Would you choose convenience over health?

Convenience store food: How health takes a back seat to convenience.

Convenience stores are popping up everywhere.  These stores offer a wide variety of goods and even some convenient meals for those too busy to cook.  Are these meals really that great?  We do an in depth analysis of a convenience store’s food and present it here for you our beloved readers.

Random assortment of Goods from a newly opened convenience store in Bacolod

We went to this brand new convenience store and bought a random assortment of their sandwiches and pasta meals.

We took them out of the package and took their photos weighed them and did a taste test.

Cheesy Chicken

First up we did the cheesy chicken. It doesn’t look the same as the picture on the box. What’s good is that It actually had real chicken bits.  The bread looked to be more with wheat than multigrain.  Taste-wise, it tasted like cardboard and you get an artificial taste from the cheese.

Cheesy beef

Next we tried the cheesy bacon and the cheesy bacon and beef sandwiches.  We had a lot of issues with these two sandwiches.

First we took a look at the box of the cheesy beef which proudly proclaimed “100% beef strips, caramelized onions and melted cheese.”

We checked the beef (for both sandwiches) and we discovered that it were no beef strips at all. Just a meat-paste formed into balls that when you take it apart you find that it has no meat structure, no muscle fibers at all.  It looked to be mostly extenders (e.g.) bread crumbs.  The cheese was very salty probably to make up for the tasteless beef paste.

100% Beef strips.. Where is the meat? Doesn’t look like beef to me.

We then took apart one of their pasta meals; the beef lasagna to take a look at the pasta and the sauce.

This looks…Icky.

The sauce was very strange. It looked very watery and had a pale red appearance.  We even had doubts that it was even real tomato sauce.  It looked so artificial.  It had meat chunks in it which also looked like it was made  of reconstituted/reassembled meat.

Next is the carbonara.  The sauce was watery and tasteless.  This was one of the most unappetizing things on the menu.

Yup this is carbonara.  No taste at all.  Lots of cheese to trick you into thinking it actually tastes good.

The spaghetti with chicken strips was just as horrid as the lasagna.  This time it came doused with the watery artificial meat sauce. We took apart the chicken strips and we found that the chicken consisted of only a few strands of chicken meat!! It was covered by this hard breading mixture that makes you think you are eating meat.

Anemic looking Spaghetti!

The macaroni had two layers of cheese on top.  One anemic watery cheese layer and some cheese shreds. The whole thing is covered in the watery tomato sauce..

The pastas come with two pieces of bread that are soaked with this Oily fake butter.  Your bread comes drenched in it. Squeeze the bread and the oil comes out.

Oil… fake “butter” aka margarine of the lowest quality.

So that’s it for the pastas.  We move on now to the sandwiches and the bread.

This convenience store prides itself on these stuffed pandesal. I have eaten these several times when I was a student and only now I have really examined the food.
First is the picture.  The picture shows a nice bun with the filling bulging out of the buns.  Well in actuality, after we took a knife to the buns and sliced them in half, you can see how little the filling actually is!

Lol! Are you serious!
Look at the discrepancy between the actual product and the pictures!

There are lots of cheese chunks mainly because the cheese is salty and it makes you think you are eating a lot when you eat the pandesal The meat fillings are scanty and tasteless. The only filling that had a slight bacon taste was the bacon pandesal.

We move on to their ham and cheese sandwich. The store labels these sandwiches as fresh and even on the sandwich wrapper but there appears to be nothing fresh about it.
The ham and cheese sandwich when opened up really elicited gasps of horror from us.  The lettuce was wilted and looked absolutely rotten.  It looks so disgusting!

This lettuce is already rotten.

The ham was reconstituted meat and had a nasty food coloring that stained the bread.  The cheese was of the cheapest quality too.
The next was a chicken sandwich which was chicken spread and egg spread on bread.. It looked and tasted absolutely gross.  It also had the horrid dead lettuce.

Very funny lettuce slices

Speaking of sandwiches I remembered this previous internet article about a store in china who strategically positioned slices of lettuce and cheese to make it appear that a sandwich has many ingredients.


The last thing that we had was their hotdog.  It was ok. It was reconstituted meat and it came with manhattan dressing and ketchup.  Surprisingly this simple hotdog sandwich is higher quality than the rest of the sandwiches.

We had weighed every dish and estimated the per kilo price and the brut price.  These are not official figures but just our estimates.. We can infer from the results that the profits gained by this convenient store is far far greater than the price you paid for it.  Therefore in the end a kilo of a convenience store product is worth more than a normal meal in the most expensive restaurant in Bacolod.  The lowest quality ingredients for the lowest price.

Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lquizb6ptnjihsf/analysis%202.pdf

Moral:  Convenience store food may be quick and easy but are you getting what you pay for? Are you willing to eat chemicals and spoiled lettuce just for the sake of convenience?  Wake up and eat a little healthier

12 comments on “Convenience store food: How health takes a back seat to convenience.

  1. That had to have been a tough review to do, that food looked awful!

  2. Well the rest of us thank you for taking one for the team! haha….hope you at least were able to reward yourself with a good meal somewhere else afterwards.

  3. aimee_lim

    7/11 right? tsk tsk tsk..

  4. Go munsterrific!

  5. So tiga munsterrific kayo? Hahahaha in fairness bongga kaya 711…. taob munsterific lalo na nung nagopen sila…. ganda!

  6. Musterific nga naka ambient ang temp ng mga products na dapat chilled. Di kaya safe… food safety wise as a consumer walang binatbat ang munsterific… would you trust such brand na walang food safety standard?…

    • Bacolod Ta!

      ikaw?? taga 7-11 ka siguro ay? Kung mang insulto ka sang local brands, balik ka nalang didto sa manila! Hahaha


    lain ang taste sang mga taga bacolod,pa sabor sabor kme d ya sa food,..indi sa pa barato barato,…atleast ang local food dri fit gd sa taste ka ilonggos, local brand man tuod but atleast truthful, indi deceiving.

  8. Nothing beats home cooked meals because you know how it’s prepared and what’s in it. Cheaper, healthier and safer. 🙂

  9. whiteshadow87

    i love home cooking..taste is awesome and tummy satisfactory.

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