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Pugad Viewing Deck: Awesome view of a Rainforest, waterfall and Valley!

Get up close with Nature and take beautiful photos! Pugad viewing deck is a new, beautiful spot located in Patag, Silay City. This place has a fantastic, scenic view of a tropical rainforest valley and a waterfall. It’s a must visit destination for people who want to have a relaxing nature experience.

Pugad viewing deck was envisioned by the owner and designer to enable people to enjoy viewing nature. The property sits on the side of a valley overlooking the Coyong Creek of Silay and the Manipis Falls. The whole site is approximately 40 minutes from Bacolod City

The entrance to Pugad is behind this beautifully woven gate.

Stepping inside Pugad Viewing deck is like stepping inside another world. Cicadas and crickets trill melodies in the trees. The pathway winds about a group of trees and then you see them – strange beautiful structures rising from the trees.

These tiny huts are constructed using natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and cogon grass. Pugad viewing deck asked the local indigenous people to create these – what the owners describe as upscaled bird cages.

These huts are very popular with tourists who love to take selfies and photos. It looks as if you are on an elevated platform, hundreds of feet in the air. The effect is apparent on the lower left hut in the picture.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a treehouse, Pugad viewing deck allows you to live that dream. There are platforms that wind throughout the trees. offering a breathtaking view of the Silay rainforest valley.

There are also little “bird nests” among the trees where one can pose for photoshoots or simply sit and relax.

The forest platforms also has this beautiful art installation where woven ropes are meshed together to give a spiderweb or net effect.

Some platforms are extra large to allow big groups to come and enjoy the scenic views. This particular platform can also double as a dining area.

The iconic trademark of Pugad viewing deck are these bottle shaped seats. These seats are creatively handwoven and look out over the valley. The surrounding area is also covered with rare plants such as cycads and giant ferns that really give off a tropical jungle vibe.

There are a few rules when visiting Pugad viewing Deck. It’s a small area so small groups of visitors are only allowed. Smoking is strictly forbidden and guests are asked not to litter. Reservations are encouraged to guarantee your visiting slots.

The best time to visit Pugad Viewing deck is during the weekdays when there are less people visiting and when it is not raining because the trails could get slippery and muddy. Schedule your visit at their official Facebook page and you will have a great time!

There’s plenty of activities to do at Pugad viewing deck. They accept reservations for photoshoots, you could schedule a trek to the Manipis waterfalls with the local tour guides, enjoy the Patag cable car ride and have a vegetable farming experience.

Or you could simply just sit back, relax and enjoy nature, the fresh air and serenity.

This majestic view is of the Manipis falls and the Coyong Valley. Endangered hornbills are also spotted in the area with reported sighting of a nesting pair in a big tree across the valley. Drone flights are discouraged in this area not just to avoid disturbing animals but for the protection of the drone itself! Brahminy kites also nest in the area and these birds of prey are known to attack flying drones that they deem a threat to their nest.

During our visit, we spotted this beautiful young lass posing for her debut pictures.

Also, Couples just love taking selfies and photos for souvenirs! Contact Pugad viewing deck via Facebook messenger for more information.

There’s food being served at Pugad viewing deck. They serve simple Filipino native food at reasonable prices. They have the standard snacks, peanuts, cookies (no littering) and they serve you on bamboo baskets with banana leaf plates.

A filipino lunch

Tapsilog Combo 150 php

Chicken Inasal with rice 150 php

Extra order of dried fish and tapa 🙂

Special Squash soup (Linutik na Kalabasa) 80 php
A favourite dish are these sticks of barbequed meat.

You can also stay overnight at Pugad Viewing Deck. You’ll get to stay in this hut overlooking the valley. It’s 3,500 per night for two persons with an additional 1,000 per person. This includes entrance fee for two days and two free breakfasts.

Cool and Breezy

Pugad Viewing Deck is located at Coyong, Barangay Patag Silay City.

Reservations required due to limited parking space and to reduce impact on the wildlife, plants and environment. Ideal time for photoshoots are on weekdays for reduced traffic.

6:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 am – 5:00 pm
6:00 am – 5:00 pm

Contact them via their official Facebook Page for reservations:

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