Little Miss Cupcake Cafe

One of the cutest cupcake shops in Bacolod is Little Miss Cupcake Cafe.  We were looking for a place to have lunch when we passed by, saw that they were serving meals so we decided to stay and order lunch! We were not at all disappointed!

The door to Little Miss Cupcake Cafe.

When you enter, you can immediately see the cute and well displayed cupcakes.  Very very tempting.

I love carrot cake and Little Miss had this Carrot with white cheese frosting.  Perfect!!

Carrot cake meets cheesecake. Wow!!!!

Just to be thorough we ordered their best sellers and we had a tasting session.  The cupcakes are great!  We had Black forest, the carrot cupcake and a black bottom cupcake.  I like how perfectly shaped and formed the cupcakes are.  You don’t see melted icing or uneven surfaces or lumps in the cake.

These cupcakes are so so good!

Since we had our dessert first we then ordered lunch and we had our biggest surprise.


Yes, the cupcakes take a back seat to the really delicious meals they offer.   Wow!

Beef Salpicao

We ordered the Beef Salpicao and I was surprised when I took a bite.  The meat was soft and tender. It wasn’t hard and tough to chew at all.  The beef was cooked in a sauce which went so well with their EXCELLENT garlic rice!

The next order was Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Man, this Cordon Bleu is really something!   It was served perfectly crunchy and golden brown.  The sauce was REALLY delicious but a bit on the salty side so I recommend that you don’t pour all of it at once on the cordon bleu.  The temptation to do this is great.  Resist it.  ~ 🙂

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Next is another great dish BABY BACK RIBS.  Yes these Ribs give Ribhouse down the street a run for their money.  These are FAR BETTER, generously sized and really great tasting ribs.  The sauce is full of TOMATO goodness that you can actually taste.

Baby back ribs

My oh my! It is VERY rare to see a restaurant that has such excellent food!  Three dishes ordered, all got rave reviews from the Bacolod Food Hunters.  Well done Little Miss Cupcake!

Check out Little Miss Cupcake at the Terra Dolce building !


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Glad to hear you tried their cordon bleu too! yummy noh? Gusto ko gid to magbalik… 🙂

    1. Martin Banana says:

      uu namit gid

  2. The food looks great! Thanks for sharing, Martin, and this is a new place I can add to my new eateries list.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

  3. arthur says:

    i know the cook and how she puts love into her cooking, come one come all you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the good and tasty food

    1. Martin Banana says:

      “Come one, come all” lol 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    Can’t wait to get back home and check out some of the places you guys have reviewed!! Great Job!!

  5. Margie says:

    In which street are they? Diin ayon?

    1. Martin Banana says:


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