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Green Label Cafe – Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant in Bacolod City

Green Label Café is a vegetarian restaurant in Bacolod City that serves excellent Chinese dishes. It is a popular restaurant not only because of the delicious food but also because they have large serving sizes!

You can get your vegetable fix at Green Label Café and the best part is, you won’t even miss eating meat! Read more below about our visit to Green Label Café!

Green Label Café is located at The Shophouse Heritage BS Aquino Drive corner, Narra Avenue, Narra Ext, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental. Telephone number 0961 031 8899. Opens at 11 AM to 7:30 PM, Mondays to Saturdays.

The interior of Green Label Café is simple but functional. There are two rooms where you can dine. The main room has two large tables, snack displays of vegetarian treats and goodies and a freezer full of frozen vegetarian foods.

The other room is a big dining room with circular tables. Big groups can comfortably dine in this area although the acoustics in this room amplify conversations so it can get really noisy.

Green Label Cafe’s Function room

There’s over a hundred menu items in Green Label Café! Here are our top favorites on their menu and one menu item that we recommend that you NEVER try! Read more below!

Green Label Café has excellent soups and whenever we’re there we like to order two kinds of soup – the HOT and SOUR soup and the Green spinach soup.

Hot and Sour soup is a Sichuan origin dish. The “hotness” of the soup is due to the pepper being used and the sour flavor is due to Chinese vinegar.

Green Label Cafe’s Hot and Sour Soup.

The spinach soup at Green Label café has pureed vegetables making the soup a bright green and it has chunks of tofu floating in it.

Green Label Cafe’s Spinach Soup

We love ngohiong! It’s a Cebuano version of deep fried spring rolls (lumpia ). We were expecting something similar when we ordered Green Label Cafe’s Ngohiong.

It doesn’t look anything like the Cebuano ngohiong but instead Green Label Cafe’s Ngohiong looks more like a giant Kikiam! Very nice because it has a crispy outer skin and it goes so well with a sweet chili sauce that they serve.

The inside of the Ngo hiong has plenty of vegetables and veggie meat. There’s just so much that an order is good enough for two people.

Whenever we’re at Green Label Café, we make it a point to get their vegetarian hot pots! They’re big clay pots filled with vegetable dishes. Our two favorite ones are the mushroom Hot Pot which comes with different kinds of mushrooms and the Eggplant hot pot.

The Eggplant hotpot is our personal favorite. There’s strips of juicy eggplant, cooked until tender in a sweetish-savory sauce with plenty of vegetable protein and some diced mushrooms. Very good!

Eggplant Hotpot

Sisig is a Filipino comfort food made of pork. There’s no pork in Green Label cafe’s sisig. The egg also isn’t a real egg but its made of vegetables. It’s amazing!

At Green Label Café, you can have your cake and eat it too! Our favorite “cake” at Green Label Café is a cake made of radishes! Try their excellent radish cake that’s made out of turnips/radishes and rice flour molded into a cake.

Deep fried, the texture and taste is like tofu but a bit sweeter and chewier. The cake also picks up a lot of flavors when cooked with sauces and other ingredients.

Radish Cake with stir fried Vegetables.

Radish cake is so good. We’ve ordered it several times during our visit already!

Deep fried noodles.

There are several noodle dishes at Green Label Café. We tried the Singaporean Curry noodles! It smells so good! This is like a curry pansit bihon. Green Label Cafe uses glass noodles and there’s no sauce to make the noodles soggy. There’s plenty of vegetable protein, bean sprouts; and vegetables for a variety of tastes and textures.

Singaporean Curry noodles

Here’s another curry dish that we also like very much! Green Label Cafe’s assorted Veggie meat with curry! If you like the meatballs that you get in chinese dishes, you will really like this dish as it is all assorted balls and vegetable protein all cooked up in a delicious, light curry sauce. Even our vegetable hating friend was happily munching on the carrots in this dish.

French fries don’t hold a candle to these delicious, delicately battered and fried oyster mushrooms. Order these as appetizers when you are at Green Label Café. They’re rich in Niacin (lowers cholesterol), Vitamin B5, Potassium (muscle health) and Zinc (boosts immune system).

For first timers eating mushrooms, you might find a very slight bitterness so dunk it in the provided sweet chili sauce.

Siomai ? Green Label Café has vegetarian siomai and other vegetarian dimsum offerings. Their vegetarian siomai tastes a bit sweeter than regular pork siomai. Other than that, the taste and texture is almost similar, albeit a little “starchier” than usual.

Here’s something for the more adventurous – Green Label Cafe’s Veggie beef skewers. They look and smell just like meat but that’s where the similarities end. We don’t really dislike this dish – it’s very interesting and worth trying at least once.

Here’s something that we tried at Green Label Café that we absolutely dislike.

We asked the owner for something he could recommend to us and he suggested the veggie seafood salad roll as an appetizer. Sounds delicious right? The order arrived and it looked very appetizing. Round golden nuggets, perfectly breaded and fried. What could go wrong?

Well, it turns out that this is actually veggie fried breaded seafood FRUIT salad roll. Philippine fruit salad. Breaded and deep fried. This was listed as an appetizer and NOT a dessert. If you want to experience this “monstrosity”, you can find it at Green Label Café. Some people might find this delicious. It’s “too refined” for our palates.

We have now experienced what deep fried Fruit salad tastes like and it is a memory seared into our brains forever.

Overall, we really like the food at Green Label Café. It’s one of the nicest vegetarian places in Bacolod City and you won’t miss meat at all. The prices are also super low and you get a lot of food. Most dishes are good for two people. So, give them a try!

Green Label Café is located at The Shophouse Heritage BS Aquino Drive corner, Narra Avenue, Narra Ext, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental. Telephone number 0961 031 8899. Opens at 11 AM to 7:30 PM, Mondays to Saturdays.

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