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Vedge Health Hub: Delicious, healthy vegan and vegetarian meals in Bacolod City

We’re proud to tell you guys that Bacolod City now has Vedge Health Hub, a restaurant that is serving VERY delicious vegetarian food.   Vedge health hub transforms vegetables into culinary masterpieces that will appeal even to the most hard-core of carnivores!

Vedge Health Hub is located at VSB Building, corner Lacson street and 6th street Bacolod City. Telephone number (0932)783 3903 Opens Sunday to Thursday at 11am-8pm and Fridays at 11am-3pm . Closed on Saturdays.

Scientific studies have shown that eating too much meat, (especially red meat and grilled meatleads to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer especially in the elderly and females.  Click here for source  

Smart people know it’s time to give up barbecues, grilled chops and hamburgers and go instead for good, healthy food such as vegetables.   Let us show you the awesome dishes that the chefs in Vedge Health Hub have on their menu.  Here are our favorites!

For people who love hamburgers, A healthy choice would be to let them try Vedge Health Hub’s Nori Burger!  There’s vegetable protein used to form the patty along with nori strips, cabbage, caramelized onions and cooked seaweed as a topping!  The Nori burger has an umami, meaty taste due to the nori strips and seaweed.  Each bite is crunchy and full of flavor.  You won’t miss meat at all.

Vedge Health Hub’s Nori Burger. 99php

Shawarma is a middle eastern sandwich served in a pita bread.  Here in Vedge Health Hub, they’ve reinvented the shawarma by taking out all the unhealthy things and modifying it to be healthier and TASTIER!

Vedge Health Hub’s Shiitake Shawarma is basically a shawarma without the pita bread.  This dish has generous amounts of veggies, shiitake mushrooms and rice.  We LOVE the garlic sauce and the sweet, tomatoey chili sauce that they put on top of the rice!  The red sauce is so delicious and together with the garlic sauce, these two sauces give the dish a very tasty flavor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  

Vedge Health Hub’s Shiitake shawarma 90 php

Bulgogi is a dish consisting of grilled marinated meat.  Vedge health Hub’s Veggie Bulgogi takes chunks of meaty-tasting vegetable protein, chickpeas and beans and serves it with a sweetish barbecue sauce on top of red rice. We recommend this dish as well to people who want to try something new but at the same time still experience a familiar taste.

Vedge Hub’s DELICIOUS Veggie Bulgogi. 99 php.

Speaking of familiar tastes, it’s time to blow your tastebuds away with delicious MUSHROOM chicharon.  Fried, battered, oyster mushrooms served with a garlic sauce and vinegar.  It’s a bit oily but take comfort in the fact that you aren’t eating cholesterol laden pork rinds!

Vedge Health Hub’s mushroom chicharon. 95 php

We’re happy to find our favourite Cebuano delicacy Ngohiong in Vedge Health Hub! Hearts of Palm are delicately fried and served with a spicy dipping sauce.  This is so namit! 

Vedge Health Hub’s Ngohiong. 65php.

Chow down on a healthier version of Nacho chips with Veggie Nachos supreme!

Vegetable Nachos Supreme 95 php.

Kids will enjoy a healthier pasta with Vedge Health Hub’s Spaghetti Bolognese.

Vedge Health Hub’s Spaghetti Bolognese 110 php

Vedge Health hub also offers refreshing, ice-cold smoothies made with fruits and vegetables.  We ordered two of their best-selling smoothies, The Fiber boost smoothie and the Season special. These are some really thick smoothies due to the creamy texture of blended bananas.  They are quite filling too!

The Fiber boost Smoothie (88php) is made with red beets, bananas, pineapple and chia seeds.
Season Special 77php – Guyabano and chia seeds.

There are lots of other delicious things on Vedge Health Hub’s menu that we haven’t tried yet – We recommend that you go and visit because there’s a lot of good, delicious, healthy food.

Tell your friends who love stuffing their faces with grilled pork belly, fatty food, etc…. it’s time for them to stop being STUPID. It’s time to make smart choices about their diet and what they eat.   Take them to Vedge Health Hub!  

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies or payment for this article.  All meals consumed in this article are paid for out of our own pocket.

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