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Casa Del Formaggio and Capriciosso Deli Ristorante: Italian Restaurant and Artisan Italian cheese made in Negros Island

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Capriciosso Deli Ristorante and Casa Del Formaggio is one of our favourite restaurants in Bacolod City. This establishment makes and sells Italian style cheeses using milk from their own farms here in Negros Occidental! It’s something to be proud of!

They’ve currently moved to a new location at Triangle Island Plaza, RM tower, BS Aquino Drive, Lopez Jaena streets, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines.

Capriciosso Deli Ristorante and Casa Del Formaggio is located at Triangle Island Plaza, RM tower, BS Aquino Drive, Lopez Jaena streets. Telephone number: 09673286467

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante offers its signature cheeses, Pizza and Italian dishes as well as their own ham, sausages and cold cuts. They have delicious, freshly made pasta as well. They have cheese platters and ham platters for ordering.

The interior of Casa Del Formaggio and Capriciosso Deli Ristorante is part showroom, part restaurant. It’s a small space. There’s two tables inside and two tables outside for al freso dining.

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante is owned by the same owners as Casa Del Formaggio – the only cheese makers here in Bacolod!  The owners make the cheese from milk sourced from local dairy farmers in Murcia and they have a lot of different kinds of cheese ranging from mozzarella to peperoncino (pepper cheese!)

We’re really proud of the cheese that Casa Del Formaggio makes!  It’s so inspiring to see that local ingredients sourced from local Negrense farmers can make world-class quality products. You normally wouldn’t associate a hot tropical country such as the Philippines to be a cheese producer and yet in our beautiful island of Negros, there exists beautiful, Italian-style cheese.

Here are some of Casa Del Formaggio’s awesome products! We highly recommend their Burrata and Mozzarella cheese!

Burrata at Casa Del Formaggio

Burrata is a very interesting cheese as it looks like a little pouch. The outer pouch is a firm white cheese while Inside the pouch is mozzarella and cheese! This is a premium artisanal cheese and it’s amazing we have something like this in Bacolod city.

Real authentic Mozzarella is white in color and firm to the touch.  Casa Del Formaggio stores its mozzarella in pouches filled with brine to preserve the mozzarella cheese. The words “Fior de Latte” on the packaging  means that the mozzarella is made from fresh pasteurized milk. We bought a pouch to take home and the mozzarella was in a round compact ball with a springy, rubbery texture.  Melted down, it became soft and easy to spread!

Kesong Puti is also available along with Caciotta Stagionata – a  traditional farmhouse matured cheese with a wrinkled crust. The flavor becomes sharper and more intense as it ages.
Negros Blue cheese – a toned down version of the pungent tasting blue cheese. Adjusted to Negros palates, this cheese is rich in flavor with gentle undertones of blue cheese. Alongside is Caciocavallo – an aged cheese with a similar taste to Provolone made by stretching cheese curds.
Assiago Alto: A cheese that changes its texture as it ages. It’s flavor is similar to that of Parmesan cheese. It is delicious melted to use on sandwiches.

Of course, If you’ve got all these beautiful cheese and Italian ingredients, you have got to make Pizza! We started out by ordering their gorgeous Mozzarella balls. They’re little buns stuffed with mozzarella cheese and they’re SO good.

Capriciosso’s Mozarella Balls. It comes with two sauces!

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante’s pizza is handmade when you order it and they use their own ham, cold cucts and cheese! It’s cooked using a special oven. The result is a delicious, freshly baked pizza. The appearance of the pizza is different taste is totally different from commercial style pizza. It’s more personalized and home-like. Very tasty!

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante makes their own ham and bacon that they smoke and then glaze.  Unlike other hams, their ham is not that salty. Instead it has a milder flavor.  They use local ingredients – the meat, the bread in their platter are all sourced locally.

Capriccioso’s excellent smoked, ham which was created using ingredients found in Negros Island!

You can also buy their sausages and cold cuts and have them cooked in the store for a minimum charge.

Spicy Salami

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante serves their sausages Filipino breakfast style – with rice and an egg. You can customize your breakfast by adding on more sausages, egg or rice. Here’s our breakfast dish of sausages, bacon and egg!

Capriciosso Deli Ristorante and Casa Del Formaggio has several pasta dishes. We got their Penne Arrabiata – a pasta dish with a spicy tomato sauce base. It was topped with Casa Del Formaggio’s own freshly grated parmesan cheese.

If you’re in the mood for a quick snack, try out Capriciosso’s Nachos. These come with meat and cheese or just plain cheese. The cheese is the special ingredient! The in-house cheese makes the nachos taste so good and different from other nachos here in Bacolod city!

Capriccioso has also great salads! Our favorite is the chef’s salad and it has a lot of roasted veggies, olives and topped with cheese. Very good!

We’ve got an exciting update for you guys! As of 2022, Capriciosso Deli Ristorante is now in the Negros Museum! They’ve taken over the old spot of the Negros Museum Café and renovated the place into something more beautiful.

Museum Cafe by Capriccioso

The place is a little barebones as of now. Gone is the rotten wooden fence and the garish blue artwork. now its a clean, pleasing white.

The new branch of Capriciosso is located right by the entrance to the Negros Museum Cafe.

You can dine in the central area where there is a large atrium. The tables underneath are made of gorgeous tree trunk cross sections!

The place looks gorgeous! A Definite improvement from the old cafe.

There’s so many things inside the Museum Cafe!

A display case of cheeses, pastries and croissants.

There’s lots of wines to pair with the cheeses!

Of course we had to order their cheese board! so yummy and flavorful! You can choose to just have all cheese…

Or you can add cold cuts for a complete and fun dining experience. Of course, pair the whole thing with wine!

The pizzas are great too! Here, we tried Capriciosso’s famous Burrata Pizza. It’s a pizza with a ball of Mozzarella sliced open and spread on a pizza! Very flavorful!

Of course, if you don’t like so much cheese, the pepperoni pizza is a great choice!

 Please try out Capriccioso Deli Ristorante.  They’ve got a lot of delicious food on their menu besides pasta. It’s a great place!  They’ve got Italian wines, beer, ham and whole lot more! The owners also own Green Harvest – a local food producer that has assorted bottled products and goods! Definitely worth checking out!

The owners: Isabelle Patron (far right) with Chef Davide (middle) and Maria Patron.

Capriciosso Deli Ristorante and Casa Del Formaggio official Facebook page:

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  1. You only chose the two pasta because the white Truffle oil for every ‘bocconcini’ is heaven. I respect your choice of rich sauce experience. ahhahah
    And thanks for putting this up.
    Would not know there was real Italian food in Bacolod.

  2. Burrata

    Do they still serve wine?

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