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Try it! Delicious Fresh Milk and Yogurt made naturally in Murcia, Negros Island!

Have you ever tasted real fresh milk and real fresh creamy yogurt?  No – those cartons in the supermarket don’t count!  I’m talking about absolutely REAL fresh milk made here in Negros Island!

Tenshinzan farms is a Japanese milk company that produces delicious, all natural milk in their farms at Murcia.  They employ numerous Filipino workers on their farm which helps stimulate the local economy.

Tenshinzan farms has a booth every Saturday at the Negros Farmers Weekend Market  which until recently was the only way to get their products but now they’ve opened their main office at Door 2, Mayfair Place, 12 th street Bacolod City beside Tyrol Restaurant. They’re open Mondays to Friday 8am to 5pm. 

Tenshinzan farms at 2nd floor Door #2 Mayfair Place.

Walk up the stairs and through the doors and you will be in Tenshinzan’s office – with the chiller of Fresh Milk at your left side by the door.

Tenshinzan’s office.

Tenshinzan Farms brought over to Negros 20 dairy cows from New Zealand around 2 years ago.  They’ve begun interbreeding the cows with local cows and the results are hardy, crossbreed cows that can thrive in our local climate.

Open up that Chiller and check out their bottles of milk and yogurt! It’s like opening a treasure chest.

The milk from Tenshinzan comes in two varieties.  Fresh Milk and for those who want an extra special treat, Chocolate flavored fresh milk!  They come in big, 1 liter bottles and the best part about these are the price – 99 pesos!  That’s super cheap – the price of a hamburger meal at a fast food restaurant.

Ordinary milk, and chocolate milk.

Yogurt is full of beneficial bacteria and it also tastes really good too!  Tenshinzan has drinkable, creamy yogurt in 250 ml bottles.  If you’ve ever drunk Yakult and hoped that you could have a bigger bottle – try out Tenshinzan farms’ yogurt.  A bottle costs only 50 pesos.  They’re VERY affordable and quite addicting too!

Tenshinzan Farm’s creamy yogurt drinks – HIGHLY recommended. There’s two varieties, Sweet and Ordinary. If you’re new to Yogurt we recommend picking the sweetened version.

Time to bag up my purchase. The staff at the Tenshinzan Farm office was super helpful and I was surprised when they disappeared into the back of their office and came out with bags of ice!  It was so that my milk and yogurt stays fresh and cold on the trip home.  What a very nice and personal touch!

Bought more yogurt than milk because I love Yogurt!
The staff helped me bag up my purchase – There’s a TON of ice cubes in the bag.

Back at home base I poured myself a cup of their Fresh Milk.  It tasted rich and pure, extremely different from the milk you buy in cartons in the supermarket.  Tenshinzan Farms uses HTST (high temperature, short time) method to purify their milk and it manages to maintain the freshness and delicious taste of the milk.  The chocolate milk was amazing too – they use powdered chocolate so you need to shake the bottle well before pouring.

I poured myself a cup of their yogurt. Oh my God, the taste is amazing.  It tastes super rich and creamy – a THICK yogurt drink – so thick but drinkable.  I enjoyed the sourish- sweet taste of Yogurt and I took my time over that cup of delicious yogurt – I was really happy knowing that a lot of beneficial bacteria was in my drink. Like many Asians, I have a mild lactose intolerance but since the beneficial milk bacteria broke down the lactose into digestible sugars – I could sit and enjoy the delicious taste.  It looks like I’m giving up soda now just for Tenshinzan Farm’s milk and yogurt!

Yummy, delicious and creamy yogurt!

Side story:  A foreigner friend who went with me to buy milk took a big gulp of the fresh milk and literally rushed into his kitchen and threw out the carton of H***** fresh milk he bought from the supermarket.  He told me it had been months since he had milk that tasted this good!

Side Trivia: Coffee Culture  the best coffee shop in Bacolod uses their milk in their coffee!

Tenshinzan Farms’ main office is located at Door 2, Mayfair Place, 12th street Bacolod City beside Tyrol Restaurant. They’re open Mondays to Friday 8am to 5pm. 

Telephone number: (034)432-7008

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept freebies or sponsorships for this review. We paid for our own milk!  🙂

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  1. Good stuff. It’s the milk that Coffee Culture uses. I may try your notion of using their yogurt drink as a starter for my own homemade yogurt.

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