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Cafe Reptilya: Reptile petting cafe in Bacolod

Something new has slithered into Bacolod City. It’s Cafe Reptilya! This amazing cafe will open its doors on July 1, 2018.

Cafe Reptilya is a pet cafe that lets you get up close and personal with all sorts of snakes and reptiles while enjoying good food.  This is another first for Bacolod City!

Cafe Reptilya is located at the second floor of Piazza Sorrento, corner 13th and Lacson Street. 

The cafe’s exterior is decorated like a tropical rainforest and inside are numerous faux plants. A tree decorated with stuffed reptiles stands prominently in a corner of the room.

When we visited Cafe reptilya they were still closed because they were still on their soft opening and they had a private meeting inside but the owner kindly let us in to have a sneak preview of the place.  Thank you Cafe Reptilya!

Cafe Reptilya has cozy chairs and tables that are perfect for meetings

There are display cases on two sides of the cafe and that’s where the reptiles are. They’re in clean, well-lighted, warm enclosures.

Slither, slither.

The biggest snakes are on the lowest area.  There’s also a table where they occasionally let them out to play.

A large and beautiful python.

There are very strict rules you must observe when you visit this cafe. You have to wash your hands before and after petting the snakes. Banging on the glass doors are strictly prohibited. It’s rude and it startles the snakes.


There are some medium sized snakes that are very active. You can see them slithering around their enclosure.

This little guy was moving about all around his enclosure

There’s a friendly iguana in one of the display cases.  This cool guy loves climbing and basking in the warmth of his lamp.  


This is the menu for Cafe Reptilya. We weren’t able to order anything because the kitchen was not yet available.  There is a 100 peso consumable entrance fee when you enter Cafe Reptilya and you can use that amount to order anything on this menu. The food is priced reasonably and the entrance fee helps the owner keep the animals fed and happy.


You really will get up close and personal with the animals because the tables are actually enclosures containing snakes! You can watch various lizards and snakes slither about while you have your meal. Isn’t that interesting?

Looking at snakes

Kids of all ages will enjoy this awesome cafe that is guaranteed to be a hit. Please do come and visit! We will update this page when we go to Cafe Reptilya’s grand opening!

Cafe Reptilya will be open on July 1 2018.

Facebook Page:

Opening hours: TBA

Contact number: 09275950504


The Bacolod Food hunters did not accept/receive any incentives or money for this article. This is a non sponsored post. 








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