Kyle’s Eatery: Amazing food at low prices!

Amazing food at low prices and only five items on the menu BUT crowds of people keep coming back to Kyle’s Eatery. The restaurant has no air-con, is open-air and yet people keep coming back to try the food.  The phone rings constantly with orders for take out.

What is so special about this place? –  the Bacolod Food Hunters went to find out.

The outside looks so ordinary

Kyle’s eatery is a small restaurant in Bacolod City.  It is off the Alijis main road in a quiet sleepy subdivision named Olympia Village.  At first glance – you wouldn’t think that this place is something special.  The roof is made of corrugated rusty metal, the floor is polished concrete and yet cars, motorbikes keep stopping and customers keep walking in.

The interior is simple. Wooden benches, chicken wire screens.  The staff consists of the family that runs the place and a few of their elderly gentlemen neighbors.

Plenty of customers – and it isn’t even lunchtime yet!

There’s only seven things on the menu!  At first glance – you’d think “What’s the catch?” The prices are very low.  We ordered three of their best sellers – the fried Inasal, Chicken Ala King and the famous Palabok.

We weren’t expecting much but when the food arrived we were VERY impressed with the portion size and the simple but very appetizing presentation! Wow, this looks fantastic!

Chicken A La King, Fried Inasal and Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok – a double for 50 php.  This is the most famous dish of Kyle’s eatery! There’s plenty of chicharon and the sauce tastes great!  The order comes with two pieces of buttered toast.  The double order is already a lot.

Pancit Palabok – 50 php.

Fried Chicken Inasal – This dish takes the delicious chicken inasal and elevates it a step further by frying it.  It comes slathered in chicken/achuete oil. It is crisp and a welcome change from the usual chicken inasal.

Fried Inasal- 69 php

The Chicken Ala King is a deep fried chicken fillet served with corn, egg and a creamy sauce over a bed of white rice. Very tasty. 99php

Chicken Ala King
A special chorizo sandwich for 199php. It’s so big that it can feed Three people. It comes with fried pickled atchara and a honey mustard sauce.

We chatted to the staff while they were serving our food and to my surprise – the waitress was actually the owner’s mom.  She told us that her son, Kyle Martir owns and runs the restaurant. We were even more surprised to hear that her son is just in his late 20’s!

According to his mom, Kyle has been very interested in cooking since he was a teenager.  Kyle has had no formal training but his love for cooking led him to put up a small bar when he was 17 and finally putting up Kyle’s eatery last January 2017.

The remarkable Kyle Martir.

It is amazing to see Kyle’s hard work pay off. Kyle’s eatery is extremely popular in Bacolod.   Please drop by and try this little restaurant that has captivated the hearts (and stomachs) of many people in Bacolod City.

Kyle’s Eatery  is located at Olympia Village, Cardinal street, Bacolod City.

Telephone number: 0977 363 0247

10am to 6:30pm Mondays to Saturdays


The Bacolod food Hunters did not receive any freebies, incentives or get paid to write this article. We are not part of any blogging organization.

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