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Bogsbrew HQ: Bacolod’s best Craft beer in a hidden beer garden!

Bogsbrew HQ serves Bacolod city’s best craft beer in a hidden beer garden! Bogsbrew is the oldest craft beer maker in Bacolod City and finally they have a place where people can sit down and enjoy their finely crafted locally made beers! Interested? Read more below!

To get to Bogsbrew HQ, just head down Lacson extension, past Teleperformance, 7-11 and Petron. At the intersection of Lacson extension and Magsaysay you will see the big Art Energy Furniture Store!

Th entrance to Bogs Brew HQ is just to the side of art energy. alternatively, you may also enter (for now) through Art Energy.

It is gorgeous inside Art Energy. It is a furniture store so feel free to browse the beautiful show pieces on display. If you’re coming late and at night (the furniture store is closed,) head to the SIDE area of the furniture store where you pass by a glass door and a hallway filled with ART to reach Bogsbrew HQ.

If it’s evening and the Furniture is closed, you pass through this beautiful hallway filled with art to reach Bogsbrew HQ!

The real show starts when you walk through the doors (daytime) and you enter Bogsbrew HQ. Previously the furniture store’s garden, the place is now a gorgeous beer garden with beautiful furniture designed by the Hagad Family. (The owners of Bogsbrew HQ)

Little lamps flicker and give the place a warm, homey atmosphere.

This “foresty” corner is the highlight of Bogs Brew HQ. Lush plants give this area the appearance of being in a rainforest!

It is extremely relaxing in Bogs Brew HQ. It is an intimate spot and this makes Bogs Brew HQ very different from other crowded beer places in Bacolod City.

Of course, what would a beer garden be without its beer? Serving the finest locally brewed craft beers in the market, Bogsbrew has just turned over a decade old. The beers that they serve in Bogsbrew HQ are in rotation and are artisanal small batch so whenever you visit, there’s always something new for customers!

There are currently three craft beers on tap at BogsBrew HQ. There’s Bogsbrew Light with the smallest bitterness and alcohol percentage. The next is the Primo cream ale – a crowd pleaser and perfectly balanced beer. The strongest beer that Bogsbrew HQ has on tap is the Kawayan ale with an ABV of 5.6 and a 67 ibu.

Whenever you’re at Bogsbrew HQ, say hi to the chief! Sir Felix “Bogs” Hagad is there always ready for good conversation and a couple of pints!

Bogsbrew was concieved when sir Bogs was in college. A friend of his got him into beer making. In 2005 Sir Bogs purchased a small hobby craft brewing kit and he got bit hard by the brewing bug! He started brewing and things just took off from there. Finally with the help of his family – they decided to create their own beer garden where connoisseurs and lovers of craft beer could enjoy the best artisanal beers in Bacolod City.

The creative furniture in Bogsbrew HQ was designed both by Sir Bogs and his wife Cathy Hagad. Both are architects and their skills really can be seen in the design of the furniture in Bogsbrew HQ. The chairs are definitely one of a kind and unique. The different colors break up the monotony and add a splash of cheer to the garden.

Their daughter Bettina Hagad is also an accomplished fashion designer who handled the redecoration of the beautiful interior. Her skills in fashion design allowed her to create a charming and trendy interior while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere.

There’s only light snacks and barbecued meats on the menu at Bogsbrew HQ. They do have some substantial things like barbecued chicken inasal but nothing like a meal so manage your expectations. The food is designed for light snacking and beer drinking!

The cheese sticks are pretty good and quite addicting! These go very well with the excellent craft beers. Order at least 2 trays!

Care for Chorizo? This Filipino style chorizo is perfect for small sweet and savory bites.

Cripy luncheon meat chips and a sweet chili sauce round off the selection of bar food that we ordered!

A happy group enjoying beers!

See a familiar face? The manager of Bogsbrew HQ is Jigs Santiago of The trapdoor!

Bogsbrew HQ is open Mondays to Saturdays from 4pm onwards. They’re located at: Lacson & Magsaysay St. Brgy Taculing /Art Energy Bldg. , Bacolod City, Philippines

Telephone number 0920 904 1978

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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