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Uncle Rick’s: New York Style Pizza in Bacolod City

Uncle Rick’s is a new restaurant in Bacolod City that’s serving up really good pizza, chicken tenders, Potato Mojo’s and chicken burgers! We saw that they were accepting pre-orders on their Facebook page so we placed our order then we headed down to their store in Victorina Heights.

Uncles Rick’s is located in the RGE Building in Victorina Heights. Their restaurant at the time of writing is still under construction but their kitchen is operational and ready for take out / pick up!

Uncle Rick’s place is still very barebones but its the food we’re after, not the place. We took pictures of our food before having them pack it up for carry away. They’re scheduled to open soon for dine in as soon as construction has finished on the building.

We got Uncle Rick’s Party Tray Set B which is good for 3-4 pax. It comes with two chicken burgers, Mojo potatoes, dip and chicken tenders. That’s a lot of food and its definitely worth the price.

We’re happy to say that the food is as good as their menu pictures and the photos that Uncle Rick posts on Facebook! It really is “what you see is what you get” in this restaurant! The chicken tenders are fabulous. They’re thick and the outer layer is perfectly fried and crispy with a lightly spiced batter.

We love potatoes so we got two extra Mojo potato orders to take with us. Uncle Rick’s mojo potatoes are good but they’re just TOO THICK. It would have been better to slice them a little thinly so there would be a lot more and the mojos would have been crispier. Overall very good if you like thick mojos.

Of course we had to get a pizza from Uncle Rick’s to try!

We got the Uncle’s Choice New York Style Pizza. The pizza comes in two sizes – 12 inch regular sized and an 18 inch sized pizza.

The pizza was very tasty and it tasted very much like a Shakey’s managers choice pizza. We love it!

We finally tried Uncle Rick’s chicken burger. The chicken is perfectly breaded and fried, looking very much like a KFC zinger! We didn’t like that there was too much ketchup-mayo sauce though. We thought that the ketchup sauce was a mismatch as the ketchup taste was a bit too “pronounced”. A light mayo sauce with garlic would have been ideal or even replacing the ketchup with sriracha to make a “sriracha-mayo combo“.

Overall, this is a really good place to have chicken burger, tenders and pizza! The only spot which needs improvement are their dips and sauces. Fortunately the chicken tenders are so tasty even without the dips. More dip flavours please!

Uncle Rick’s can really give KFC and Shakey’s a run for their money. Everything is made fresh and the owner is so accommodating! Give them a try!

You can order your food for pick up and delivery from Uncle Ricks – just call the number

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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