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Delicious Bacolod is back! 🍴This popular Bacolod restaurant has reopened in their new location on the corner of 20th and Lacson Street. They’re still serving all your old favorites! 🎉

Reel Bacolod Food and I joined their opening party to congratulate Chef Dennis Villanueva and his wife Chef Nok. The new place has a bigger 🍸 bar, 💼 function room, 🪑 seating, and 🚘 parking space.

The New Delicious Bacolod is located at Corner 20th Street and Lacson, Beside Mushu.

If you were a regular Diner at Delicious Bacolod’s old Location in Eroreco, don’t worry! The new place is still serving your favorite Dishes and canapes!

The awesome interior of the new Delicious Bacolod 🏢. There’s more seating 🪑, more room 🚪 and a fully stocked bar 🍸. There’s also a big window where you can watch the chefs at work! 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

Here’s a selection of what was served to us during the opening party- they’re still the same favorite dishes that we enjoy.

One of our favorite Canapes at Delicious Bacolod is the 🥩 Roast beef with salsa verde on mini Yorkshire puddings

Tender roast beef and succulent salsa verde are nestled in a cup of hearty Yorkshire pudding, making it a filling and super delicious treat.

🍖 Classic Pork Chop with sweet potato mash and caramelized green apple 🍎 . A well-loved staple at Delicious Bacolod.

Delicious Bacolod’s 🍤 Pan-fried paprika prawn with chorizo on skewers is a delicious and addictive canape!

The combination of rich chorizo, savory paprika, and succulent shrimp is outstanding. You can either put it all in your mouth or try each ingredient separately. It’s a perfect pairing with drinks!

🦀 Crab Salad in Crispy Filo cups – A delicious, light and flaky seafood Salad served in pastry bowls. Refreshing!

🐟 Pan-Seared Tuna with mango and papaya salsa in Chinese spoons

A beloved favorite at Delicious Bacolod is the 🐟 Pan-Seared Tuna with 🥭 mango and papaya salsa in Chinese spoons. This perky, mildly sweet, and mildly spicy dish is one of their most popular canapes!

🦆 Roasted Duck wrapped in Tortilla with cucumber, scallions, and hoisin sauce

Savory rolls filled with roast duck Hongkong style. Super tasty and delicious!

🍝 Blue Crab Linguini with chili, capers, and parsley

Another classic Delicious Bacolod favourite infused with the goodness of the sea

🍖 Classic Pork Chop with sweet potato mash and caramelized green apple🍎 . A well-loved staple at Delicious Bacolod.

🦆 Duck confit with smashed potato, couscous, beetroot puree, and blueberry and orange sauce.

This dish combines savory duck with couscous grains, smashed potatoes, and a mild sweetness from the beetroot puree. Tying this all together is the zesty 🍊 orange and blueberry sauce 🫐

Dennis Villanueva putting the final touches on a dish
👨‍🍳 Chef Nok prepares a dish of 🦀 Blue crab linguini.🍝

Get ready to dine once again on these delicious dishes! They’ll be open to the public on Friday, April 21st 2023. 😋 Don’t forget to check out Reel Bacolod Food for his awesome reel of the food and the place! Chef Nok is looking especially sassy and elegant in it! 🥰🥰

Below is the old article of Delicious Bacolod in Eroreco – This is outdated but the food is still the same. We’ve left it up for archival purposes.

We finally managed to get a table at one of Bacolod City’s hottest restaurants – Delicious Bacolod! This restaurant is making waves in the culinary scene. Everybody just wants to visit this awesome place – read more to find out!

Call to get a Table

Call ahead to make a reservation. This is a small restaurant and if you don’t make reservations, you’re just not going to get seated. You can attempt to walk-in but you will be most likely be turned away. We live on the street behind this restaurant, a 1 minute walk and it took us months to get a table.

The restaurant was established by chefs based overseas and they even have an extensive write-up of their achievements on the menu.

The exterior of Delicious Bacolod

Once you get inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as the interior is very different from the outside. The inside of Delicious bacolod can seat about 20-30 people. Large windows let in plenty of light and the black and white motif accentuates the most important things in the room – your fellow diners and the food.

The small space unfortunately means that conversation between other diners can be heard quite clearly. So out of consideration for other people, it is best to keep your voices down.

The interior of Delicious Bacolod

You will be given two menus at Delicious Bacolod – a wine and drink menu and their food menu. Their wine menu is lovingly curated by the owners and they can suggest wines that go well with the dishes that you order.

Check the Special Board – Always!

Delicious Bacolod has a blackboard with the specials of the day written on it. These specials change so take note that some really good finds might be written on it. It is definitely worth checking out! For example, their last special was Beef Sirloin with yorkshire pudding!

Waiting is a good thing!

We placed our orders and then the wait began. Since Delicious is crazy popular and the restaurant is full most of the time, you can expect a little wait for your food. Trust us it is worth it.

Luxurious Appetizers

Pan seared tuna 220 php, Mini crab cakes 240 php

We ordered two of Delicious Bacolod’s most popular appetizers, the pan seared tuna and the mini crab cakes. These are very pretty and quite impressive looking appetizers.

Delicious Bacolod’s mini crab cakes are basically balls of potato and crab, breaded and deep fried, topped with a creamy mashed potato swirl and topped with caviar. It is delicious and definitely a must try. You have the soft potato, the creaminess of the mash and the salty crunch of the caviar. Definitely super interesting. Chew them slowly and resist the temptation to gobble them down because if you eat in a hurry, you miss out on the interesting flavor and taste sensations of this stellar appetizer.

Highly recommended appetizer!

The pan-seared tuna of Delicious Bacolod is also something that you must try. This is a more Asian-style dish compared to the more European/British tasting crab cakes. The appetizer consists of chunks of seared tuna with a slightly sweet tangy sauce and it comes served in Chinese soup spoons.

Very tasty and the idea of the appetizer is to slurp up everything in one mouthful. And what a flavorful mouthful it is!

Pan seared tuna

Awesome Mains

The pan seared pork chops of Delicious Bacolod are super duper good. You get a giant 350 gram chop. It is a huge, substantial meal and it comes with a slice of caramelized apple, red cabbage and mashed sweet potatoes. There’s two kinds of sauces. Sweet and savory at the same time! Very filling and worth your money. It is big enough to share.

This is also a very head turning dish as it is extremely fragrant! When my chop was brought out, the smell filled the whole room. Even the adjacent table couldn’t help but ask the waitress about this dish that I ordered.

Pan seared Pork Chop

Sweet Treats

As of writing, there are three desserts at Delicious Bacolod. The Mango & nut Dream, Caramel Pecan Brownie Trifle and the Spiced Sticky Toffee Pudding with salted caramel sauce.

We really wanted to try the Toffee Pudding but unfortunately it was out of stock so we settled with the Caramel Pecan Brownie Trifle.

A trifle is a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly, and cream.

Oxford Languages

If you’ve had trifles before, you know that these come with a lot of whipped cream. Delicious Bacolod’s trifle had light and airy whipped cream, not too sweet with a sharp mint taste from the mint garnish. Some people like to mix up their trifle but we prefer eating it layer by layer, experiencing the various tastes and textures. We liked the trifle dessert and it really got us wishing that we could try the sticky toffee next time. At least this gives us a reason to come back, right?

Caramel Pecan Brownie Trifle

Back for more

We came back for dinner and snagged the very last order of the cauliflower curry soup special of the day. It consisted of finely pureed cauliflower which was so fine and smooth like silk. The curry gave the soup a nice mildly spicy, savory taste. It had been raining outside and the soup warmed us up really well.

Curry Cauliflower soup – 190php Soup of the day when we visited.

For our Salad, we decided to order Delicious Bacolod’s Grilled pork neck salad. It consisted of slices of grilled pork neck on a bed of mixed vegetables such as red cabbage, carrots tomatoes, mint and capsicums. It was a delicious flavor experience and very filling and substantial for a salad. It was practically a meal already!

Grilled Pork neck 270 php.

For our main, we chose a pasta dish: Delicious Bacolod’s Beef Cheeks Ragout Fettucine!

We were extremely intrigued by the cut of meat since its a type of cut that we never had before. Beef cheeks! We all know tenderloin, ribs, sirloin and all those other cuts but we’ve never had beef cheeks before. So what is it?

Beef cheeks is quite literally the cheeks of the cow. It is a well used muscle and if prepared properly it is actually quite tender and flavorful.

The meat really WAS tender and flavorful. The Ragout sauce was kind of like a thick stew in itself, meaty and substantial. Very nice.

It was a nice experience to try the delicious Beef Cheeks Ragout Fettucine and we will be back to try the other types of Pasta that Delicious Bacolod has to offer.

Beef Cheeks Ragout Fettucine

We highly recommend Delicious Bacolod for its delicious meals that are fairly priced. There’s a lot more to order so please check out their official Facebook page for their menu (which changes ever so often). It’s something new and refreshing every week.

How to get there:

Head to Eroreco on the main road (margarita street) Delicious Bacolod is on the side of the road near a little market in a purple and black building. It is easy to miss it so look for their signboard amongst the numerous parked cars. On Google Maps, Delicious Bacolod is actually located at the old Rinjin restaurant where the intersection of the Santa Maria Street and Margarita street intersect.

Delicious Bacolod 26 -15 Margarita St., Eroreco Subdivision, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Delicious Bacolod opening hours are: Mondays to Saturdays 6pm-9:30 pm Sundays 11:00 am-2:30 pm

Telephone number: 0977 008 0816 / 708 8188

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.


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