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Affordable Fresh Milk and Creamy, tasty Yogurt in Bacolod City! A product of Abanse Negrense, the Negros Provincial Government and Vet office in partnership with Ayala.

Love milk and yogurt? Well, did you know that we here in Negros Occidental have a dairy farm run by the provincial government and they make the most delicious fresh milk and yogurt drinks!

Check out the the amazing Abanse Negrense Negros Dairy booth at Ayala Malls Capitol Central. The booth is located at the Fiesta Market.

This endeavor is a joint cooperation between the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental, the Provincial Veterinary Office and Ayala, through Ayala’s community development program.

The booth is located at Ayala Malls capitol Central Fiesta Market and they have deliveries every Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

They have one big chiller filled with bottles of fresh milk, flavored milk and yogurt!

Here’s the price list for the milk being sold at the Abanse Negrense Negros Dairy booth!

The lowest priced dairy product is the yogurt ice cream in a cup that just costs 20 pesos. It comes in two flavors, mango and strawberry!

Yogurt Ice Cream in a cup for just 20 pesos per cup.

The Negros Dairy fresh Milk is so rich and creamy! A small bottle (330 ml of Fresh and flavored fresh milk is just at 25 pesos! You can pick between chocolate, pandan, strawberry, mango and ube flavors!

The cream has risen to the top in this milk! Give a good shake before drinking!

You can get their 1 Liter Fresh milk at an affordable 55 pesos and Flavored Milks at 65 pesos. The fresh milk is already very rich and creamy. If you’re working with a lot of milk in your business, this is the cheapest in Negros Occidental. The milk at Negros Dairy is pasteurized and the production process is overseen by the Negros Occidental Provincial veterinary office. You can be assured that the milk is high quality and safe!

We’re huge fans of Yogurt. We also love Yakult. Well, Yogurt and Yakult fans, you can get a liter of PLAIN drinking yogurt for 85 pesos and flavored yogurt for 105 pesos from the Negros Dairy booth! It is so good!

The Yogurt is VERY thick, like ice cream and it comes in three flavor variants, plain unflavored, mango and strawberry. It’s not solid like normal cup yogurt, and not watery like Yakult. Both flavors are extremely delicious and you will want to drink the entire bottle! Take note bakers! if you want to use Yogurt in your products – Negros Dairy has the most affordable yogurt!

Thick drinking Yogurt. Plain. Perfevt for drinking or cooking!

The Yogurt is super addicting but please resist the urge to finish the whole bottle in one go. One glass a day is enough to get your dose of calcium and good microorganisms for your health!

If you’re interested in ordering, simply head down to the Fiesta Market at Ayala Malls Capitol Central. Alternatively you can place your orders at the Provincial Veterinary office! Telephone number:  433-9850 and 434-5924.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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