Chef Keigo’s Japanese Food: Great Budget Japanese restaurant in Bacolod

Japanese Food doesn’t have to be expensive in Bacolod City! Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods (Samurai Xpress) is a new Japanese restaurant that serves Japanese dishes at very cheap prices! The owner is a Japanese citizen who loves Bacolod so much he decided to put up a restaurant here along with his wife.  Curious? Read all about it below!

We headed on down to Mercato Viente Siete food park on 27th street and visited Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods.  The food park is quite new and there are lot of new and interesting restaurants there.

Mercato Veinte Siete

Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods (Samurai Xpress) is a little hole – in the wall restaurant.  The restaurant is so small that it is basically the size of a garage.  Despite this – it’s a very popular place. It’s always full.

The entrance to the store.

Chef Keigo personally greets his customers when he’s not too busy.  He invited us into his restaurant and took our orders. He has lived in the Philippines for a couple of years already. His dream is to serve good, affordable Japanese food that everyone can enjoy.

Welcome to my restaurant!

The restaurant is tiny and the decorations consist of Maneki Neko and Shishi (lion) figurines.

Simple but striking.

Our food started arriving. We first started with an appetizer of Squid Takoyaki balls – a traditional Japanese Snack.  It was priced at just 98 pesos and came with plenty of bonito flakes!  Quite yummy and filling.  They also have squid, cheese and crab takoyaki balls.

Takoyaki balls 98 php

We also got the Pork Tonkatsu – a popular Japanese dish that Filipinos love.  The picture  is actually a picture of Curry Tonkatsu but since we had friends who didn’t like curry we asked the curry sauce to be served separately.  The curry sauce is your basic Japanese curry – not too spicy but still has a little kick to it.

Pork Tonkatsu (120 with rice) Katsu Curry (160 with rice).

For cheese lovers – dig into Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods’ Katsudon with cheese.  It’s a very cheesy dish with grated cheese and cheese sauce topping a crisp, golden brown pork cutlet.

Katsudon with cheese (138 php).

Most Filipinos are familiar with Yakisoba – the instant kind that comes in a plastic pouch or cup.  The real thing is much better.  Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods’ version of Yakisoba  is less saltier and is packed with meat and vegetables.

Yakisoba (98 php)

More cheese!  We also tried the pork cheese roll with rice. It tastes just like cordon bleu. A familiar and pleasing taste.

Pork Cheese Roll with Rice  (120 php.)

What a feast!  The food is quite good – although not exactly authentic Japanese. It’s slightly adjusted to fit Filipino tastes which is not a bad thing in itself.  What’s awesome about Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods (Samurai Xpress) is that they keep the food quality consistent while keeping costs for the customer low.  This is a plucky little restaurant that has already quite a following here in Bacolod City.

What a feast!

The food scene in Bacolod city is steadily improving.  More interesting restaurants like these are popping up everywhere.

Come and Try Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods (Samurai Xpress) today! They also serve large orders of california rolls, Yakisoba and Takoyaki – see their facebook page for more details.

Chef Keigo Poses for a picture while one of his regular customers tries to be indiscreet. LOL


Chef Keigo’s Japanese Foods (Samurai Xpress) is located at  Mercato Viente Siete Food Park 27th street.

Telephone number: 09218128869 / 09568373825

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies or payments for this article. 




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