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Zoos in Bacolod: Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Center

We made a long overdue visit to the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Center!  This rescue and conservation center is located right beside the Capitol Lagoon on the South road.  They are open Mondays to Sundays from 8am to 5pm.  They are not a Zoo, more of a wildlife rescue and breeding center.

The pathway leads to the animals… There’s a lot of trees and plants which makes one feel like you’re walking into a jungle!

When we walked into the Zoo, we heard bleating sounds and assumed that they kept livestock or goats.  These sounds were actually the different bird calls. After paying 100 pesos in the main office, we headed off to see the animals!

100 pesos is the entrance fee for adults, kids, students and seniors pay 50 pesos.

Apparently late afternoon is a good idea to see the animals because the weather is cooler so the animals are becoming active and come out of their enclosures.  We saw some endangered animals such as the bleeding heart dove and the visayan cockatoo and eagles.

We did get some awesome video and photos of the main attractions of the zoo!

This stunning Rufuous Hornbill was making the bleating sounds. It is magnificent!



We saw the rare, critically endangered bleeding heart dove! They are so beautiful! We’ve only read about them in textbooks and seen them in pictures.  Seeing the real birds up close, we’ve realized how beautiful they are.

We turned a corner and what appeared to be a brown sack in a cage.  The brown sack unrolled and crawled across the cage bars looking at us! It was a very curious and friendly flying fox!

The “sack” unfurls and starts walking towards me. I thought that it was a spider at first!

This huge bat crawled across the bars and hung there looking at us with a curious look in his eyes.  Yep.. he’s a male alright.

Why, hello there!

We paid a visit to the visayan warty pigs! They were so tame and kind of cute in a way.  A leaf fell into the pen and a pig immediately smelled it and went to eat it.  Impressive nose!

The Visayan Warty Pig.
This beautiful male waddled towards us and fell asleep.

We also got a picture of the Visayan spotted deer! They were at first suspicious of us but soon they got used to us and even sniffed our hands.





Now we’ve got a hot tip for those who are really interested in gardening or planting trees.  Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Center is selling fruit tree seedlings at ROCK BOTTOM prices (10-50 PESOS for each seedling!)

You can get durian, santol, talisayon, duhat, acacia, narra, mahogany seedlings and other plants. You can grow these plants that are naturally in our environment

Can you believe that these big seedlings are priced at ten pesos each? WOW!

The rescue center is sponsored by a lot of donors from other countries but they still need donations to keep the center going and to feed the animals!  Drop by the center and donate!  Even going to see the animals helps the conservation efforts.


Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Inc is located on South Capitol Road, Bacolod City

Opens 8am -5pm Mondays to Sundays.

Telephone number: (034) 433 9234

Official Facebook:

6 comments on “Zoos in Bacolod: Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Center

  1. ..i’ve been always wanting to come here and bring my guests but every time i would see the sign closed ;( would you know their zoo hours and days? thanks 😉

  2. I’m glad to see you folks covering some other aspects of life in Bacolod, and seeing this post, well…good. As for food production, I’ll be moving to Negros sometime in 2015 hopefully with my wife and I’m wondering about the sourcing of foods there. Eggs? Factory made? Cage-free? Pastured? How about chickens for eating? How are they raised? Under what conditions? I’m very curious to learn about this and wonder if you all have any experience with this. Thanks!

  3. i need visite in zoo, what time will open???

  4. What makes it better than Manila Zoo??

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