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Sharetea: Refreshing and Delicious!

I’ve got to admit, I’m a milk tea junkie.  There’s nothing that really perks you up like an ice cold milk tea on a hot sunny day!  If you’re looking to get a really good iced tea fix, Sharetea is now open in Bacolod!

Yes! Sharetea is now open and they’ve got a buy one take one promo! Try them out!


Sharetea is a Taiwanese tea chain and they just opened along 15th street, beside Trattoria UMA.  We were there during their opening and we tried their refreshing and delicious drinks!

The friendly staff of ShareTea.

Sharetea has a huge amount of milkteas and toppings on their menu.  It is simply overwhelming!  It is very nice to see that there is a wide range of flavors that people can explore.   We asked the staff for their recommendations because there are so many delicious looking choices!

This is Sharetea’s menu. There is a HUGE amount of drinks ranging from Classic Milk teas, Rock Salt and cream cheese series, Ice blended series, Yakult Drinks,Natural Fruit teas, Milk Drinks and Fresh Brewed teas!! The choices are mind blowing!  They also have an amazing amount of toppings ranging from Aloe vera to Grass jelly!

We tried for drinks from the first four categories.  Each drink is affordable and  is so big that you’ll be full after drinking just one!

Here’s your Okinawan Pearl tea sir!
L-R: Ice blended Taro, Rock Salt Creamcheese with Matcha and Kiwi with Ice Jelly Fruit tea.

My absolute favorite is rock salt and cream cheese with Matcha.  ShareTea recommends that you don’t mix your drink and SIP the tea so that you can enjoy each individual layer.  First the creamy goodness of the Rock salt and cream cheese then the tea.

Yum! So good and creamy!

Their natural fruit teas are light and refreshing!  I liked how the fruit juice and the tea really perked me up since it was a hot morning.  The nice citrus taste is there along with a pleasant chewy sensation from the jelly.

Sharetea’s excellent Kiwi with ice jelly!

For those who are looking for a snack, Sharetea has taiwanese crispy chicken.  It comes in Wasabi, spicy, plum and pepper flavoring.  Plum flavor is sweet-spicy with a little saltiness.  It’s a really nice complex flavor.  This is a nice snack to munch on while sipping your tea.

Plum flavor! mmmm!

You guys have to give Sharetea a try.  There’s no other tea shop in Bacolod with a wide array of flavors and toppings.  This is definitely worth a visit.  Congratulations on your opening Sharetea!

Click on the pic to see an interactive photo of Sharetea’s counter!



7 comments on “Sharetea: Refreshing and Delicious!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Martin. It sounds like a great place and we will check it out. I experienced milk tea for the first time when I was living in China and teaching English for 9 years. Milk tea is always good!

    ~ Gary ~

  2. Martin,do they have filipino food on their menu.If they do,what are the prices,thanks.

  3. We dropped by Sharetea Sunday afternoon. My wife, son and our friend had the Pearl Milk Tea and I had the rock salt and cream cheese with Matcha and lime. Wow! It was really great and refreshing! Sharetea gave us a break after shopping at Super Metro.

    Super Metro is now my favorite supermarket but I am excited about Pure Gold opening this month.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

  4. best tea here yet in bacolod! the next one is the tea-rex(oolong), located in sm

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