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Balay Bintana: Food for your body and mind.

Whenever you’re in the mood for some great food and a nice cup of coffee, we suggest you stop by one of Bacolod City’s most beautiful cafes; Balay Bintana.  This stylish cafe merges Bali art with Filipino-spanish influences resulting in a cozy atmosphere.  Linger over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer while enjoying a good book.  Balay Bintana invites you to take it slow and relax.

The Interior of Balay Bintana.

Balay Bintana was created by three friends Charmaine Buñol, Maritoni Beverly Lacson and Mari Stelle Estrella.  At first they decided to create a cafe based on the old coffee houses of Bacolod but then decided that the concept sounded “boring and not much fun.”  They got an old dilapidated house and remodelled it into an amazing space.

The outside dining area of Balay Bintana. Vines creep over the window bars while a skylight lets in a pleasant warm light.
A wall mural, wooden signs and a blue window against a wall of red give the place a slight mediterranean look. A large blue kite in the shape of a bird soars on one side of the walls.

The “inside” area of Balay Bintana is extremely beautiful and comfy.  Numerous windows turn the space into a well-lit and colorful area. A window as big as a gate offers a look outside into the street while stained glass windows turn a corner into a cozy and comfortable nook.

A corner of the room is resplendent in hues of green, yellow and blue.
Balay Bintana Patrons enjoying their cups of coffee. Charmaine and her husband Thomas are coffee planters and they pack and make their own coffee.

The interior area has numerous art and figures from Bali and from all over Asia.  The most eye-catching element of the room are the beautiful shelves decorated with whimsical wooden figures of animals and a book exchange area where one can exchange books to read.  Balay Bintana also has an established book and arts and crafts club where anyone is welcome to join.

A beautiful set of embroidered cloths hangs on one of the walls  depicting rural scenes in Asia.
Whimsical wooden toys line the shelves.
The book exchange nook at Balay Bintana.  The owners highly value reading and intellectual stimulation.

As an added bonus, Balay Bintana has boardgame nights on Fridays which are extremely popular with students! You can expect crowds of students and friends enjoying the simple party games available at Balay Bintana.

Students playing the popular stacking game Rhino Hero.

Balay Bintana has a lot of food selections available for visitors.  The price ranges for their meals are quite affordable and student friendly.  Dining is an enjoyable experience at Balay Bintana.

Back ribs with Arabica Coffee Sauce or sweet barbecue sauce – We ordered the ribs with coffee sauce and enjoyed the rich flavor and enticing aroma of arabica coffee. 150 php.
Pork sisig – Spicy pork sisig served with egg on a sizzling plate. 120 php.
Porkchop with sinigang gravy – Grilled porkchop served with a side of atchara and sour sinigang sauce. An amazing blend of sour and savory. 149 php.
Hungarian Sausage – Choose from a selection of Hungarian, Ausburger and Schublig sausages served with a side of french fries. 130 php
Cheesy Malunggay pesto chicken – This is a student favorite – the pesto and chicken make a great combination over steamed hot rice. 120 php.
On sticks street food – a combination of fishballs, calamares and tempura. Perfect for groups of friends. 115 php.
Cheese cake, carrot cake, red velvet cupcake, revel bars, black sambo and marshmallow bars for dessert.

Come and visit Balay Bintana.  It’s a drop of refreshing water in the vast wilderness of cafes and restaurants in Bacolod.  Curl up with a good book, feed your body and your mind, establish social ties with friends by playing boardgames – Balay Bintana is a great place to be.

Balay Bintana is located at BS Aquino street, corner Anahaw St. right beside Viber Cafe. Telephone number: 432 6799 Open from 7am-9pm





The owners: Maritoni Beverly Lacson, Mari Stelle Estrella and Charmaine Buñol


Like always, the Bacolod Food Hunters paid for all their meals and drinks and did not accept any sponsorship or freebies of any kind. See you guys next time! 

2 comments on “Balay Bintana: Food for your body and mind.

  1. Waah! This is so my cup of tea! Can’t wait to go home and visit 🙂

  2. Haha I love the idea that you guys pay for your own meals. We need unbiased opinions 😀

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