Negros Residences: Awesome Government run Hostel in Bacolod City.

Wow! We’re so proud to be able to visit Negros Residences – a new government-run hostel in Bacolod City! It is so beautiful inside! Read more below!

Negros Residences is one of the income generating centers of the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental under the Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD). It is so beautiful!

As an accredited tour guide, we were invited to visit Negros Residences during the Department of Tourism’s Lakbayanihan Fair. We were amazed to see how awesome and world-class the hostel is! We’re so proud to be a resident of Negros Island!

Negros Residences is located at Gatuslao St. Corner North Capitol Road, Bacolod CIty, Philippines

It may not look “nice” on the outside but it’s the inside that counts. Negros Residences is AMAZING!

The beautiful eye-catching lobby of Negros Residences

The hotel is filled with beautiful art and furniture that was locally designed in Negros Occidental! Gorgeous Paintings by local artists decorate the walls!

That table is gorgeous!

Guys, do you want to have meetings or presentations? Cup of coffee with friends perhaps? Well, Negros Residences has several meeting rooms and a super large meeting room with multiple long tables! Everything is fully air-conditioned and since the aircons are BRAND NEW, super duper cool! You wont feel the heat at all!

Multiple long tables are available!

The meeting rooms at Negros Residences even has fast wifi, projectors, screens and assorted stuff that is included when you rent a room or area!

During the time of our visit they were still setting up the coffee bar. It looks bare-bones but the waitress assured us that once they’re ready it will be extra pretty with decoration and food sourced from all over Negros Island!

We couldn’t stop admiring the gorgeous furniture as we rode the brand new elevators up to the function hall for our tourism activity.

Right outside the admin office is another gorgeous lounge area!

Finally we arrived at the Negros Residences function hall. Wow! It’s a huge venue that is perfect for events and activities. There are multiple entrances to facilitate entry and exit. The hallway is wide enough to accommodate long tables for registration and sign-up activities.

The Negros Residences function hall has bright lights and is large enough to accommodate plenty of people! Here in the picture are our fellow tour guides to show the scale and size of the room! You can have weddings, graduations, conventions and events in this space.

We weren’t able to visit the rooms so here are the sample rooms taken from the Negros Residences official page. They look gorgeous!

A large room with a double bed
A large room with a double bed, tables and refrigerator!

Negros Residences also has dormitory type rooms that are 450 pesos per person per night! (Maximum size is 12 people in a room)

Here are the Rates of Negros Residences (Taken from their official Facebook). Rates are current as of May 15, 2022 so please check their page or call for available rates!

Everybody loves discounts so if you’re a student, LGU employee, NGA you get 10% off if you show your ID! Seniors get 20% discount!

Here are the rates for Negros Residences Meeting rooms and Function Hall. The meeting rooms seem to be very competitive with the rates in Bacolod City!

You can contact Negros Residences using the information below – check to see the rates!

Negros Residences Bldg, Corner North Capitol Road – Gatuslao street., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.
Telephone number: (034) 431-2313 / 0929-876-6010

Facebook page:

email: negrosresidences@martinaquino

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