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Lolo Sancho’s Country Kitchen: Affordable buffet in Bacolod

Buffet on a budget?  That’s possible with Bacolod City’s newest buffet Lolo Sancho’s Country Kitchen!

Lolo Sancho’s Country kitchen is located at City Mall Mandalagan on the second floor.  They just opened their doors on July 8, 2018 and naturally the Bacolod Food Hunters were there to check them out!

The Interior of Lolo Sancho’s Country Kitchen

The buffet area is centrally located in a big spacious room that overlooks Lacson street. Big glass windows let in plenty of natural light.  There are booth type tables with cushioned seats.

The buffet is ok for the prices.  Regular price is 499 php with a promo (4 paying guests, 5th one dines for free.)

There are different sections to the buffet – we started at the meats section.  There was porchetta (rolled lechon belly), lechon kawali, roast beef and lechon manok.

Lechon Kawali.
Roast beef
Lechon Manok 

They also had a good beef rendang and a dish that appeared to be back ribs in a sauce but was mislabeled lechon kawali.  This was in a chafing dish but this left customers puzzled on how to eat it because it wasn’t chopped up.

Lechon Kawali(?) Backribs (?)
There was plenty of barbecue and spare ribs.

Lolo Sancho’s Country kitchen had an extremely laughable sushi and tempura section.  The sushi looked like it was assembled by a first grader and there was no soy sauce / wasabi to be found anywhere.  The vegetable sushi was basically fried broccoli florets but they used the shrimp batter on it so the broccoli had a strong shrimp taste.

Honestly,  It would have been better if they should have just omitted the sushi and placed more attention on the other dishes.

Avoid this.

There’s unli soda, juices and beer all you can at Lolo Sancho’s country kitchen.  Go wild.

Drink in moderation.

The pizza and pasta section were just ok.  You could assemble your own bolognese or white sauce pasta and they had 2-3 kinds of pizzas.  All of them were ok.

Pizza and Pasta

The rest of the food at Lolo Sancho’s Country kitchen were mostly Filipino dishes.  Naturally, there was a lot of seafood but mostly of the common variety of fishes.

Grilled Tilapia
Catch of the day. 

The Filipino dishes were piping hot!  They were in big metal pots that were on stoves and there was a decent selection – Some we weren’t able to take a photo of as they ran out quickly and had to be refilled.

Chicken binakol


Vegetables with pesto cream (not Filipino but quite good)
Chicken Adobo
Chicken Tinola

The salad bar  – plenty of dressings to make your own salad.


The dessert area is a little sparse – but they do have a few different kinds of cakes and some jelly/panna cotta desserts.


There was a tiny halo halo bar right next to the rolls.  They also had three kinds of cookies – plain,oatmeal and chocolate chip.  The chocolate chip was the best kind as it was moist and chewy. Some of the other cookies were hard and burnt at the bottom.

Halo Halo bar.

Overall – it’s nice to have a buffet like Lolo Sancho’s here in Bacolod.  It’s not that expensive but naturally with the lower price comes less variety of dishes.  The quality is not top notch but almost good enough to justify the 499 peso price tag.  I’m glad that there is now a decent alternative to food in City Mall Mandalagan   (mostly Jollibee/Chowking food).

For a mostly Filipino buffet, Lolo Sancho’s Country kitchen is better than Cabalen in SM. Go here instead.  Service is a little better and the staff a little friendlier.

It’s mostly Filipino food in the buffet so this buffet appeals mostly to locals.  I don’t recommend this buffet for foreign guests as they might not appreciate the Filipino food and the more exotic Filipino dishes.

I wouldn’t mind having a meal here before or after watching a movie at City Mall Cinema.

For people with more discerning tastes and deeper wallets we recommend the buffets at L’Fisher – still numero uno for us in terms of buffet.

Lolo Sancho’s Country Kitchen is located on the second floor of City Mall Mandalagan, Lacson Street Bacolod City



Telephone number: 0945 774 3463

Opening hours: 11am – 2:30 pm for Lunch and 5pm to 10pm for dinner


The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept and Freebies, cash or incentives for this review.

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