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C’s cafe: New and Exciting Menu items!

We’re proud to present to you our readers the latest exciting creations from L’fisher’s C’s cafe!  C’s cafe head chef is Denis Laumone, a chef from France who is a master of baking in the traditional French style.

Chef Denis invited us back again to try out his delicious new creations.  A master baker, Chef Denis is constantly thinking up of new and exciting pastries and baked goods to whet your appetite.

The pleasantly plump French Chef – Denis Laumone is the creative genius behind C’s cafe and its goodies.

Beside Chef Denis is his very delectable creation, the corned beef loaf!  Chef Denis instilled the bread with a corned beef infusion so in every bite you get the rich flavor of corned beef.

C’s cafe: Corned beef loaf.

We’re the type of people who go for desserts first and in C’s cafe, their desserts really take the center stage! For lovers of mango, Chef Denis has created the Mango Soufflé Glacé, a frozen dessert made out of fresh mango puree and rich cream.

Rich and creamy Mango!

Another frozen treat is C’s Chocolate mousse topped with rich Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with white chocolate shavings.

Double the Chocolatey goodness!!

More new goodies from the freezer, C’s ice cream cookies are perfect for snacks or desserts during hot afternoons.

Chocolate Chip Cookie sandwich!

The Salambo, looking remarkably like tadpoles, this tear-drop shaped dessert is a a pâte a choux stuffed with hazelnut pastry cream, reminiscent of the taste of Nutella.

Salambo! Dark Belgian Chocolate covers this delicious treat stuffed with hazelnut cream.

Hmm, the French certainly love to eat long things stuffed with delicious cream.  Well ladies, Chef Denis’ delicious Bavarian eclairs will certainly titillate you! They are stuffed with a rich vanilla Bavarian cream and the topped with a white chocolate ganache. These will surely burst in your mouth and fill it with rich cream. 🙂

Bavarian Eclair. Sensual, Seductive. Delicious!

Are you looking for a perfect novelty gift? Do you want to prank your greedy colleagues or that office mate who always steals your snacks from your desk? Well, Chef Denis has created these Dynamite Marshmallows! Sweet Marshmallows that hide a secret flavor. They’re actually RED HOT SPICY!  Bite into one of these and initially it tastes sweet like a marshmallow, after 3 seconds, the RED HOT CHILI flavor kicks in! Man, these are really spicy – I love spicy food and this one made me break out into a sweat! My friend, who is made of less sterner stuff actually begged the waiter to hurry and bring a glass of water! Hilarious stuff!

Dynamite Marshmallows! Fun!

For those looking for an alcoholic taste in their desserts, C’s cafe has “Baba au Rhum”. A Classic french rum dessert. It’s like a spongy cake soaked with a very “rhumy” syrup topped with fresh whipped chantilly cream.

Man, oh Man, this does look good!

And the masterpiece of Chef Denis and the “must try” when you are in C’s – is the OPERA CAKE.  This cake is difficult and time consuming to make but the end result is a glamorous and elegant dessert.  The Opera cake is a light sponge cake soaked with an espresso syrup, layered with a coffee butter cream, then a layer of Belgium chocolate ganache and again to make 6 layers of light classic Parisian French dessert.

Opera Cake: A symphony of texture, flavor and sensation!

There are many more desserts available but now it’s time for the new savory breads that have a soft spot in our hearts.

First up is the amazing corned beef croissant.  I’ve eaten TONS of corned beef stuffed bread and found them all to be flat and boring but this pastry surprised me. While eating it you first taste the flaky buttery pastry, then the salt meaty taste of the corned beef. Then suddenly you can taste a sharp new flavor! I’m not kidding, you guys have to try it. It is simply amazing! I have  to say this is a very interesting and stimulating pastry! It’s absolutely highly recommended by the Bacolod Food Hunters.

Corned beef croissant! TRY THIS NOW!

The Bolognese is pastry stuffed with meat, tomatoes and italian herbs that reminds one of Pizza.  A very nice pastry, the tangy sauce goes well with the flaky dough.

Bolognese: Delicious and Savory.

Speaking of Pizza, you can’t go wrong with the Pepperoni and Cheese Baguette! The dark red pepperoni slices certainly catch your attention.  The baguette is soft and chewy and the slices of pepperoni go so well with the cheese.

Pepperoni and Cheese Baguette!

The Thaï curry chicken Roti bun. A nicely stuffed soft dough with chicken infused in coconut milk and green thaï curry and other spices.  So delicious!


There’s a lot more goodies at C’s cafe!  Please do drop by and try some of their breads.  This is Bacolod’s finest and most innovative dessert/cafe shop thanks to the imaginative mind of Chef Denis Laumone.  You certainly won’t be disappointed!

C’s is located at L’Fisher Hotel, Lacson Street.

Opening Hours: 9am-7pm Daily

Telephone number: 433-3731

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