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Shan Shabu Shabu: Singaporean Hawker food in Bacolod City.

Good Shabu-Shabu in Bacolod City for only 68 pesos?  That’s possible at Shan Shabu Shabu – a stall at Bacolod’s 888 Chinatown Square Premiere Mall.

Shan Shabu Shabu is located on the second floor food court. It is one of the most popular food stalls and there is always a big lunchtime crowd waiting for their orders of Shabu Shabu

People lining up at Shan Shabu Shabu

What is Shabu Shabu? It is a dish originating from Japan in which vegetables, meat or seafood are boiled in a soup.  It is a simple concept and Shan Shabu Shabu lets its customers have a Shabu shabu experience without the fuss and hassle.

All the ingredients are already prepared and all that you have to do is place them in a bowl, take it to the counter and pay.  Soup and noodles are then added. After a short wait it’s ready to be eaten!

A customer picking out the ingredients for her bowl.

Shan Shabu Shabu has a lot of ingredients.  It was our first time trying something like this so the friendly staff assisted us.

It is suggested to have plenty of vegetables!  – Shan Shabu Shabu has all sorts of stuff such as Chinese cabbage, lettuce, eggplant, okra and pechay.  All of these are arranged attractively and in large pre cut portions.  Each vegetable portion costs around 10-15 pesos to add to your bowl.

Load up on veggies!

After you pick out your veggies it’s time to add various meats to the mix.  There’s a lot of stuff – choose from hotdogs, chicken balls, squid balls, crabsticks, sausages, chorizo and a bunch of other things.

So many good things!

Our absolute favourite toppings are the chicken siomai, fried tofu and Bacon. Oh yes, everybody loves bacon.

Shan Shabu Shabu also has some premium shabu shabu items such as crab claws and molded red prawn. They’re delicious but don’t go overboard and keep adding stuff to your bowl, you may end up paying a lot than you are willing to spend!

After we picked out the ingredients it was time to bring our bowl over to have our food cooked.  You are given an electronic buzzer that signals you when it is time to come and collect your bowl from the counter.

I think we have a good bacon-siomai-tofu ratio. Lol.

Here’s our finished Shabu-shabu bowl!  It looks and tastes super good and we noticed that the staff even arranged the crabsticks attractively.

The soup is a brownish broth that goes very well with the vegetables and the meats.  It’s served piping hot so it’s advisable to wait a little bit to let it cool (and cook the food a little more.)


Try out Shan Shabu Shabu today.  We love it!

Shan Shabu Shabu is located at  second floor food court 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall Gatuslao St, Barangay 9, Bacolod City.

Come early to avoid the crowds!

Telephone number: (034) 476 2586

Facebook page:

The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept any payment/freebies for this article / review. We paid with our own money.

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