JDL Nachos factory makes great Nachos in Bacolod!

Here’s a great place in Bacolod to get good nachos for your parties, restaurants or for whatever occasion!  JDL Nachos factory is a small, start-up company that creates good quality Nachos.

We were walking around Eroreco subdivision when we saw a house with a sign outside selling Nachos so we decided to give them a try. They sell Nachos in bags and nachos with toppings.

JDL Nachos Factory is located at Andalucia Street, corner Malaga Street, Eroreco subdivision, Bacolod City. Telephone number: 0920-979-2986


They currently have two kinds of Nachos, regular and spicy diablo – a reddish, red hot spicy type of Nacho chip.  We ordered two dishes with chips. While we were there we took a look at what they had to offer.

Bags of Nachos ready to be shipped out.

The owner of JDL Nachos factory is Judith Laumone, together with her husband who acts as their food tester and consultant, they decided to go into the Nacho chip making business.  There are a lot of restaurants in Bacolod serving fried wonton wrappers and trying to pass it off as “real” nachos so this inspired Judith and her husband to make better, more tastier nacho chips. I learned that Judith applied for assistance and training from the Philippine Department of Science and Technology so her customers can be assured of the cleanliness and quality of her product.

Los Nachos Locos: The main product of JDL Nachos Factory.

The nacho chips that JDL Nachos have are significantly better than those wonton wrappers that other restaurants use.  These chips are made with real spices which makes each bite delicious, flavorful and they have a thicker, crunchier texture.

JDL’s Nacho chips.

Their hot and spicy Diablo chip is quite delicious too!  Each chip is infused with spicy flavor, making this a perfect chip that goes well with ice cold drinks.

Red hot spicy diablo chips!

Our orders finally arrived!  Yum yum.  Judith told me that a lot of their customers come from the neighborhood especially around merienda time.  These awesome chips are so delicious with the nacho salad topping that comes with it.

JDL’s Nacho chips with their normal nacho sauce. 100 php


Spicy Nacho chips with a nacho salad topping. 100php. Each bite left a spicy, delicious aftertaste.  Very good especially with a cold soda or beer.



JDL Nachos factory is an amazing supplier for Nacho chips.  This company may be small but their products are extremely good.  Give them a try for great Nacho chips here in Bacolod.


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies or payment for this article. 

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