Experience: Negros Farmers Weekend Market!

Finally Bacoleños have their own version of the famous Salcedo Saturday Market!    We now have the Negros Farmer’s Weekend Market!

This weekend Market allows farmers and producers from all over Bacolod to come and take part in a weekend Market that celebrates farming and products from Negros.

The Negros Farmer’s Weekend Market opened several months ago and now some of the kinks have been ironed out and the market is coming along nicely.  It is a pleasant place to visit!

Nicely Landscaped and well laid out!

The Place is Laid out in Zones which ensures that you don’t get a haphazard arrangement of stalls.  Stone walkways ensure that your feet don’t get muddy during the rainy season.

Buy more local products! You help the local economy and at the same time encourage production of more goods!

First on our stop was the Fresh Products area.  Yup, you get organic stuff and fresh herbs and veggies.  It is pretty interesting to come and visit the area!  You can see a lot of cool stuff and items!

An exhibitor watches a DVD while selling Mascobado organic sugar!

Oyster Mushrooms are becoming very popular in Bacolod and these are the biggest most beautiful quality oyster mushrooms!  The gills are intact and not squished and they look very fresh.  These come from Murcia.

Beautiful Oyster mushrooms with huge caps and stems.

Another booth is selling these interesting MUSHROOM pickles and MUSHROOM jam.   Wow! Interesting!

Oyster Mushroom Jam and Oyster Mushroom pickles.

A mainstay of Panaad are these milk bottles that come in different flavors.  My friend P.R.M loves the ube flavored milk.  He says it tastes like ice cream.  I’m kinda lactose intolerant so I’ll take his word for it!

Flavored Milk

You get a lot of cool and quirky products at the Negros Farmers weekend Market.  One of our favorites are the hibiscus or roselle flowers that are made by the Negros Museum Cafe into a pie.  Here you can buy those flowers and some juice made from their petals!

Roselle flowers!

Detoxify with a cup of roselle flower juice.  It’s rich in vitamins and anti oxidants!  They have free samples so give it a try.  It’s a must try when you go to the weekend market!

Flower Power! This cup of roselle juice is healthy and delicious!

There are some Luxury products that you can also buy at the Negros Farmers Weekend Market!  Here Mrs Thelma Watanabe shows us her products from her silk farm!  Silk dresses, shirts and Pineapple cloth fabric.

Beautiful products! I was able to pass by Mrs Watanabe’s Mulberry Farm a couple of months ago and I was able to see the mulberriy bushes being cultivated to feed the silkworms!

There are some fun things to be found at Mrs Watanabe’s booth.  Definite tourist pleasing souvenirs!  These are cheap and a whole lot of fun to give out!  These are also good for science lessons!

Silkworm cocoons! These fun little things have a dead silkworm inside of them and you only need one or two to impress your Bacolod visitors!

If you cut and slice them, you can make these cocoons into beauty products!  Nothing like natural raw silk as an exfoliant.

Clean your face!! These are cheap and tourists love them! Totally awesome. They’re a novelty and at the same time they have a practical use!

My absolute favorite that I buy every week for gifts and for myself are these soaps from San Carlos!   They also have an akapulko soap that is good for eczema, fungal and other skin conditions.

I love love love these soaps! The bayabas soap is especially nice for those who want a herbal alternative to safeguard soap. Using it leaves your skin with a tingly cool sensation.
For those interested in ordering! The soaps don’t have a contact number or anything printed on them so I took the liberty of taking a pic of their calling card for you guys.

If you get hungry at the weekend market, Don’t worry! There’s a lot of food that is available for you to eat!

There is a booth selling Paella, Puttanesca and Fried chicken.  I had to take a shot of their Paella because It was being manned by two beautiful buxom ladies!

Hello Ladies!!

Also beside the Paella stand they sell this vacuum packed chicken inasal!  Perfect to take home to Manila or other parts of the country.

Pritong Inasal. Pre-marinated Chicken pieces. No MSG and available in an organic chicken variant.

There is also a stall selling Japanese food like Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki (squid).  The food is a bit simplistic and not really authentic but it is still good.


The Takoyaki isn’t octopus because they put in squid instead.  It is quite interesting because a Japanese man was making them!

One order of Takoyaki please!!

The Takoyaki was lacking anori (seaweed powder) but it still tasted pretty good!

There are also booths selling Ereneta’s chorizo (raw) and some canned goods all from Bacolod.  There is also some organic tea and bread!

Artisan bread


A lot of people were dining under the canopy tent!

Dining outdoors.

In short, the Negros Weekend Market is a must visit.  Just take a look around.  You can find quite a lot of interesting stuff!!

The official Negros Weekend Market website is at: and you can visit the Market near Goldenfields (beside Luxur Place.)

7 comments on “Experience: Negros Farmers Weekend Market!

  1. Wow. Great news! My wife and I loved Salcedo Market and upon our move to Negros in a few years, if there WEREN’T a farmer’s market, we thought we would have to start one up. Japanese folks cooking and living on Negros? Growing silkworms? Wow again.

  2. Ida Vecino

    Your posts are really unique! Places in Bacolod where a Bacolodnon like me would say “may amo ni gle sa Bacolod?” Keep it up!

  3. The Weekend Farmers Market is an excellent experience! Thanks for sharing, Martin. We were there yesterday. Among the goodies, we bought freshly baked rye bread, muscavado and scallops. The large bag of fresh seas scollops was only P200 and I must add, they are the best I’ve had in Bacolod!

    Have a groovy Sunday!

    ~ Gary ~

  4. Hi Martin, we’re visiting Bacolod from Aug 11-22. Is the weekend market still operational and in the same location?

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