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Fat Choi Bacolod: Excellent Chinese Takeout

If you’ve got the munchies for Chinese Food in Bacolod City – Try out Fat Choi – a small Chinese restaurant in Bacolod that specializes in take out and delivery of your favorite Chinese dishes!

Fat Choi is located at The Art district, Lopues Mandalagan.  The shop is very distinct with its red and black color scheme.

There are seats and tables for diners but most people prefer to call for take out.  You can order takeout directly from Fat Choi (Telephone number: (034) 700 9217) with free delivery fee on orders over 1000php or you can use the JuanRide app to make your orders.

Spinach Siomai – 80 php

There’s a wide array of Chinese dishes to choose from.  For appetisers start with the Dim Sum!  Fat Choi Bacolod has many different kinds.  We’re quite partial to the Pork Shrimp Siomai. It’s one of our favourite kinds of Dim sum.

Pork Shrimp Siomai – 85 php

5 Spice chicken is chicken that is seasoned and fried with ginger, garlic, and star anise. Fat Choi’s chicken is crisp and crunchy.   This goes well with a bowl of steaming  hot rice.

5 spice chicken – 180 php.

Crisp, crackling pork rubbed with salt and pepper.  That’s Fat Choi’s Lechon Macau.  It’s a decadent treat that’s a familiar comfort food to many Filipinos.

Lechon Macau – 220 php

Buchi – or sticky rice dumplings are also available.  These are filled with a salted egg custard. Worth at least a try.

Salted Egg custard buchi – 65 php

Finally the pièce de résistance arrived – the Beef and Broccoli.  Filipinos like this combination of beef and vegetables covered in a rich brown sauce.

Beef and Broccoli. – 200 php

Fat Choi Bacolod is small but it already is getting noticed in Bacolod City. Ordinarily envisioned as a take out place – Fat Choi attracts a sizeable dinner crowd.

Fat Choi Bacolod is located at the Art District Mandalagan, Bacolod City Philippines

Open from 11am to 2pm then from 4 to 10pm

Telephone number (034) 700 9217


The Bacolod Food hunters did not receive any freebies, payment from Fat Choi for this article. 

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