Japanese Ramen

IZUMI Authentic Ramen

Here’s a hot tip today for our readers who are fans of Japanese Cuisine! A Ramen Shop has open in Bacolod City!  IZUMI Authentic Ramen is now open for business.  This is Bacolod’s first restaurant dedicated to serving Ramen.  We popped by on opening night to see what the store had to offer.

IZUMI Authentic Ramen is located at Nolan Building, San Agustin Drive – BS. Aquino Street Right beside Riverside Medical Center. Telephone number: 0917 325 2686

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish.  The most basic components of Ramen are the soup, toppings and noodles.  In Japan, Ramen is seen as a quick and filling meal sometimes served from Yatai  – Japanese Food Carts.  This popular dish has been made widely available in the Philippines due to the presence of various Japanese restaurants and popularized through popular media such as Anime and Manga.

A Yatai serving Ramen on the side of the street. Most Filipinos have an exaggerated image of Ramen since here in the Philippines the only exposure we have to Ramen are the pricey ones being served in Japanese Restaurants but in Japan, it’s just another street food.

IZUMI Authentic Ramen has a minimalist approach when it comes to interior decor, opting to decorate with paper lanterns. The lighting gives the place a nice, warm, inviting glow.

The minimalist interior of IZUMI

There are five kinds of Ramen available at IZUMI.  They have Shoyu Ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen, Miso Ramen, Jigoku Ramen (Hell Ramen!- spicy) and Seafood Ramen.

We tried their Tonkostsu Ramen and Shoyu Ramen. They were topped with a generous amount of vegetables, bamboo shoots,  meat and pickled ginger.

Izumi’s Tonkotsu Ramen. The noodles were firm and chewy and the pork broth full of flavor.
Izumi’s Shoyu Ramen. A darker, soy sauce broth based ramen, this was a bit salty. The Narutomaki fish cake with its white surface and distinctive pink swirl visually enhances the dish.

Izumi has other items on the menu that pair well with their Ramen.  They have Yakitori (barbecued chicken skewers) and Yakibuta (barbecued pork skewers) as well as Karaage (fried chicken.)  We decided to try their Gyoza, Chicken Donburi (rice topped with chicken) and another noodle dish Yakisoba. (fried noodles)

IZUMI’S Gyoza. These meat stuffed dumplings were perfectly prepared, nice browning on the underside, the wrapper had the correct texture that is very important in making good gyoza.. The filling had good proportions of meat and vegetables.


Izumi’s Chicken donburi. The most distinctive feature was a huge amount of onions mixed in with the chicken – so much so that they should have labelled it Chicken-Onion donburi. 😉 Quite ok – for people who love onions.
Izumi’s Yakisoba – Lots of veggies and meat – noodles are nice and firm, appearance is more like Filipino Pancit than Japanese Yakisoba, some vegetables are unevenly cut and too thick. It’s pretty good though.

Overall, we think Izumi’s Ramen and Food isn’t strictly 100% Authentic Japanese but they come pretty close and the food and food that they serve are quite okay and won’t disappoint the diners.  The convenient location and the speed of service make Izumi Authentic Ramen a welcome addition to the Bacolod Food Scene.

When trying out their Ramen, Keep in mind this clip from “Tampopo”  – A Japanese film that has a scene on the fine art of eating Ramen.   Gosh, now I’m hungry!




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  1. Hello! Did you have the chance to ask or to look at the place upstairs at IZUMI? I’m just curious because the cafe that used to occupy IZUMI’s place has room cafes upstairs which are very convenient for studying. I hope you could reply. Thanks! And God bless you.

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