Sabor Bisaya 2013! Days 2-3!

The biggest culinary event in Bacolod has begun! Sabor Bisaya!  It’s three days of cooking contests and activities in which culinary schools and chefs from all over the visayan region of the Philippines gather together and show their skills and their talents!   There’s also loads of suppliers and exhibitors showing up at the event too!

Welcome to Sabor Bisaya! Bacolod Pavillion really decked out the place and it looks gorgeous!

We took a quick look around the booths.  There were so many people, culinary schools and students walking about.  All the exhibitors were very interesting!  There were cooking supplies, culinary equipment and even Bacolod Academy of Culinary Arts was there!  It’s really a great place to visit especially if you’re in the food industry.

Coffee making equipment for those who want to serve coffee or hot drinks in their restaurant!
Catering equipment.
Various Sauces, Juices, and teas for adding flavours to drinks or used in creating desserts!
We even found slabs of really really good baking chocolate!

After we took a look around it was time to talk to the organizers and thank them for inviting us before going to check out the cooking events.

Sir Aboy, Chef Jomi and the Nestle representative. Thanks for inviting the Bacolod Food Hunters!

There were a couple of cooking events for that day.  We were able to catch only a couple.  The ones that we were somehow able to cover was the cake decorating contest and the supreme Rice contest.  The participants are students from all over the Visayas area and they are extremely talented.

Everybody lining up to take pictures of the cakes and food!
So cute! A student’s amazing cake showing awesome fondant sculpting skills.

We were able to photograph the students and their work in the supreme rice contest.  They were only able to pose for a short amount of time because they were lining up to be judged so I wasn’t able to catch their names or the schools that they came from.  I think I also missed a couple of schools because they immediately went into the judging booth and therefore were unable to pose.  Plus there were a lot of students taking pictures!

If you guys know the names of the students or their schools please leave us a comment!  We’ll edit the information ASAP!

These kids are bursting with creativity and their creations are truly unique and delightful!

From San Agustin Bacolod! A very colorful dish!
A contestant with his stuffed crab!
This student created an eye catching combination of veggies, rice and shrimp served sushi style!
A student shows off his creation of a vegetable laden fried rice!
This cheerful student shows his hearty rice dish with meat and eggs!
Smile for the camera! Dynamic color and a creative presentation!
Chock full of ingredients, this contestant’s entry is colorful and inviting!
This cheerful and inviting plate matches the contestant’s cheerful mood!


We would like to present to you a very interesting entry! These two young ladies are from the Banilad Center for Professional development  in Cebu.  They have the most interesting entry because it is practically a complete meal in itself complete with side dishes and tea!  These girls really pulled out the stops.  Their entry was so unique, healthy and delicious it generated compliments from one of the top chefs in Bacolod.

These are our fabulous young ladies with their fabulous entry!
Just take a look at that rice and side dishes!

Day 3

Today’s cooking contest was about Crabs for the student category.  Check out some of the amazing dishes that the students made!  If you know any of the students or from what school the dish is, please contact us and we’ll update the information right away!

A hearty pasta with crabs! The dish is colorful and bright. Impressive looking with the crab claws!
A hearty crab claw dish with lemon!


Crab salad!
Students proudly posing with their creation!
The students of the Banilad Center for Professional Development with their creation!
BACA’s whimsical crab salad.
BACA’s entry.Black Pasta made right at the table!

After all the student entries, the time came for the professional chef category.  They had to make dishes using pork ribs!  It was interesting to see the various combinations that the chefs came up with!  The excitement was so thick in the air.  People were cheering for their favorite chef.

We were able to get a few pics of the participants.

Here’s team BACA!

Team Baca submitted a colorful and festive dish as their main entree.

Team BACA! Colorful entry!
One of BACA’s dishes!

The other chef that I got to interview was Chef Jun Celis.  He was very excited and he even had the time to film a video response to our questions and describe the dish he made.  I hope you can hear the audio!

Chef jun Celis’ main dish. Spirally Potato goodness.
Chef Jun’s dessert also utilizing pork ribs!

I wasn’t able to catch the other Chefs but here are their entries!

An interesting dish utilizing marrow from LCC!!
Noodles and Gabi! Striking contrast in color and textures!

UPDATE:  Congratulations!!   Bacolod academy for Culinary Arts won Gold finalist for the student divison!!  Congratulations!!


We really had a lot of time at the Sabor Bisaya!  Kudos to the organizers for a job well done!   Let’s hope we have more fun events like this in the future!!

7 comments on “Sabor Bisaya 2013! Days 2-3!

  1. Angie Montebon

    Congrats to the winners !

    ANGIE from BCPD 🙂

  2. charisma castr

    go BCPD! GO bCPD! yOU have TRULY MADE cebu proud!!!! IT WAS TRULY showcase of many talents both from those who were behind it and those who wowed them with their culinary skills – go girls – go- go-

  3. charisma castro

    GREAT WORK! with everyone’s help from here –

  4. proud to be BCPDnian ,,,

  5. go bcpd… be proud!! i’m just waiting for the picture of the na’nam” a taste of negrense flavours category!!

    • hindi kase nakapost eh.. but anyway, I’m so proud being with BCPD. go girls..

  6. interesting! i would go for the participants from cebu. their food looks simple and appetizing, nothing fancy with healthy side dish of greens and beans. and a cup of tea to wash it all up… wow, thumbs up!

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