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Start your weekend right with the Seafood Buffet at L’fisher’s Ripples Restaurant

Buffets? Eat all you can?  Do you want a change from a certain Nordic Restaurant in SM?  Try L’fisher’s Ripples Restaurant and their awesome weekend buffets!

Ripples Restaurant has two very special buffets on Fridays and Saturdays.  We went on a Friday for their Heart of the Sea – Seafood buffet and we enjoyed everything!


Enjoy the buffets at Ripples Restaurant. 6pm – 10pm, Fridays and Saturdays. To be assured of getting seats we recommend making reservations! Telephone Number: (034) 433-3731


Ripples is inside L’fisher Hotel right beside the main lobby.

Their dinner buffet starts at 6pm but as early as 530 pm people are coming in to get seats. There’ s a lot of awesome dishes on display.  Our attention was drawn to a spectacular fruit carving with heaps of delicious seafood arranged attractively around it.

The salad section has seafood on ice as well as a variety of sauces and dressings for you to try. The shrimp was especially large and plump and the crabs were fat and juicy.

There’s a salad section which also holds the sushi and sashimi section.  Ripples Restaurant has really good tuna sashimi – you could taste the clear, fresh flavor of the tuna.  They also have Maguro Tuna as well as tamagoyaki and maki rolls.

Ripples Restaurant’s Tuna sashimi
Tuna Maguro and Tamagoyaki.

There’s also a tempura station where the chefs are busy preparing freshly cooked tempura and deep fried calamari. They fry your tempura right in front of you – fresh, hot tempura – the taste is indescribable!

The Tempura station where you could have fried lumpia, shrimp tempura, and vegetable tempura.

The service at Ripples was fantastic.  The staff was friendly and kept offering to refill our drinks, clear our plates, etc.  We also fortunate to catch a bit of live entertainment as there was an excellent female singer performing in the lobby.  Great Ambiance!  I also loved that my guests and I didn’t have to compete with other diners over premium menu items such as shrimp tempura and other treats – they were quickly refilled by the staff.

After checking out the salad and tempura section we went off to check out their main dishes.  Ripples made a huge selection of dishes available and there were also a couple of non seafood items such as roast beef and chicken – perfect for those who want a little bit of variety.

Stuffed Shrimp – This was an instant favourite with my guests. The shrimp was coated with a rich, chewy shrimp based mixture then deep fried.
Assorted Cold cuts were on hand.
Bread to go with the assorted cold cuts and cheeses.
Seafood Thermidor: Seafood with a rich, creamy egg sauce.
Stir Fried Ginger Crabs.
Spicy baby octopus.
Roast beef!
Fried Siomai

There was also a lovely dessert table filled with delicious desserts. But since it was placed in a darker area, I didn’t notice the table until the very end of our dinner (when I was almost full.)

We loved the tiny chocolates filled with cream! We loved the creme brulee and slices of cheesecake.



These are just a few of the many pictures I took of Ripples restaurant’s seafood buffet.  We had an enjoyable dinner – no crowds, no frantic scrambling for food. Everything was just perfect.

Here’s the things I loved about Ripples Restaurant

  1. Quick and efficient staff
  2. Live entertainment – this was in the lobby but we had a view of the performers from our table
  3. Fresh seafood – You could really taste how FRESH the seafood was.  The Quality of the food was higher than a certain nordic restaurant in SM.
  4. Good variety of dishes
  5. Awesome desserts – the desserts were fantastic, higher than a certain nordic restaurant.
  6. Good Atmosphere – Less frantic, less competition/fighting over food… Quick refills.
  7. Philippine style ice cream.

Give Ripples Restaurant a try!  This is a very good place to have a buffet. If you miss the Friday buffet, don’t worry – they also have a good buffet on Saturdays!  Call ahead for reservations.   There’s a DRESS CODE but it’s very basic – no slippers, sando…

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