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Pan & Jam: Cute little bakeshop and delicious breads in Bacolod city

It was a rainy night and we were near the New Government Center on Burgos Street. While we were hailing a cab, we heard music! We looked around and we saw Pan & Jam, this cute little bakery by the side of the road and decided to give them a try!

Pan & jam is located at 2918 Burgos Avenue across Robinsons Supermarket Villamonte (East)

It was around 7pm, raining and this cute little bakery was just playing tunes on the speaker. The atmosphere felt magical. I admit, 7 pm at night is not the best time to be buying bread but we looked in Pan & Jam’s window and we immediately fell in love with this little bakery!

Just look at this selection of bread, tantalizingly on display!

“Give us one each of your best sellers, miss”

The saleslady wrapped up our orders and we were surprised to see that it came in a big brown bag with a cute pink string and a thank you card! What a classy touch!

Wow! Who knew a paper bag could look so elegant!

We pulled out our bread and began to try them one by one. The first one that we tried was their Garlic and Cream cheese bread.

Garlic and Cream cheese bread

This kind of bread is popular in Korea and it’s a mixture of two flavors. Savory and Sweet. The bread contains the garlic flavor while the inside has the creamy, slightly sweet cream cheese. It’s absolutely delicious!

The inside of the Korean Garlic and Cream cheese bread.

It was 7 in the evening but that didn’t stop us from trying Pan and Jam’s special All Day Breakfast bread.

The All day breakfast bread looks like a cute little bun

We bit into it and we were immediately met with a delicious medley of flavors! The bun is stuffed with chorizo sausage, spinach, two kinds of cheese and red bell peppers. Wow! Highly recommended. Even though it was cold and late at night, the All day breakfast bun still tasted great!

All day breakfast – highly recommended HOT or COLD!

For “Dessert” we had Pan And Jam’s delectable Ube and cream cheese bun. It’s a bun filled with delicious purple ube jam and cheese.

Pan and Jam Ube cream cheese bun.

There’s a generous amount of sticky purple yam and cheese stuffed in this bun. It is so tasty.

Pan and Jam is a great place to try these unique kinds of bread n’ buns. They also have other things that we weren’t able to try (due to the late hour). Pan and Jam also delivers these great breads so these will make perfect gifts/pasalubong to your friends! We will be back to order more!

Pan and Jam contact number: 09154480922

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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