Chicken Inasal

Inasal & co: A new, terrific place for Chicken Inasal and Filipino Food!

Ladies and Gents, we’d like to introduce you to a tastier and more importantly, cleaner alternative to Aida’s, Nena’s  or other chicken establishment in Manukan Country.  It’s Inasal & co!  This newly established restaurant is owned and managed by the Evaristo clan, the people behind Aboy’s – Bacolod’s #1 family restaurant.

Inasal & co is located at Goldenfields, Bacolod City right in front of Aboy’s restaurant.  You can’t miss it! It’s brightly lit and inviting.

Inasal & co. – outdoor dining with bright lights and a nice urban ambiance.  Open Tuesdays to Sundays 6pm to 3am.

There’s all sorts of seating available – from tables in the middle of the restaurant to intimate, cushioned seats at the side where families and big groups can sit.

In the middle of the restaurant.


Cosy, intimate seating.

More importantly. we were there to try the food!  Chicken Inasal & co serves all your favorite street food and chicken inasal.  But – they’ve got this variant which we like.  They have SPICY chicken inasal!  

Classic favorites: Tocino, baticulon, and SPICY chicken inasal!

The spicy chicken inasal is so good! We suggest pairing it with beer or ice – cold drinks.  The spiciness comes from its marination with locally grown chili peppers so it’s the type of spiciness that Filipinos are familiar with.

There’s also other Filipino dishes available but instead we opted to try Inasal & co’s ribs!  A generous slab of ribs covered with a sweet barbecue sauce.  The meat is soft and tender.  It was served with sides of mixed buttered vegetables and creamy potato spinach.

Inasal & co’s ribs.


Come and Try Inasal & co.  You will enjoy your classic favourites along with new ones as Inasal & co has a wide selection of Filipino food.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any incentives or freebies. We spent our own money. 🙂


1 comment on “Inasal & co: A new, terrific place for Chicken Inasal and Filipino Food!

  1. I been here…. I love their sizzling inasal… good for late night dining

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