Firehook Boulangerie Et Patisserie

Breakfast and snacks are sweeter in Mountain view subdivision of Bacolod City.  This subdivision is home to an awesome neighborhood bakery.   But you won’t find any musty old pandesals or atrocious creations like the “double body” breads here – Firehook Boulangerie Et Patisserie bakery cooks up fabulous artisan breads! Firehook Boulangerie Et Patisserie is found on…

Sofia: Awesome Traditional Filipino breads.

Filipinos love bread. Although our staple food is rice, we have such a voracious appetite for white bread.   Bacolod has many bake shops and one of the best bakeries serving traditional Filipino breads is Sofia. Sofia  is located at Narra Avenue, Shopping Bacolod. When you visit, come in the early afternoon at around 2-3pm….