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Sofia: Awesome Traditional Filipino breads.

Filipinos love bread. Although our staple food is rice, we have such a voracious appetite for white bread.   Bacolod has many bake shops and one of the best bakeries serving traditional Filipino breads is Sofia.

Sofia  is located at Narra Avenue, Shopping Bacolod. When you visit, come in the early afternoon at around 2-3pm. That’s when the fresh bread and lines appear!

People selecting their favorite bread!

People go to Sofia primarily for their high-quality Filipino breads. Sofia uses only the highest quality ingredients unlike your local hole-in-the-wall bakeries who scrimp and even re-use stale bread! The main best sellers of Sofia are from left to right: Cheese bread, Pan de Coco and Spanish roll.  Ignore the round croquette on top, I’ll talk about that some other time. 🙂

These breads are awesome!

Each of these breads are soft and with a generous amount of filling inside.  The Pan de Coco was filled with a delicious coconut paste that I eagerly ate up – which is a first because I normally hate Pan de Coco (street bakery version.) It is amazing how high quality ingredients change the opinions of customers! I am now a fan of Pan de Coco but only the kind that comes from Sofia!

The Spanish roll, another popular snacktime bread is similarly soft and simply bursting with sweet filling. You won’t get any stale moldy spanish rolls here!  It is simply begging to be eaten along side a cup of coffee for your meriena.

People actually line up for ages to buy trays filled with these delicious merienda favorites. They get sold out pretty quickly. They are cheap and affordable ranging from 8 -10 pesos, slightly more expensive than your local street baker but the quality is top notch.

Anyway, Sofia has cakes too and they have other delicious merienda items that I suggest you guys check out as well!

First up is Sofia’s pizza. I actually was jostled by a group of people who took all of these slices a few seconds after I took the picture. Wow. At 60 php, these slices are big and full of gooey, yummy mozarella cheese.


What’s my favorite burger in Bacolod? Probably Sofia’s burger! at 85 php, it’s WAY cheaper than Dalom Balay’s burger and it is filled with caramelized onions. The beef patty is well cooked and soft. It’s also more flavorful than Dalom Balay’s burger. I highly recommend this burger IF YOU can get it because it sells out so quickly!

Man oh man. This is one good burger!

They also have chili con carne bread which is bread stuffed with Chili con Carne.  The spicy chili and the soft beans make for a delicious combination with the soft bread! Truly awesome.

Chili con Carne bread. Sinfully addicting!

Their barbecued pork bread is filled with sweetish barbecued pork. So soft and delicious!

Pork Barbecue Buns

There are a lot of breads that you can find in Sofia. They even have cakes too. Give them a try! They are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for – good quality, filling and satisfying bread.

Sofia main branch is Located at #2713 Narra Ave. Capitol Shopping Bacolod City. Second Branch is located at Hi-Strip 4

Telephone Number: 703 2833





5 comments on “Sofia: Awesome Traditional Filipino breads.

  1. What about their drinks? Do they have milk teas, latte or even frappe? Thanks 🙂

  2. How much is the cheese bread?

  3. Hi! Our cheese roll is Php 12 🙂

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