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Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre: Horseback riding for kids and adults!

Ride ponies, horses and meet cute and cuddly farm animals at the Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre! A visit here is a perfect bonding and learning experience for the entire family.

Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre is located in Hacienda Virhen, Baranggay E Lizares
6115 Talisay, Negros Occidental.
It’s just a 15-30 minute drive from the Provincial Capitol Lagoon. Take Circumferential road and when you get to the Nonoy and Toto Cockpit arena turn right at Anthony Lizares Avenue. There’s a small, one lane access road to the Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre.

Reservations are REQUIRED to visit Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre so call ahead at 09178832337 to make your appointment. They are open from 6am to 6pm but the Horses are not available from 10am to 3pm. (It’s very hot anyway!) We booked an appointment for 4pm when the sun wasn’t too hot.

When we got to Happy Horse Farms and Equestrian Centre we made a beeline for the canopy tents set up beside the riding arena.. This is a good spot to sit and watch the horses and kids. Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre also offers catering services, cocktails and drinks which you have to order ahead in advance when you make your reservation.

Kids will love Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre’s playground. There are climbing ropes, horse shaped swings and even a big trampoline for kids to bounce around in!

There is a beautiful Cabana where you can stay and relax. It’s very rural, comfortable and filled with horse themed decor. You can make arrangements to book the Cabana for private events. Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre can accommodate birthdays, photoshoots and more, just call and ask.

Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre has a petting zoo which you can visit. They have rabbits, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs and even a peacock and peahen! This zoo was a huge hit with our group’s kids who had only READ about these animals. They were very thrilled to see these animals in real life.

We were joined by the owner’s daughter Sophia Lacson – an amazing, adventurous girl who is extremely passionate about animals and horses! She very kindly introduced all the different animals to the kids. Her confidence and love for animals even led our kid to remark that Sophia was just like a book character, the famous Pippi Longstocking!

Strutting alongside the turkeys, ducks and chickens was a gorgeous peacock and a peahen! Occasionally the peacock would spread its tail to show off its beautiful feathers to the kids.

You can feed the animals in the Petting Zoo! It’s 20 pesos for some feeds. Get your cameras ready as the animals recognize the feeding tubs and will actively beg from your kids to be fed! Very cute!

The petting zoo also has a closed off section housing rabbits and guinea pigs. Kids can come pet and feed the rabbits

Sophia picked up a rabbit for the kids to pet. She also taught the kids the proper way to hold the rabbit so that it doesn’t feel stressed or hurt.

Anya Lacson pets a rabbit for the first time.

After we met the rabbits, it was time to show the kids the rest of the animals in the zoo.

It was the first time for the kids to meet a real goat. The kids had read about goats in the story “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and were worried that the goat might butt them! The goat that they met turned out to be very sweet and gentle.

Sophia gave the kids a gift as a memento of their visit to the Happy Horse Equestrian Farm – a peacock feather! What an exciting moment for the kids!

After the zoo, it was now time for the kids to ride the Horses. It’s 300 pesos for a 20 minute pony ride at Happy Horse Farm Equestrian Centre. If you want to go Trail riding into the countryside it’s 800 pesos for 30 minutes and 1000 pesos for an hour. The horses and ponies come equipped with complete horse riding gear and a guide.

Since it was the kids first time, we opted to try riding the horses around the arena.

Kids and visitors are advised to be still and quiet. The horses are very gentle and kind but sudden movements, loud noises and unfamiliar objects might startle them. That is why protective helmets and proper footwear is required for riders. Umbrellas, balls, selfie sticks and flashes on cameras are not allowed.

Anya is ready to ride the horse.

Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre has several grooms that assisted the kids in getting on the horse. The grooms also ensure that the kids are safely balanced, in the proper sitting position and wearing proper protective headgear. They also lead the kids around on the horses and ponies.

A young girl gets ready to ride Butterscotch, one of the ponies!

The kids loved the experience! They learned a lot from their visit especially how Horses are cared for. The Parents had a great time too. The memories of our visit were priceless!

Charles Lacson posing like Lolo Aniceto.

Happy Horse Farm Equestrian Centre also offers riding lessons for kids and adults.

  • Kids Aged 5 years old to 11 years old – 800 pesos for 30 minutes
  • 12 years old and up – 950 pesos for 45 minutes
  • Minimum 10 lessons to start and a one time registration fee of 1000 pesos.

We were able to meet one of the owners – Antoinette Begre-Lacson. She was busy giving a riding lesson but stopped to take this photo with us. She is also a local instructor with hundreds of hours of teaching experience.

We truly had a magical experience at Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre. All the horses are treated well and you can clearly see the love the people working at the farm have for the animals. Do yourself and your kids a favor and make this place a must visit. Highly recommended!


Address: Hacienda Virhen, Barangay E Lizares 6115 Talisay, Negros Occidental.

Telephone number: 09178832337

Facebook Page:

Official Website:
Got any questions? Visit their official website for FAQS and additional details

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