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Jinky’s Kitchen: Epic Sandwiches and Empanadas!

Jinky’s Kitchen is a small restaurant in Bacolod City that serves sandwiches, meals and empanaditas – tiny pastry pockets with fillings that taste so good!

Jinky’s kitchen is located at Sambag Corner Kalamansi Sts, Phase 2 Capitol Heights, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental Telephone number: 4313438

The interior of Jinky’s kitchen is simple, bright and clean. The restaurant functions more like a pick up hub but we decided to come in and try all of their sandwiches! The management of Jinky’s kitchen has been very active on social media, boosting and promoting their page in Bacolod City using Facebook Ads so we decided to give them a try!

This is what we got from Jinky’s Kitchen. We ordered their Crabmeat sandwich with Furikake, Their Hungarian sausage, their Crispy, Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich and beef bulgogi empanaditas.

We thought the sandwiches would be tiny but they’re huge! Already a meal!

Jinky’s Crabmeat sandwich with furikake came with some jalapenos mixed in. Surprisingly flavorful. We don’t usually like crab but this is the only tasty crabmeat sandwich in Bacolod.

The bread is so thick and filling too! Super good as they make it themselves! The bread comes a bit toasted so everything looks so brown in the photos but photos are nothing. Taste is important!

Hungarian sausage with mustard, caramelized onions and Jalapenos. Quite nice too! The Jalapenos really kick it up a notch. There was a generous amount and wow, biting into the Hungarian sandwich was like biting into a flavor explosion.

We like chicken sandwiches so we had to try Jinky’s Crispy buttermilk fried chicken sandwich – highly recommended. Pick the Spicy Garlic paprika flavor to kick it up a notch.

The only low note in the epic meal were the fries which were a bit soggy. We think the temperature in the oil was not hot enough.

Before we left, we also had assorted empanadas. Jinky’s Kitchen is known for their empanaditas and they have lots of different kinds of fillings that are unique and not normally used for empanadas. Check out their Facebook Page for their full list of flavors!

We got two empanada flavors – Beef Bulgogi and Jalapeno cheese. They’re very delicious BUT we wish that they came in a bigger Empanada. The ones that we got are just enough for a small taste. Trust us, you will want MORE.

Beef bulgogi empanada

Jalapeno cheese

You can order per piece or party packs of Jinky’s Empandas. So very good! Contact them for packages and availability of flavors!

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