Kasbar Bacolod – Moroccan food in Bacolod City.

Now in Bacolod! Kasbar Bacolod is a branch of the famous restaurant Kasbar Boracay. This new bar is located in Paseo Verde, Lacson street Bacolod City and it is Bacolod city’s first Moroccan themed bar!

It is gorgeous in Kasbar Bacolod! The original Kasbar Boracay is known for its sumptuous arabesque interior and Kasbar Bacolod makes the best of their small corner space.

Kasbar Bacolod is usually crowded and so we went at around 2pm avoiding the lunchtime crowd. It is very pretty inside. The tables were set with gorgeous table runners and placemats with geometric patterns. This style is known as the arabesque style and it is a repeating motif all throughout Kasbar Bacolod.

The centerpiece of Kasbar Bacolod is their sofa in one corner of the room with a carpet, throw pillows, a long table and a pretty gold pattern on the wall. Very simple but at the same time striking. It doesn’t take a lot to make a sophisticated and pretty restaurant.

A centerpiece chandelier of Turkish lamps. Beautiful but a little too small for the main dining area.

The rolls of colored fabric on the ceiling give Kasbar Bacolod a nice, tent-like or caravan atmosphere which is accentuated by the wooden bar. One of our friends said it feels like a ship inside.

The pretty bar at Kasbar Bacolod.

Those pretty shisha pipes aren’t just for show. You CAN smoke shisha at Kasbar Bacolod. They have watermelon, apple, mint, blueberry and grape.

Spotted at Kasbar Bacolod is Agimat’s famous, award-winning Ube cream Liqueur. This drink is made from full cream, sugarcane vodka from Negros Occidental, and of course, purple yam or UBE. The signature drink at Kasbar Bacolod is made with this delicious liqueur – scroll down to read more about it.

Other drinks that Kasbar Bacolod uses in their cocktails are their blue pea gin, Agimat vodka and Kanto Vodka. All locally made by brewers in the Philippines.

Time to try Kasbar Bacolod’s signature cocktails. We had their Halo Halo fiesta and their ube macaroon cocktail. Very nice. The Halo Halo fiesta tastes just like a halo halo dessert spiked with booze. The Ube Macaroon tastes like a creamy, rich ube drink with alcohol. The crushed peanuts around the edge of the glass is a nice touch. Super tasty. Both are highly recommended. If you love ube, don’t pass up these delicious cocktails at Kasbar Bacolod.

We recommend having these after your meal as a nice, boozy dessert!

There’s a lot of dishes at Kasbar Bacolod. We picked out big group dishes that offered a lot of what we hoped to sample!

We got their Kasbar Mezze. A Mezze is a selection of small dishes served as an appetizer in the middle east. As stated on the menu, Kasbar Bacolod has chicken wings, falafel, Moroccan cigars (like lumpia), hummus, babaganoush, labneh, olive tapenade, feta cheese, harissa sauce, chermoula and pita.

Chicken wings

Kasbar’s Mezze is a great starting point for dining! There’s a lot of appetizers (dips) that you will enjoy. There’s hummus (chickpea dip), babagnoush (an eggplant dish). These dishes need next to no introduction here in Bacolod as people now are very familiar with these kinds of dips. There’s harissa and labneh as well.

This dish is a great starting point and we had fun dipping the chicken wings, falafel and pita bread in these assorted dips. Highly recommended

Remember those geometric shapes and arabesque style we mentioned? Well the Mezze comes with these absolutely cute and pretty pastry designs. Super eye catching and absolutely stylish.

The Moroccan cigars are an actual Moroccan dish made of beef and wrapped in pastry but the version in Kasbar bacolod is best described as little fried lumpias. Very tasty with the dips. The falafel balls are made of ground chickpeas with spices and sesame seeds, deep fried and on top of the whole thing is a net of pastry and some sprouts. Overall the effect is like looking through a honeycomb trellis woven with vines. Great detail!

For our main dish we ordered the Kasbar Mixed Grill. According to Kasbar’s Menu it is supposed to come with chicken, vegetable, beef and prawn kebab but they were unavailable that day. The chef very kindly substituted a chicken kebab for prawn. Yay!

The mixed grill came with three sauce boats filled with harissa mixed with yogurt, chermoulah and labneh. It also came with some rice topped with fried onions, sprouts and a side serving of pita bread. We liked making mini shawarma wraps with the kebabs, the sauces from the mezze and the rice from the mixed grill. These two platters are a really good combination! Order them both from kasbar bacolod for a good time.

We also ordered Kasbar Bacolod’s Spinach pizza. It was toasted with a torch right at our table. Very impressive and fun! The cheese and spinach combination is very delicious.

Kasbar’s customer service is excellent. The waitresses are bright and cheery and they explain each dish to you. We overheard the manager whispering tips and coaching them what to say to us whenever we asked about each dish. Going this extra mile means excellent service. That is a very good idea since most customers are unfamiliar with mediterranean food.

Overall, Kasbar Bacolod is a good place for a night out. They have an extensive cocktail and drink menu due to their roots of being a party place in Boracay. Their food goes well with their drinks and it is fun to share with friends!

Kasbar Bacolod is located at Unit 1 Paseo Verde, Lacson Street Bacolod City.

Official Facebook Page:

Kasbar Telephone number: 📞+63 930 682 2826
🕰 Business operating hours:
11:00AM – 10:00PM, Monday to Thursday
11:00AM – 11:00PM, Friday to Sunday

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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  1. going there tonight again–should be fun.

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