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Cojo’s Big Bites: Golden oldies – good food and music.

Cojo’s big bites is a restaurant located in the very first part of Hi-strip near Lopues East. It is a ground level restaurant which makes it easily accessible. The restaurant is unique and fun because the owners seem to have raided their parent’s vinyl record collection! Thus so equipped with their loot – the owners […]

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Shawarma ni Kulas is Back!

Shawarma ni Kulas is back and better than ever! Shawarma ni Kulas is located at Lacson Street, right beside the Old Coca Cola bottling plant. Shawarma ni Kulas is the brainchild of Bong Arceo who originally started out serving Shawarma at Try mo Shawarma ko (Fairview, Quezon City.) We went there and tried out their […]

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Kabbara Cafe now open at its new location at The Billboards.

Kabbara Cafe is the only restaurant serving authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes here in Bacolod.  We’re proud to announce that they have re-opened in the new branch at The Billboards – corner BS. Aquino Drive and 23rd street. Kabbara Cafe serves authentic Middle-eastern food.  The owners husband is Lebanese and their ingredients are sourced directly […]

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Captain Jack’s Seafood and Barbecue

Captain Jack’s Seafood and Barbecue is a new restaurant located at the Billboards – the newest dining spot in Bacolod.  Captain Jack serves seafood and barbecue at amazing, student friendly prices!   We tried out their delicious giant barbecue.  This is a popular dish with generously sized chunks of grilled meat and vegetables! This is […]

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L’Fisher Hotel’s Gingerbread house

Are you looking for unique and interesting gifts for your office party? Do you want to liven up your Christmas parties?  Well, L’Fisher Hotel has made something new and interesting for you this Christmas with the opening of their first Gingerbread house. We were personally invited by L’Fisher’s head pastry chef – the famous frenchman Denis […]

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Bamboo Tonogbanua’s Amazing Christmas Village.

Christmas in Bacolod just isn’t complete without a visit to Bamboo Tonogbanua’s Christmas Village!  It is the most elaborate and most beautiful Christmas display in Bacolod. Sir Bamboo begun his Christmas Village 20 years ago and his collections have been steadily growing year after year. His home has become one of the major tourist attractions […]

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Christmas Displays in Bacolod – Jerry Sy’s house.

People drive by – stop to look and gawk.  Crowds throng the street snapping pictures. What is it that they’re looking at?  The wonderfully decorated house of Jerry Sy! This amazing Christmas display begins from 6pm-10pm.  The lights enchant and dazzle the crowds. People stop to stare. It’s simply magical!   The Display is Awesome. […]

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Vikings at SM Bacolod: Experience the food! Our guide to getting the most out of your visit.

Vikings at SM Bacolod is now open!  We went on opening day and mapped out the place so you could get the most of your experience – Don’t be overwhelmed by all the food! Let our guide walk you along the different areas.  Come visit Vikings and experience the best buffet in Bacolod -ever!! Vikings […]

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2 Story Kitchen

A very interesting restaurant has opened in the City of Bacolod and it is making waves due to its food and its amazing interior design.  It’s 2 story kitchen! 2 Story Kitchen is located along the Circumferential Road, Across from Lopues East – beside SM Savemore.  It’s really popular with barkadas because they have set up their dining […]

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D’z wings fine sauces and dips

D’z wings is finally open!  Our most awaited restaurant has finally opened its doors to the public at the brand new 888 Chinatown mall in Bacolod! D’z wings specializes in chicken wings and their amazing array of flavors and dips!  They’ve got every kind of dip and chicken wing sauce that can satisfy the most sophisticated […]

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Sabor Bisaya 2015: Food Expo and Culinary Competition in Bacolod!

Sabor Bisaya is back!  It’s a major food expo and cooking contest that brings together participants and contestants from all over the Visayas!  Restaurateurs and food enthusiasts will surely go wild over the cooking ingredients, kitchen equipment, spices and food all being showcased in Sabor bisaya’s venue – SM Bacolod SMX convention center!  Sabor Bisaya […]

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Terrasse Bistro

Terrasse Bistro is located in Bacolod’s The District North Point (Ayala mall).  We popped in for lunch one sunday afternoon and we had such a great time!  The dishes are creative and absolutely delicious!  It made us into instant fans of this small but awesome restaurant! The first thing we had was their squid carbonara. […]

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Med Mansion: Indian Food In Bacolod

Med Mansion has moved!!  Check out their new location and new restaurant here! Click this link!  Finding Indian Food in Bacolod has been very elusive.  There’s been a couple of Indian restaurants but sadly they’ve closed down.  Well, for those who love Indian food – y’all can rest assured that there’s a new awesome Indian […]

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East Bite Restaurant

East Bite restaurant is a new restaurant in Bacolod located near Lopues East at the Eastwalk, door number two.  This restaurant is fantastic! This place is run by the famous BJ Uy and his friends.  Whenever BJ goes into his kitchen, magic happens. We tried East Bites appetizer – Samosas with tamarind sauce! The moment […]

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Nutribites – Healthy Vegetarian Food at the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center.

Get ready to head to the hospital for your next meal – but not as a patient!  One of Bacolod’s most amazing restaurants is found right inside one of its Major Hospitals! Nutribites is the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center’s cafeteria and they’ve been generating a lot of online hype due to their vegetarian friendly meals, […]

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Buns and Patties: Awesome burgers, sandwiches and a lot more!

We’re proud to annouce that we’ve found a new favorite restaurant – One that we highly recommend and one that has our seal of approval.  That restaurant is Buns and Patties. We’ve tried all the burger places in Bacolod.  Buns and Patties beats them all in terms of price, flavor and over all satisfaction.  This […]

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Owl Avenue Restobar

Owl Avenue is a restaurant that has student-friendly prices but big on quality and taste. This little restaurant is located at homesite, right beside Lord Byron’s main branch. It has a big student clientele because of its great tasting food and its great service. The interior has a lot of the owl motif going on […]

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Fudmaster: healthy food and snacks.

We’ve got great news for healthy food lovers!  A new food store has opened that serves healthy meals and vegetarian treats. It’s Fudmaster! Fudmaster is primarily known in Bacolod for their meal programs.  Fudmaster would meet with a client and then plot out a month’s worth of meals and snacks. Then daily, Fudmaster would deliver […]

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Argel’s Noodle Bar: Student friendly meals

Greetings to all students!  Since it is the first week of school, we’ve decided to do an article devoted to student food!  We’ve got the perfect place for you: Argel’s Noodle Bar. Argel’s Noodle Bar is located in front of UNO-R at the Park Piazza corner Lizares-Amelia street. It is a small tiny store. Unassuming […]

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Sm Bacolod’s: Negros Gourmet Experience

SM Bacolod is currently holding a foodie event – The first Negros Gourmet Experience which runs from june 12-14. The event was set up in the north wing parking lot (outside Krispy Kreme)  and it was a lot of fun! The organizers really made sure that the area is fun and conducive to dining.   […]

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The Top Restaurants in Bacolod – Our list

“Hey, Bacolod Food Hunters – what are the best restaurants in Bacolod?” For us, that is a very difficult question to answer.  You see – we hate making lists. Restaurant dining experiences vary from people to people. For example, A person might enjoy dining out in a non-air conditioned restaurant while others might not. We […]

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Rau Ram Cafe – The new Saigon Cafe

We’re proud to announce that Saigon Cafe has undergone a metamorphosis and like a phoenix – transformed itself to the new Rau Ram Cafe! Owned and managed by Sylvia Gerangue, the new Rau Ram cafe is just located across the street from the old location of Saigon Cafe – and the new place solves a lot of […]

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Kuidaore: Japanese Yakiniku

Kuidaore is a restaurant located in the Paseo Verde area.  It is a small restaurant that serves Yakiniku and other Japanese dishes.   It’s a very nice place with the grills well set up to catch the smoke from the Yakiniku. It has a cozy atmosphere.   We ordered some meat – they have prices […]

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Homesitte Shawarma: Eat all you can shawarma for only 169 pesos!

A year ago we wrote about Homesitte Shawarma and their eat all you can shawarma promo. Now – a year later they’ve really improved and have some cool new menu items! What really sets this shawarma place apart from all the rest in Bacolod is that they have an eat all you can offer on shawarma from 1pm-4pm! For […]

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Virgelio’s Grill Bacolod: Cheapest Eat all you can and unlimited Lechon in Bacolod City!

Virgelio’s was a restaurant that I had previously written about. Virgelio’s serves the best soup #5 here in Bacolod!   The owner – the famous Jun Celis has recently redone his concept. He’s moved from a seafood restaurant to an eat all you can restaurant – with unlimited lechon. Virgelio’s is located on BS Aquino […]

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Fatboy’s 6th street: Old favorites and new!

Fatboy’s has expanded and opened a new branch along 6th street.  This restaurant was wildly popular in their old location and now they’ve put up a new place that can accommodate a lot of diners! What is amazing is the new specialties that Fatboy’s offers.  Here are some of what they offer. Their signature dish […]

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Twenty Six Herb Garden

Twenty Six Herb Garden is a new store/restaurant located on Sixth street, Bacolod City.  It offers fresh organic vegetables, fruits and herbs from farmers all over Negros. Twenty Six Herb Garden recently opened and I was proud to be there and see what they had to offer.       I chatted with the owner, […]

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Got To Grill at Margarita street.

There’s a new dining place in Eroreco and surprisingly, it’s kind of an upscale, trendy restaurant!  It’s Got To Grill! Check out their Facebook (link here) to learn more about them. We tried out their specialties.  The restaurant itself is clean and neat but the air conditioner was broken when we went for lunch. Oh well, […]

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Kuya J Restaurant opens in Bacolod: Ikaw na ang Masarap!

Kuya J is a new restaurant in Bacolod located at the new SM wing. This restaurant’s premise is that it tries to emulate the food a big brother would cook for a younger brother – a dish served with love and care. Kuya J’s food is really awesome and a welcome addition to the many food […]

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The Original Mely’s Garden – Still the best! 250 peso buffet!

The iconic restaurant – Mely’s Garden has reopened at it’s original location.  Mely’s garden was created by Mely Puey Gonzales who at first decided to put up a little restaurant in her garden.  She moved to sixth street for a time but now she’s back in her house and serving her awesome meals. Madame Mely […]

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CoCo Jen’s Chinese Fresh Lumpia: The best fresh Lumpia in Bacolod.

We first discovered the amazing spring rolls (lumpia) of CoCo Jen’s when my friend brought in a box of fresh lumpia to work. Now I really dislike the usual fresh lumpia because they usual thing is always put hearts of palm (ubod) in it and really, it gets old fast. But CoCo Jen’s Chinese Lumpia is amazing!  When i […]

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Paa-su resto grille

There are many tiny, tiny restos in Bacolod that have students as their primary audience. Paa-su is one of them. This tiny restaurant recently opened and it has already attracted a loyal following.  It’s tiny and since its main customers are students, the prices are really cheap. Here are their prices. They’re low but the […]

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Tom n Tom’s Coffee – First Philippine flagship store located in Bacolod.

Coffee lovers rejoice! a new Korean coffee shop has just opened in Bacolod City!  It’s the awesome Tom N Tom’s Coffee! According to their statement: TOM N TOMS COFFEE is a professional coffee franchise brand and an international coffee shop leader which strives to satisfy customers with the rich taste and aroma of high quality […]

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Sir Jess Deli and Cafe: Herbal Piaya and organic food!

Sir Jess Deli and Cafe is a new restaurant owned and operated by Suarez Enterprise.  They specialize in organic products and they decided to convert a house into a restaurant to serve you their delightful meals.   I was really interested in their piaya which has herbs mixed in with it. Oregano and Pesto (basil)! […]

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Natural Garden Cafe: A great experience.

We discovered Natural Garden Cafe when one of our readers sent us a message to try this simple and unassuming “cafe” located on the old Kametal road alongside Lacson street near Lopues Mandalagan. Just go down that road and look for this sign. This cafe serves the simplest and cheapest food in Bacolod, I swear.  It […]

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Allo Allo Bistro

‘Allo ‘Allo bistro is located on the third floor of the Hi-Strip 4 building. It’s a nice little restaurant that serves European dishes. The restaurant is clean and has a very comfortable interior.  There is also an outside dining are where you can admire the view… of the Pan-Asiatic building 🙂 They have an extensive […]

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B Burger: Grilled Wagyu Burgers

B Burger is a new burger place that opened in Art District right where the old Perro Borracho used to be. B Burger is one of the few places in art district that open for lunch and they have new and interesting types of Burgers that you are sure to enjoy.  We took a look […]

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Soon to open: Jaimie’s Cafe

A new and exiting restaurant is about to open in Bacolod: Jaimie’s Cafe. We were invited to a food tasting event to preview the new dishes that will be coming out when Jaimie’s Cafe opens next week! The interior of Jamie’s Cafe is built on the foundations of a 1950’s style house. There will be […]

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Gourmandz burger and pasta: KTV fun!

We were in the mood for Karaoke after our Christmas party so decided to head to Gourmandz. Gourmandz is located on Lacson street, directly in front of L’fisher hotel. Gourmandz has a very cheery atmosphere. For those not into karaoke or KTV there is a nice dining area outside that is very cozy and well-lit. […]

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Balboa Restaurant

Balboa restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Mayfair Plaza along Lacson street. We were having our Christmas party and we selected Balboa to be the place where we would have our dinner! Balboa is conveniently located due to it’s location on Lacson street and there is plenty of parking spaces all around […]

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