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KomeKome: Southeast Asian Fusion restaurant and BAR

There’s a new watering hole in Bacolod’s Art District.  This awesome, newly opened place is run by the same people at the wildly successful restaurant Txacho!   We went to the soft opening of Kome Kome and we had a great experience!

Kome Kome – located right beside Txacho.

Kome Kome is a great place to unwind and relax after work or for a few drinks. The place has a nice relaxing ambiance and leans heavily towards minimalism with a touch of Asian influence.

The Main dining area which can comfortably seat a lot of people.

Beyond those two doors is another area which doubles as a function room, or another dining area.  I love that right by the main entrance there is a little nook which I have nicknamed as the “Artsy corner.” It’s minimalist, yet at the same time relaxing and eye-catching.

This area is just gorgeous!

The bar area is well lit and above the back wall is a dramatic centerpiece painting titled “The three goddesses.”

Awesome art!

We ran into our friends who run the place, Chef David Lopez and his beautiful muse, Chris!  Chef David Lopez is also in charge of Txacho’s food and he was cool and calm during their soft opening, masterfully directing his team of cooks and waiters.  Chris was running around making sure that everything was perfect.  This dynamic duo stopped for a few minutes to pose for this picture.

Chef David Lopez and Chris! David comes from the Basque region of Spain and he brings his expertise as a professional chef to the kitchens of Txacho and now, Kome Kome.

This is Kome Kome’s menu for their soft opening. As of now, they are currently focusing on curries for their main dishes.   We ordered all the main dishes and their signature  dessert.  When it gets a little later in the evenings Kome Kome transforms from a dinner place to a bar to serve beer, excellent cocktails and mixed drinks.


For Pica Pica we had Stuffed shrimp toast with Salad. This has an interesting flavor and a nice crunchy texture.

Stuffed Shrimp toast.

We also got the fish cutlets which consisted of ground fish with potatoes, vegetables all ground up and molded into balls and cooked until they become golden brown nuggets of goodness.

Fish cutlets!

For seafood lovers Kome Kome has a lovely prawn curry with a scrumptious curry sauce. This goes so well with white rice.

Kome Kome’s prawn curry.

The beef curry is awesome! Beef stewed just to that right degree of softness and served with a rich, spicy coconut curry. This is perfect  with a beer!

Kome Kome’s beef curry!

Their Yakisoba Spaghetti is Spaghetti noodles cooked up Japanese style and served with veggies.  This is a light noodle dish that is  pleasant to look at as well as eat.

Yakisoba Spaghetti.

Finally for dessert, we had their sticky rice with mangoes.  This is a Filipino inspired dish. The Mangoes are perfectly paired with the sweet sticky glutinous rice and both swim together in a sea of sweet milk lovingly sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Please come and give Kome Kome a try! Visit them at Bacolod’s Art district along Lacson Street, Madalagan. You surely won’t be disappointed!

2 comments on “KomeKome: Southeast Asian Fusion restaurant and BAR

  1. hi good day! can u post also the ITSUMO resto bar? also located at bacolod art district it’s japanese food. tnx

  2. Mango sticky rice is from Thailand. It is not a filipino inspired dish unless you’re talking about budbud with mangoes or suman etc.

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