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BJC Bacolod Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Food in Bacolod City? Yes, it exists!  Come and visit Bacolod Jerk Chicken where they serve chicken cooked and flavored  in the traditional Jamaican way! It’s a very nice change from Chicken Inasal!   Curious?  Read more below.

Bacolod Jerk Chicken has a large outdoor dining area.  The tables and chairs are made of pallets which gives the place a very rustic feel.


Bacolod Jerk Chicken is especially beautiful at night when all of the lights are lit. There’s plenty of people especially on the weekends.


The inside of Bacolod Jerk Chicken is decorated in the colors of the Jamaican flag.


Artwork by local artist G. Aristorenas decorate the walls.


After looking around we ordered some of the house specialties.   Jerk is a Jamaican method of cooking where meat is seasoned with a spice mixture and every dish at Bacolod Jerk chicken is very aromatic and tempting.

I looked up Jerk spice on the internet and it is made using allspice – which pops up a lot in Asian cooking. It’s a familiar taste that keeps people coming back to Bacolod Jerk Chicken for their food.

Jerk Sandwich, Jerk Chicken and Crispy Jerk Liempo.

The Jerk Sandwich is made with the Jerk Chicken and has a generous amount of coleslaw.  Surprisingly good – the spiced chicken actually livened up the bread and the coleslaw and made these ingredients mesh together well.  It’s a pretty good sandwich!

Jerk Sandwich – 125 php

The Crispy Fried liempo uses the same Jerk Spices.  It tastes very oriental, very familiar, like something you would find in Chinatown.

Crispy Fried Liempo

Finally – the main dish itself – Jerk chicken with two side dishes! Bacolod Jerk Chicken has this kidney bean side dish that has a little spiciness to it.

The chicken has an amazing aroma and the Jerk spice flavor has totally permeated deep into the meat. Every bite is a flavor explosion!

The famous Bacolod Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is a welcome change from the typical chicken inasal. The cooking process results in a more seasoned chicken.  You don’t even need condiments such as soy sauce or vinegar to add flavour.  Definitely something new in Bacolod to try.

BJC Bacolod Jerk Chicken is located at Magsaysay ave. (Back of Farmers Market near Luxur place)
Bacolod City

Opens at 11am and closes at 11pm

Telephone Number: 0921 587 4694


The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept or receive payment/incentives/freebies for this review.

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