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Crispy Bellycious Cafe

Lechon – It’s a traditional Filipino dish of roast pork.  Lechon is often served at parties or special occasions.  Filipino parties are not complete with a whole roast pig, complete with crisp, crackling skin.

You don’t have to wait until a party to enjoy lechon. Crispy Bellycious Cafe is a restaurant in Bacolod that specializes in a newer type of lechon – the porchetta (rolled roast pork belly)

Crispy Bellycious Cafe

Crispy Bellycious Cafe is located at 155 Circumferential Road, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental.  The two-story restaurant is located beside Jack & Jill school and is very distinctive with its yellow facade.  The interior is also bright yellow.

Inside Crispy Bellycious Cafe you will find all sorts of products such as coffee and ground turmeric powder.

But we weren’t here for turmeric. We were here for the food!  The staff suggested we try their best sellers.

Bellycious Meal 95 php

We got the Bellycious meal – chunks of crispy lechon with two sauces and garlic rice. This was quite good! The excellent turmeric sauce made the meat really tasty.

The next dish that we got was Crispy Bellycious’ Lechon Sisig.  This was a very substantial dish because unlike most sisig – this one had more meat and it even included the crispy crackling skin of the lechon.  Very nice.

Lechon Sisig 95 php

Crispy Bellycious cafe also has lechon wraps!  We gave it a try and found it to be nothing special. The main problem with it was that the meat was ground up just like the cheap shawarma places. They could have used chunks of lechon or even strips of lechon belly. I am sure people wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more.

Belly Wrap 80 php

For Dessert, Crispy Bellycious has an assortment of cakes, cookies and brewed coffee.

Assorted cookies 18 php each


Crispy Bellycious also serves their rolled lechon belly for takeout.  Tip: Ask for a large helping of their turmeric sauce. It’s really good!

SMALL-P650.00(good for 4-6 people)
MEDIUM-P1150.00(good for 8-10 people)
LARGE-P1650.00(good for 10-15 people)
XL-P2150.00(good for 15-20 people)

They even have a dedicated takeout window!

We will be back soon to try more of what Crispy Bellycious has to offer. They’ve got rice bowls and everybody’s favourite, baby back ribs.  There’s so much to see and try. Please do come and visit!

Crispy Bellycious Cafe is located at 155 Circumferential Road, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental


Open Mondays to Saturdays 11am-9pm

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies, free food or incentives for this article. We practice ethical blogging.

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