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Saturday Buffet at L’Fisher’s Ripples Restaurant

Did you know – L’fisher Bacolod has awesome buffets on Friday and Saturday nights! Here’s part two of our series on L’fisher buffets: Click this link to read part one! 

Last time we visited L’fisher’s Ripples restaurant for their Friday Night Seafood buffet.  Now, we’re here for their Saturday Night Hearty Banquet. We had an extremely enjoyable time! The buffet is just 599 pesos for adults and if you have kids,  they dine for just 359 pesos.

Experience the buffets at Ripples Restaurant. 6pm – 10pm, Fridays and Saturdays. Make reservations to be assured of getting seats. Telephone Number: (034) 433-3731
Ripples is located inside L’fisher Hotel’s main lobby.

There’s a lot of new dishes that were brought out for Saturday night. It’s nice to know that Ripples restaurant really changes its menu from buffet to buffet.  The salad and cold cuts section was particularly eye catching with its new and beautiful dishes!

Chicken kebabs with salami


An enticing plate with two kinds of olives, tomatoes and cheeses.

The centerpiece for the salad section is a fantastic fruit carving with flowers made from watermelon and ripe mangoes.  What a beautiful design! It must have taken the chef hours to carve this beautiful rose!


Beside the Salad section are the bread and sushi stations.  The bread is beautifully baked and there is a lot of different types of sushi available.  The sushi is very basic and simple.  The best ones are the shrimp and tuna nigiri sushi.  These are also the simplest ones, just shrimp or tuna on top of rice, flavored with a tiny dollop of wasabi.

The salad section has different kinds of bread, rolls as well as marmalades, jam and butter.
Assorted kinds of sushi and sushi rolls.

There’s no tempura or sashimi at the saturday buffet but Ripples makes up for it with a variety of Japanese sushi.

More sushi.
Our favorite: Shrimp Nigiri!

The main section of the buffet has a pasta station set up where diners can have the chefs prepare a pasta dish just the way they want it.  There is a liberal amount of ingredients and sauces that are on hand for you to choose.

The pasta station.


The main dishes of the buffet are influenced by world cuisine.  There’s a lot of dishes from other countries that the chefs have appropriated  for the enjoyment of the buffet diners.  They may not be 100% authentic but the dishes have a nice presentation and more importantly taste pretty good. There’s ALWAYS something green as a garnish or an ingredient which breaks the monotony of the darker colored food and the color green also conveys a sense of freshness and anticipation.

Rogan Josh is an Indian/Persian inspired dish.  Traditionally this is cooked in a brown sauce made from onions, assorted spices and vegetables.  Ripples’ version has a bit of curry added into it making it taste great.

Beef Balls Rogan Josh.


From Italy, Chicken Cacciatore.  A simple chicken dish with fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce.

Chicken Cacciatore.

Parrotfish is similar in taste to cream dory.  It is a very neutral tasting fish and it especially goes well with strong flavors such as ginger and black bean sauce.


Parrotfish fillet with ginger tausi sauce.
Parrotfish fillet with ginger tausi sauce.

Good old fashioned spareribs cooked asian style.


The pièce de résistance of the entire buffet was an enormous roast beef that was served with baked potatoes and potato skins.  Thick, juicy beef that just melts in your mouth.


The roast pork was soft and tender.  The presentation of the dish was creative, inviting the diner to come and take a piece.

Roast Pork.

Phew, that’s a lot of beautiful, delicious dishes that we tried.  Now it’s time for dessert! The buffet table is well lit and that the chefs went all out with the beautiful cakes, tarts, various eclairs and mousse.   The arrangement is very well done.  Basically the lighter colored cakes would be arranged in a ring with the darker colored cakes arranged in a circle.  On some plates the pattern would be the other way around.  This contrast between light and dark colors draws the diner’s eye and each dish in itself is a miniature work of art. The best designs are the simplest designs. Oh, and the sweets are good too.

A tempting display of dessert!
Gaudy fruit tarts surround small slices of chocolate cake.
The fruit tarts glitter like jewels! Simple and eye catching presentation.
So pretty!
Salted caramel eclairs surround chocolates filled with cream. Highly recommended by our good friend Mr. Lemon.
Rich, Fudgy chocolate cake encircle a ring of cakes looking like bunny rabbits! So cute!
Beautifully arranged sweets and treats.
Whimsical swam pastries swim right next to cassava and chocolate cakes.
Chocolate cupcakes with heart sprinkles! Just in time for valentines!
Shotglasses of chocolate mousse!

The desserts that we enjoyed the most were the salted caramel eclairs, the swan pastry, the chocolate mousse and the Philippine style ice cream.  Yum yum yum.  You have your basic three flavors, cookies and cream, ube and cheese ice cream.  The cheese ice cream was really good with lots and lots of stringy, chewy cheese bits. It was a delicious salty-sweet combination.

These are just a few of the many pictures I took of Ripples restaurant’s seafood buffet.  We had an enjoyable dinner – no crowds, no frantic scrambling for food. Everything was just perfect.

These are the reasons I think Ripples Restaurant is so awesome.

  1. Quick and efficient staff – A special shoutout to Marian who was always on hand to assist us – oh and who refilled my glasses of Philippine style ice cream.
  2. Live entertainment – this was in the lobby but we had a view of the performers from our table
  3. Good variety of dishes – A good balance between vegetable dishes, meat and fishes.
  4. Awesome desserts – the desserts were fantastic, higher than a certain nordic restaurant.
  5. Good Atmosphere – Less frantic, less competition/fighting over food… Quick refills and beautiful presentation. Plus there’s a certain sort of prestige when you say you’ve dined at L’fisher.
  6. Philippine style ice cream. – try the cheese ice cream!
  7. Draft beer and soda – Drink all you can too. Lol.

This is our second time trying out the buffet at L’fisher and I have to admit, I don’t miss a certain Nordic restaurant.  Here at Ripples, I don’t have to fight off crowds of people, the staff is more friendly and the service is a little bit more personalized.  Plus live entertainment too!

Give Ripples Restaurant a try!  This is a very good place to have a buffet. If you miss the Saturday buffet, don’t worry – they also have a good seafood buffet on Saturdays!  Call ahead for reservations.   There’s a DRESS CODE but it’s very basic – no slippers, sleeveless shirts..



The Bacolod Food Hunters would like to thank Mr. Lemon for introducing us to the Friday night Seafood Buffet which we really enjoyed so much that it resulted in us going back for Saturday night buffet the following week.

The Bacolod food hunters did not accept any freebies for this visit and review.  We’re keeping it real here folks!




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