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Storm Tattoo Studio: Awesome Tattoos in Bacolod City.

Storm Tattoo Studio is an awesome tattoo Studio located in The Art District, Brgy Mandalagan, Bacolod City. This studio is one of the best ones that we’ve been to in terms of their work and their art! Read more below!

We had some friends from America – The Gray family! They were here for a couple of weeks. During the last few days of their stay, their son Walker wanted to get a Tattoo.

We headed down to the Art district and found Storm Tattoo studio. We walked right in and took a look around.

Walker with a local tour guide at Storm Tattoo studios, Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Storm Tattoo Studio opens at 11am to 6pm Mondays To Saturdays. Telephone number: 0927 535 1655

Storm Tattoo studio is located at the far end of the Art District, near the Orange Gallery. It was our first time inside. We loved how clean it looked! One amazing feature of Storm Tattoo studio is that they have HUGE, hyper realistic paintings on the walls!

Click the pictures below to see some of the amazing artworks at Storm Tattoo studios.

During our visit, we met an older gentleman who showed us his new tattoos from Storm Tattoo Studios. He had traveled all the way from Dumaguete to get inked and was proud to display his beautiful squid tattoo on his arm. The colors were so bright and vivid that people often mistook it for a sticker. We were impressed with the quality and clarity of the lines and colors.

This is insane! Artist is Billy Boy Abonado Jr Click his name for his instagram page!

The older gentleman then showed us his other tattoos of a hawk and a thresher shark. The detail and the color were amazing!

The older Gentleman’s girlfriend showed us her tattoos that were also done at Storm Tattoo Studio. Her Tattoos were of two, beautiful, brightly colored parrots.

Seeing happy clients was the best advertisement for Storm Tattoo Studios! After seeing the gorgeous artwork, Walker’s mind was made up. This was the Tattoo studio for him. He decided to return the very next day to get a tattoo.

When we got there, we met a nice Australian fellow who was getting a tattoo of a Kangaroo and an Emu.

It was amazing work! The artist combined two images and created an awesome tattoo.

Walker had decided on a Tattoo running down his spine. It was a fascinating experience for me to see how the artists at Storm Tattoo studio did their work.

The first thing they did was to print out the design on special paper. They took great pains to ensure that everything was centered properly. After applying a liquid, some of the ink transferred to the skin and gave the artist a guide to work on.

At each stage of the process, the artists at Storm Tattoo Studios stopped and got approval before proceeding with their work. Very professional!

Walker Gray, the Black sheep.

The inking process then began. I asked the artist why they didn’t let Walker lie down and instead had him bend over a chair. They told us it was to make the skin nice and taught. If Walker was lying down, the skin would not have enough tension and sag, ruining the design.

Walker was nonchalant throughout the procedure. He has had several tattoos done before and he told me that the inking was something you get used to.

The artist at Storm Tattoo studios taught us all about caring for tattoos and the after care that you should do once you get one.

After a couple of hours, Walker was done with his tattoo! It only hurt a little once the artist got to the very bottom of the design.

We had a great time at Storm Tattoo studios. The artists and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. The service was excellent!

Storm Tattoo Studio in Bacolod City is a premier destination for anyone looking for a high-quality tattoo. The studio has a team of talented artists who create unique, bespoke designs for each customer. The studio is clean and hygienic, and uses only the best equipment and sterilization techniques to ensure the safety and comfort of its clients. Whether you’re a first-time tattooer or a veteran ink-lover, Storm Tattoo Studio will provide you with a memorable and impressive tattoo.

Storm Tattoo studios, Door #11, MEX Bldg, Art District Lopue’s Mandalagan Compound, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental, Mandalagan, Philippines. Storm Tattoo Studio opens at 1 am to 5pm Mondays To Saturdays. Telephone number: 0927 535 1655

Their Instagram page:

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