The Amazing Superhero Sculptures of Mark Juaniza.

It was a dark and rainy evening and The Bacolod Food Hunters were present at the opening of a very special art exhibit at the House of Frida.   We ...


Tacoritto: Mixing Food and Art

There’s a new place in Bacolod that mixes Food and Art.  It’s an interesting concept to have an art gallery along with a restaurant.  That’s what Tacoritto: Food and art ...


Juliana’s Cafe & Resto: Quality Filipino Food in a fresh new location

Juliana’s Cafe & Resto is a restaurant in Bacolod that opened during the Christmas rush of 2016.  In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush, Juliana’s opening went largely ...

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How to use Facebook to promote your business in Bacolod!

Is your business not doing well?  Is your restaurant needing customers?  Here’s a quick and simple guide to using Facebook to promote your business in Bacolod! Step 1. Create a Business Page for your establishment. Just like a physical store, your Facebook page is the FACE or your storefront in the online world.  To get […]

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The Amazing Superhero Sculptures of Mark Juaniza.

It was a dark and rainy evening and The Bacolod Food Hunters were present at the opening of a very special art exhibit at the House of Frida.   We were there for the opening of the Dream Toys exhibit – a special art event showing the fantastic talents of  sculptor Mark Juaniza – A very […]

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Tacoritto: Mixing Food and Art

There’s a new place in Bacolod that mixes Food and Art.  It’s an interesting concept to have an art gallery along with a restaurant.  That’s what Tacoritto: Food and art is all about. Tacoritto’s owner is  Rafael Parderna, a famous local artist.  Mr. Paderna loves to eat and so with his wife decided to set […]

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen: Really good Japanese Ramen.

Ikkoryu, the new Japanese Ramen restaurant at SM is my new favourite Ramen Place!   Ikkoryu is located at SM Bacolod North Wing, right beside Mesa and BreadTalk.  They serve Japanese Fukuoka Ramen with Chikuyo style noodles.  Basically, with your order you can order how soft or how hard the Ramen noodles are. You WANT […]

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Juliana’s Cafe & Resto: Quality Filipino Food in a fresh new location

Juliana’s Cafe & Resto is a restaurant in Bacolod that opened during the Christmas rush of 2016.  In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush, Juliana’s opening went largely unnoticed by the public except for us – the ever vigilant Bacolod Food Hunters who are always on the look-out for new and exciting restaurants! […]

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Pizzaro Bacolod: Pizza and Korean dishes.

Pizzaro Bacolod is a chain of restaurants that mixes together Italian Pizza, Korean and Filipino food.  This combination of cultures and dishes is what makes Pizzaro truly unique – There’s something for everyone! Pizzaro first started out in Goldenfield’s commercial complex and now has three branches in Bacolod.   Their latest branch is located at the […]

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Lord Byron’s Backribs.

Lord Byron’s, the first restaurant that started the back ribs craze has opened its second restaurant in Bacolod!   Here are our impressions of our visit to their new branch, located beside Riverside Hospital on San Agustin Street. Lord Byron’s is known for its meaty, tender back ribs that is coated with a sweetish barbecue […]

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Capriciosso Deli Ristorante: Italian Restaurant and Cheese made in Bacolod!

The Bacolod Food Hunters is your guide to the best restaurants in Bacolod City!  Have you ever tried fresh, homemade pasta?  If you’re a pasta lover – the taste of fresh made pasta is totally different from the dehydrated ones you see in plastic packs in the supermarket.  Fresh pasta owes much of it’s distinct […]

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Coffee Culture roastery: Bacolod’s first artisan coffee roaster.

Have you ever had freshly roasted coffee?  There’s little that can compare to the taste of fresh green coffee beans added to a precision roaster.  As the coffee beans turn from green to a chocolatey brown the flavor intensifies. The roaster begins to intensify and enhance the coffee bean’s natural sugars.   As the roasting goes on […]

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Balay Bintana: Food for your body and mind.

Whenever you’re in the mood for some great food and a nice cup of coffee, we suggest you stop by one of Bacolod City’s most beautiful cafes; Balay Bintana.  This stylish cafe merges Bali art with Filipino-spanish influences resulting in a cozy atmosphere.  Linger over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer while […]

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IZUMI Authentic Ramen

Here’s a hot tip today for our readers who are fans of Japanese Cuisine! A Ramen Shop has open in Bacolod City!  IZUMI Authentic Ramen is now open for business.  This is Bacolod’s first restaurant dedicated to serving Ramen.  We popped by on opening night to see what the store had to offer. Ramen is […]

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Make your own Pizza in Bacolod at Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Guiseppe Genco

Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Guiseppe Genco – Wow, that name’s quite a mouthful for a Pizza restaurant.   This popular pizza chain has a branch located at 22nd street – Lacson street, Bacolod City and it’s famous for letting its customers CREATE their own pizza.  Pizza Republic has been open for quite a while […]

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Celebrate Diwali 2016 in Bacolod with Indian Sweets from Harmen’s Indian Minimart!

Diwali is a very important holiday for people in India.  Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and is a time for people to enjoy themselves, give gifts and eat!  One of the main activities in this festival is lighting lots of little clay lamps around the home to welcome the goddess Lakshmi, the […]

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The best Sandwiches in Bacolod are at C’s Cafe L’Fisher!

C’s Cafe in L’Fisher has come up with new sandwich creations which are so extremely delicious that we had to write about them! Head Pastry Chef Denis Laumone felt the need to have sandwiches on the C’s Cafe menu as a pleasantly savory counterpoint to the luscious cakes and pastries that C’s offers. He created […]

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Chill out with Korean Shaved Ice at Ice Avenue Cafe.

Cool off from the hot tropical sun with awesome ice cold drinks and shaved ice desserts at Bacolod’s newest cool spot:  Ice Avenue Cafe! Ice Avenue Cafe is located at Door #3, Hilado Building, Lacson Street – beside Bites and Booze, Dojo 8 Coworking Spaces and Teerah Spa.  It is extremely popular among students for […]

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Enter The Trap Door Tasting Room: An amazing Magic-themed Pub!

Mysterious, Magical, Fantastic, One of a kind! – These are the words that I use to describe Bacolod’s newest watering hole – The Trap Door Tasting Room.  This unique place is the first Magic themed pub in the Philippines.  Filled with illusions, gimmicks and magic-related stuff, there’s no place like it in the Philippines! Getting to […]

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The Market Pub

Whenever you hear the word “Pub” the very first thing that you’d associate with that word is “beer.” And yet in Bacolod, there’s this one surprising Pub that specializes more in “dinner” than “drinking”.  It’s the amazing Market Pub! The Market Pub is Located inside the Market Place near Bacolod’s New Government Center.  It’s a […]

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Visit the new Quan Bacolod!

What’s old is new again as the newly renovated Quan La Salle opens it doors to the public!   All of your favorite Quan products are here in their lovely new branch that has a striking new appearance! The main branch located at #3 La Salle Avenue Bacolod city contains both a nice little cafe/dining […]

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Ban’s Breaktime Alley: Authentic Binondo Cuisine

Ban’s breaktime alley is a new Chinese restaurant located at D-1 2705, Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center Bacolod City.  Ban’s tries to bring to Bacolod the taste and the flavor of authentic Binondo Cuisine. The interior of Ban’s is bright and well lit. They have big glass windows that lets the diners see into their […]

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Two Pans Cafe & Resto

Two pans is a newly opened restaurant in Bacolod that’s extremely popular with the younger generation.  They’re located at O residences, Lacson street, Bacolod City right beside Robinson’s Bacolod. The interior of Two pans is really nice and inviting.  The whole place has a Greek/Mediterranean atmosphere due to to the rustic wooden chairs, the tiles, […]

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Lechon Haus Bacolod

Lechon haus is a new restaurant in SM Bacolod that specializes in Lechon and Lechon derived dishes.   We went to take a look a few days after opening day so that we could skip having to deal with the crowds. We liked what we saw.  Their kitchen is enclosed in glass and visible to […]

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Rare Spices and Ingredients in Bacolod.

  Mix&Blend is a shop that we especially like due to the huge amount of condiments and baking equipment.  This ship is owned by Lerie M. Jereza and is located at Yakal street, Brgy Villamonte, Bacolod City near shopping.  They deal mostly with exotic and rare ingredients. If you’ve got friends who love to cook […]

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Manhattan’s Fleet Gastropub now open!

Come and visit the new watering hole in Bacolod that is literally making waves. Manhattan’s Fleet Gastro Pub is now open!  We visited on a cloudy afternoon right during opening time to experience their great food, beer and ambiance. Manhattan’s Fleet Gastro pub offers the widest selection of beers in Bacolod as well as a […]

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Go American with Gunny’s All American Burgers

If you’re looking for a great burger fix look no further than Gunny’s All American burgers.  Tucked away on C.L. Montelibano Avenue beside the La Salle elementary gate, Gunny’s is Bacolod’s best hamburger restaurant due to its authenticity, value for money and great American themed food.  Gunny’s All American burgers was established by Gene Jackson […]

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Drone Flying in Bacolod.

For milennia, man has looked to the skies and dreamed of flying up and away into that infinite sea of blue.  With the progress of technology and the advance of mechanical engineering it is now possible to enjoy that dream of flying in your very own back yard. In Bacolod City, a group of enthusiasts […]

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Bodega Grill: Comfy little restaurant

We’re always on the look out for new and interesting restaurants for our readers- and this time our latest food find is Bodega Grill! The inside of the restaurant is very simple but clean and functional.  There is limited seating so be sure to come early if you are coming on the weekends to avoid […]

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Fifty years of James Ham

Preparing a Christmas Ham is a tradition that dates back to Yuletime celebrations by the early Germanic people.  Due to intermingling of cultures and traditions we Filipinos have appropriated this “ham culture” into our holiday celebrations.  Christmas and noche buena is simply not complete without this beloved treat. For Bacolenos – there’s a special ham that’s […]

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Med Mansion Mediterranean and Indian Cuisine

The awesome Med Mansion has re-opened in a new location that is now easily accessible!  Check out our previous review HERE.  We are very glad that they have opened again and that they are bringing their awesome food to the city of Bacolod. Med Mansion is a restaurant that serves awesome Indian and Mediterranean dishes. This […]

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Illusion Brewery: Turning Dreams into reality.

Beer – the oldest alcoholic beverage and the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea.  Filipinos consume a lot of beer, in fact we are considered to be the world’s third heaviest beer drinkers¹. Beer production in the Philippines  is mainly done by two big companies – San Miguel Corporation and Asia […]

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Kitchen Happiness: Food made with Love.

In Talisay City, Negros Occidental – there’s a little store/restaurant that draws crowds of students and adults.  The adults come for pasalubong and treats while the students come for the inexpensive meals and to hang out. Meet Kitchen Happiness (VTN Food products) – the brainchild of two partners – Vivien Mae J. Canja and Teodoro Niel L. Nicol. […]

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The best Ice scramble in Bacolod!

One of my favorite memories from childhood is rushing outside after school to have a treat of “Ice scramble” or shaved ice.  Back then a man would grate a block of ice on top of a metal grater and hand to you tiny plastic cups filled with a combination of crushed ice, milk and syrup. […]

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Awesome new dishes at Chef Carmine’s

We’ve previously written about Chef Carmine’s restaurant and now he’s come out with awesome new dishes that are absolutely delicious!  Chef Carmine’s restaurant is the only authentic Italian restaurant in Negros Island run and owned by an Italian Chef. His pizzas and dishes are made with a mix of traditional and modern flavors. First up, […]

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Das Bürgery: Now open to serve you!

We’ve previously written about Das Bürgery, the elusive, hard to catch stall at Ayala’s weekend markets.  Well, for fans of their burgers – they have finally opened up a store where they can serve you burgers anytime you want!   No more waiting for weekends –  Das Bürgery’s new store is located at the Monfort Motors […]

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Puntos restolounge : Affordable meals and gaming.

A game shop combined with cheap affordable food?  That sounds like a winning combination.  G5 – a collectible card game store has teamed up with Puntos to create a place where people can play their games and have good food at the same time.  Located at B.S. Aquino drive, right in front of the Redemptorist […]

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Viber Cafe Bacolod: Good food and a tongue-in-cheek nod to social networks

Viber Cafe has just opened in Bacolod!  This cafe is the brainchild of one of the most well known Chefs in Bacolod – Jun Celis.   Chef Jun Celis is a former cruise ship chef and owner of the popular Virgelio’s which serves the cheapest and most-value for money  buffet in Bacolod City. Why did […]

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Ribshack: A full dining experience.

Ribshack is a food stall located in the second floor food court of 888 Chinatown square premiere mall and now they’ve open a branch in SM Bacolod.  It serves baby back ribs like other rib restaurants in Bacolod. Unlike these other places that specialize in only ribs, Ribshack offers a lot more on their menu […]

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Roli’s Cafe is back!

Many Bacolenos and La Sallians fondly remember Roli’s.  Built and established in the 1940’s, Roli’s has been a fixture of life for many people. I fondly remember after school merienda at Roli’s where my aunt would order Roli’s chicken sandwich and Pancit Malabon.  Does anyone remember the ballet school located beside Roli’s?  After merienda, I […]

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Bypass Bistro

Bypass Bistro is a new restaurant located at The Billboards – corner BS Aquino and Lacson Streets.  This restaurant was created by a group of friends who decided to go into the restaurant business.  They have some interesting concepts and ideas – trying to elevate the standard bar and pub food into something more classy. […]

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Sant Jordi Burgers at the Bacolod weekend market.

There’s a stall in the Negros Farmers weekend market that everybody flocks to – it’s the Sant Jordi stall that sells really good burgers and tasty rib sandwiches! Every weekend – the shop opens up and Mr.Hans Schulze and his dedicated crew spend the day flipping burgers.  Their stall always draws a crowd eager for […]

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PASPIZ: Pizza and Pasta Corner.

PASPIZ is a new restaurant in Bacolod that serves Pasta and Pizza at affordable prices. It is the brainchild of former BACA culinary school instructor Uwe Markow.  Uwe thought it would be a great idea to bring together two things that Bacolenos love.  Pizza and Pasta. It’s a small restaurant.  It’s perfect for merienda/snacks.   […]

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8cc Sisig House

A restaurant that serves sisig inspired dishes – that’s 8cc Sisig house! 8cc sisig house was conceptualized by a group of doctor friends who wanted to try their hand at the restaurant business.  They decided to serve sisig since it’s a popular comfort food for then whenever they have a rare opportunity to dine out. There’s quite a few items […]

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The First Visayas Cosplay Summit!

On March 5- Bacolod hosted the very first ever Visayas Cosplay Summit! To legions of anime fans and cosplayers in the Visayas – this was the chance that they were waiting for – to show off their costumes and to cosplay as their favorite character! Read about it here!

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Chef Carmine Restaurant: A taste of Italy.

Are you a fan of Italian food?  Good. Because an awesome new Italian restaurant has opened in Talisay city in the most surprising of places – at a Phoenix Gas station!   Right in front of the Phoenix gas station is the swanky The District (by Ayala malls)  therefore making it easy to miss this awesome little […]

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The amazing fantasy art of Ramon “Monztre” Puasa Jr.

  We’re proud to bring to you today an interview with one of Bacolod’s finest digital artists and illustrators – Ramon Puasa JR. Ramon skillfully blends traditional painting with technology and creates beautiful fantasy illustrations for clients overseas. Ramon, a.k.a Monztre is best known for his illustrations in several international award winning card games and video […]

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365 Modern Cafe – featured in the 12th edition of Lonely Planet’s travel guide to the Philippines.

Lonely Planet is one of the world’s most trusted and best selling travel guides. During the creation of their 12th edition travel guide to the Philippines they visited Bacolod and awarded three restaurants with a prestigious star. Among these restaurants who received their star rating is 365 Modern Cafe. 365 Modern Cafe is a simple, […]

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Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things is now in Bacolod

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things – a new franchise restaurant is now open in Bacolod.  They’re open at the Billboards (corner Ramos street – Lacson) and they’ve got extremely good things on their menu. Their restaurant has a very trendy urban appearance.  It is cool and inviting.  The restaurant also has an outdoor bar area where […]

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Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu is now open in Bacolod!

Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu is a Shabu-Shabu branch that is very popular in Cebu.  They’ve now opened a branch in Bacolod City!   Their branch is located at corner Lacson – San Sebastian street. Telephone number (034-4336192) We went and tried out their Shabu-Shabu! There’s a lot of people trying out the Shabu-Shabu and the […]

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The best fishballs in Bacolod. Yes, we’re serious. ;-)

Almost every afternoon – a tricycle carrying a display case sets up shop at the corner of 1st street – and Lacson street, right at the corner of the SSS building.   A few minutes later crowds of students begin to form disorderly queues.  This is the famous fishball cart of Lacson street. The secret […]

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D’Coffee Ground House: open in its new location!

D’Coffee Ground House is an extremely popular restaurant for students because of its mugs of coffee and cheap but delicious food. At night it transforms into a friendly place for people to meet and enjoy the company of others. It’s open 24 hours so if someone needs a good cheap place to have coffee, study or […]

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Cojo’s Big Bites: Golden oldies – good food and music.

Cojo’s big bites is a restaurant located in the very first part of Hi-strip near Lopues East. It is a ground level restaurant which makes it easily accessible. The restaurant is unique and fun because the owners seem to have raided their parent’s vinyl record collection! Thus so equipped with their loot – the owners […]

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