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Tres: A restaurant that’s brilliant in Black and White.

The food trips never stop in Bacolod – Tres, a trendy new restaurant has just opened!  Great food and delicious food can be found inside – read more about it in our article!

Tres is located on Lacson street right beside Pizza Republic. Telephone number (034) 707 1435. Open daily from 11am to 9pm

The interior of Tres is a delightful fusion of Industrial and classy.  Inside, you see bare concrete walls with shelves full of knick-knacks and old photos.  The first floor looks like a splendid recreation of a 1950’s diner.  There are long seats with cushions and distinctive black and white marble floors.  The second floor is a smaller, more intimate space that is inviting for groups who want a little more privacy.

Tres’ second floor.

The place looks lively and there is clever use of the black and white motif to stimulate the senses.  Embroidered Napkins on the tables give Tres an elegant look and preconditions the diners to think; “Ah, something great will be served.”

The gorgeous view of the first floor from the second floor.


Elegant black napkins.

We tried their house specialties.  Tres is particularly proud of their Wambas steak which is actually a nice slab of REAL corned beef.  This is so delicious.  The aroma of the corned beef filled the room and the beef was tender and perfectly seasoned.  Most Filipinos experience with corned beef are the ones being served in a can – but actually REAL corned beef is beef that has been preserved using rock salt and it is usually used in sandwiches.  The distinctive salty, meaty taste is what makes it so good!

A slab of real corned beef. If you tease the fibers apart with your fork, it looks like the corned beef you see in the can. Tres’ Wambas steak is EXTREMELY delicious. 285 php

We enjoyed the Wambas steak so much, my American friend brought some for takeout. When his wife opened up the container – the smell was so good that one of her friends asked to take a bite and then rushed over to Tres to buy her own steak for take out!  It’s THAT GOOD!

I went to buy MY steak! Lol.

We had a couple of their appetizers while we waited for our orders.  We had their Fish fritters and their Chorizo croquettes.

The Fish fritters were very “potatoey” with a slight flavor of fish.  The Chorizo croquettes came stuffed with spanish sausage, potatoes and some garlic.  The salsa sauce that came with the chorizo croquettes was very good and served to enhance the taste of the potatoes and chorizo.

Fish Fritters: 95php – Deep fried cream dory with potatoes, spices and served with a side of tartar sauce.
Chorizo Croquettes 95 php.

Tres has a very good pulled pork burger (but actually a sandwich) that they serve with a sweetish barbecue sauce on the side.  The  burger came with some home fries seasoned with salt and pepper and some deep fried onion rings.  You can control the amount of sauce you want on your burger – we preferred a little sauce so we could taste the tender, moist, pulled pork.  Very good and filling.

Pulled Pork burger 220 php.
King Henry Porkchop -245 php a big, generous portion.

For dessert we had the Snickers cake:  It looks like a Snickers bar and tastes almost like one!  This dessert is very filling and the portion size was good enough for two people.

This is a luscious pie with a delicious medley of cream, chocolate and peanut butter! Highly recommended. 125 php

Give Tres a try guys, Tres is located along Lacson street beside Pizza Republic.  They’re currently on their soft opening so expect some small hiccups and boo boos but the service is good, constantly improving and the atmosphere is pleasant.  Bring your friends, family and barkada!


The Bacolod Food hunters did not receive any freebies or payment in exchange for this article.  All food items you see here are purchased with our own money.   

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