Picanha BCD: Steak, skewers, cocktails and more in this delightful restaurant in Bacolod City

Picanha BCD is a new restaurant serving Brazilian Picanha steak, cocktails, skewers and a lot more in Bacolod City. They’re located at Paseo Verde on Lacson Street.

The interior of Picanha is a mix of wood and concrete. Bare but we love it!

The interior of Picanha is gorgeous and it works well as an intimate dining spot. The decor is a mixture of wood, black, gray and white tiles and more importantly, paintings from local artists adorn the walls!

The interior also showcases a gorgeous collection of local art.

At first glance you might think, why would people choose a painting of trash to adorn their restaurant? Look closely and you will see that all of the items created by people are CRUSHED, destroyed.. yet scattered on top of them, as if in triumph are living flowers. They are not dead, yet fresh and pristine and appear to be growing and thriving despite all the pollution. It’s a beautiful thought provoking piece.

The other artworks are also similarly themed with lots of meaning and symbolism.

Time to order! We took a look at the menu which offers a lot of Brazilian dishes!

We ordered the delicious side dishes of Picanha BCD. We got their Creamed spinach and Roasted Garlic eggplant.

The creamed spinach is super good. Tasty and creamy, this dish is good enough to tempt even the most anti-veggie loving diner. Very tasty. Pair this with the meat or if you’re a savage, even with rice!

Picanha Bcd’s Roasted Garlic Eggplant! The surprising side dish that looks very simple but actually it is more than it appears to be. The eggplant is roasted in such a way that it becomes soft and the delicate mix of spices made this a winner in our group!

Highly recommended are the Churrasco skewers at Picanha BCD. We got the Shrimp, Linguica Brazilian Sausage Skewers and the Pork Belly Skewers

The Spiced shrimp skewers at Picanha BCD are surprisingly good. The spices really make the shrimp flavor “pop”. We can best describe the flavor of the skewer (without giving away too much) by saying that it’s a new kind of taste that is not found locally in seafood restaurants

Another super good Churrasco skewer to get when you’re at Picanha Bcd is their Pork Belly skewers! They’re soft, tender and spiced very well. It’s a new kind of flavor that you musn’t pass up on.

Also highly recommended are Picanha’s Lunguica Sausage skewers.

We had the half peri peri chicken at Picanha BCD. The grilled chicken was served swimming in a great peri peri sauce! The Peri peri sauce is a dish made with peppers but it wasn’t overly spicy. It had just the right amount of “zing” to flavor the meal.

Finally we ordered the Picanha steak and the Brazilian grilled tenderloin. The picanha is a cut taken from the top of the rump of the cattle. It is soft and flavorful, bursting with fat.

We probably were unaccustomed to eating Picanha steak because we enjoyed the Brazilian grilled tenderloin a great deal more.

Nice, soft and absolutely delicious!

They have ice creams and dessert at Picanha but we preferred the desserts from Ann Co next door. Overall, our trip to Picanha was fun and interesting. Definitely a welcome addition to the restaurants in Bacolod City.

Picanha BCD is located at Paseo Verde, Lacson St., Bacolod CIty, Philippines

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