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Coffee Culture roastery: Bacolod’s first artisan coffee roaster.

Have you ever had freshly roasted coffee?  There’s little that can compare to the taste of fresh green coffee beans added to a precision roaster.  As the coffee beans turn from green to a chocolatey brown the flavor intensifies. The roaster begins to intensify and enhance the coffee bean’s natural sugars.   As the roasting goes on the coffee beans crack open like popcorn – the sugars begin to caramelize and give coffee the intense rich taste that it is known for.

Roasting beans at Coffee Culture roastery.

You don’t have to go far for genuine freshly roasted coffee.  We now have the very first artisan coffee roaster in Bacolod: Coffee Culture roastery.

Angel Aquino at the opening of Coffee Culture Roastery – A small, intimate, exclusive opening with friends and family.

Coffee Culture Roastery is the very first artisan coffee roaster in Bacolod that offers customized roasting and blending of local and international coffees.  They recently opened shop at Lot 5, Block 15, Green plains subdivision, Bacolod City, Negros occidental.  Their little shop is a coffee-house/roastery where one can come in and order packs of their fantastic roasted coffee and also at the same time, relax and enjoy a cup of their best brew.

Coffee Culture sources most of their beans from local Philippine farmers so with each cup of coffee that you enjoy, you are assured that at the same time you are helping our local farmers in Negros and in the Philippines to help sustain themselves.  Isn’t that awesome?

A barista hands out a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Coffee Culture was conceptualized by Thomas Sproten and his wife Bombee.  Thomas used to work with the coffee growers on Mount Kanlaon since 2004.  He is an internationally certified coffee grader and taster for Q-Arabica and Q-Robusta and a Coffee Quality institute instructor.  Together with his friends Antoni Espinos and Maxtu Alonso they decided to put up Coffee Culture roastery.

Hearing Thomas speak about his Coffee is an amazing learning experience.  For him, Bacolod Food is one of the best in the world however the quality of our locally grown coffee is not up to international standards.  Most small farmers of coffee pick the coffee when it is still immature and not ready.  They are more concerned about volume and quantity and not quality.  From their farms, the coffee is brought to the market where it is laid out on sheets on the road where it can unfortunately absorb the flavors and taste of the exhaust fumes, the dirt and the smells of the asphalt.   Ever since his time here in Bacolod as a volunteer, Thomas has worked unceasingly to elevate the quality of our locally grown coffee and now with his wife and friends establishing Coffee culture roastery, they hope people will come to value and appreciate our local coffee as well as international ones.

Thomas Sproten, Anthony Espinos and Maxtu Alonso

The interior of Coffee Culture is simple and practical.  The two coffee roasting machines dominating the floor space are lovingly named “Bella” and “Scarlett”  Bella is a 1kg coffee roaster while “Scarlett” is a 12 kg coffee roaster.  Right in front of these two is the coffee bar where skilled baristas pour customers a cup of fresh, piping hot coffee made from the various house blends.  The interior has a few tasteful decorations from Bali and Indonesia that quite enhances the urban asian minimalist look of Coffee Culture.  Have a cup of coffee indoors or outdoors with a sweet treat or sandwich, Coffee culture is an absolutely great place to relax.

Bella and Scarlett the two roasters!
The interior has decor from all over asia!
The main area is wide and has a lot of space for customers.

You are quite spoiled for choice when it comes to the wide selection of coffee, espresso and teas at Coffee Culture! They have imported Coffee beans from Singapore, Vietnam and other countries but I was particularly interested in the Coffee selection from the Philippines!  From the Philippines’ Mount Kitanglad comes Coffee Culture’s “Misty Highlands” blend with taste notes of floral, nuts and Jasmine.  From our very own Negros Island’s Mount Kanlaon comes the “Negros Blend” , an espresso blend of Arabica and Robusta tasting like dark chocolate and roasted nuts From the sacred mountain of  Mount Apo comes the “Sacred Mountain blend”, a coffee tasting of Dark chocolate, tropical fruits and caramel. They also have assorted, dainty and delicate artisan teas imported from Singapore.

A cup of great tasting coffee.
A rich, creamy latte made with Negrense blend.


A customer buys 1/2 kilos of Coffee.


Tomato and Carrot Tea from Singapore!


Milky Coffee. Coffee Culture orders fresh milk straight from the dairy farmers of Murcia. The milk only lasts for three days so you can be sure that they use only pasteurized milk and that it is a fresh batch every time!


After grinding in Scarlett and Bella, the coffee is collected in Big Big airtight containers.
Bags of Freshly roasted Coffee, ready to be brewed!  Business owners can take advantage of the reasonable prices that Coffee culture offers to businesses and bulk buyers!
Coffee culture also offers coffee education classes and cupping classes. Now aspiring Baristas, Coffee Aficionados or HRM students don’t have to go all the way to Manila or Cebu to learn these various skills!

Please do Check out Coffee Culture Roastery. It is really, truly nice to have a business that supports our local farmers and businesses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a simple guy looking for a great cup of coffee, Coffee Culture Roastery should be on one of your stops.



Coffee Culture Roastery Works INC.

Lot 5, Block 15 Greenplains subdivision, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, 6100 Near 7-11 Alijis.

Open from 9am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays.



Tel number: +63 (0920) 900 3662   (+63) (0947) 950 8199

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