Korean Fusion comes to Bacolod in JO-A Kitchen – Bacolod’s first Korean Fusion restaurant.  JO-A is located on corner 22nd and Lacson streets where the old Pizza Republic used to be.


The exterior and interior of JO-A are both minimalistic in design.  They didn’t change much from the old Pizza Republic.  The restaurant has plenty of space.


The sides are divided with metal frames that have plastic plants as decor.  It’s quite an unusual decorative choice but it fits well with the urban/minimalistic aesthetic.


The restaurant’s main attraction is the cheap unlimited Samgyeopsal and the delicious pasta dishes.  They have Korean Rice meals and some Korean dishes good for sharing.

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We began ordering. A popular dish that we kept seeing online is the Jo-A’s platter. It is a huge dish that has salad, Nachos, onion rings, hashbrowns, garlic bread, Spinach lumpia and French fries.  The platter comes with three sauces – a sweet and sour sauce, ketchup-mayo and soy sauce (for the lumpia).

Jo-A’s platter 400 php. This is a nice dish because it has a little bit of everything!

We ordered two kinds of Gimbap. The Gimbap is a good deal since it is priced at just 150-200 pesos and served with salad. The rice they use for the Gimbap is a combination red and white rice so the whole thing is very filling.

Tuna Gimbap
That’s a lot of sauce.

The Bulgogi rice meal looks and tastes great.  The sweet-savory taste of the Bulgogi goes very well with the salad.   Very nice.


If you ordered a Gimbap and a Korean unlimited rice meal you’ll quickly get tired of the rice. It’s a bit monotonous to eat so much rice at once.  We recommend breaking up the monotony with some of Jo-A’s pasta instead.

Bulgogi Pasta.  The pasta dishes are unique and interesting – definitely worth trying out.

The main dish that Jo-A Kitchen has is their Samgyeopsal. From the start you know you’re in for a treat!  The meat is brought in on boards with mint and lemons. A small stove is set up in front of you with an egg omelet and corn in small compartments.

Have the waiter squeeze the lemons onto the pork and shred the mint while cooking. It results in a flavorful taste experience.

The meat is very aromatic when it is being cooked.


Service is excellent – the staff kept making sure that our water jugs were kept filled and they kept coming with the meat and the other ingredients.


Here’s our video on our visit to Jo-A Kitchen!

Jo-A kitchen is located at 22nd street, Corner Lacson Street (where the old Pizza Republic used to be)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JO-A-Kitchen-Korean-Fusion-Dining-1907801485965928/

Opens from 11am – 11pm

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