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Furkids Cafe: Bacolod’s First dog petting cafe

Have you dreamt of owning a dog but uncertain what type of dog you want?  Check out Furkids Grooming and Cafe – Bacolod’s First Dog petting cafe.

Furkids is a special type of cafe – you get to play with several friendly dogs in a clean, safe, air conditioned environment.

The interior of Furkids Cafe

You’ll notice that as soon as you enter the cafe that dogs rule the place.  The cafe has many breeds of dogs that you can touch, play and interact with!   Beside the cafe is Furkids’ dog grooming station where dog owners can have their dogs groomed as well as buy various pet supplies

The smaller dogs are placed on the tables for patrons to interact with.  We asked the permission of several La Salle Students (who seemed to be regulars) if we could take pictures of them as they played with the dogs.

A very fluffy Shi Tzu


It was a chore trying to get this Jack Russell Terrier to stand still for his photo.

There’s no entrance fee to play with the dogs.  The only rule in this place is that you have to wash/disinfect your hands before you play with the dogs and you have to buy something, anything! – even a small shake will do.

A very shy Siberian Husky


This Border Collie looks very regal and Majestic

The larger breeds such as the Golden retriever, Border collie and Husky were pretty chill and were happy to just lie about the place while the smaller breeds just ran about the whole store!

Ready for hugs!

The most popular dogs were the French Poodles who looked just like very shaggy teddy bears.

French poodles on parade!


The black french poodle is so adorable!

Queen Victoria of England loved Corgis so much that she had several of the small dogs.  The breed is known for its intelligence and athleticism.  They can be very hyperactive too which makes them a fun pet!

It’s not easy to pose when you have a wriggling corgi in your arms!

Even local dogs (askals) are loved in Furkids grooming station and Cafe.  The askal tended to be noisier and kept on barking (mostly at the antics of the Corgi and Jack Russel Terrier) but was just as friendly and loving as the imported breeds.

Even askals (mongrels) are loved here too.

Food is served on outdoor tables.  It is a good idea especially because of the huge amount of pet dander floating around the room.  People with allergies might have a hard time adjusting.   The food is just ok – it’s your typical cafe food. Simple but satisfying.

Nacho Fries

Come and Visit Furkids Grooming and Cafe – you can have a great time playing with different dog breeds and see which type is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and temperament.

Come and visit Furkids Grooming and Cafe!

Furkids Grooming and Cafe is located at Triangle Island Plaza Mall, Corner Narra Street – B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City.   The shop number is 10a


Telephone number: (034) 445 7407

Opening hours of the Cafe (not the grooming station) is 1pm to 7pm

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any payment or freebies for this article.  We would like to thank the La Salle students for posing for this article.

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