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Chefs & Bakers: A haven for snacks and baking supplies!

Chefs & Bakers is the largest and the most well-stocked baking supplies store in Bacolod. For us, Chefs & Bakers Bacolod is also an awesome place to get snacks!  They have delicious cookies, sweets, chocolates and other goodies at low prices!  Perfect for your parties, kids baon and merienda or for yourself! Bring these snacks to parties – they’ll be a hit! Read more about it in our article below.

Chefs & Bakers is located at 13th street. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. They are open Mondays to Saturdays: 9 AM – 7:00 PM and on Sundays: 9 AM to 6:30 PM Tel: 034 435-1356 /0916 402-4512

Chefs and Bakers is clean, well-lit and air conditioned.  The inside of the store is well organized and the staff is approachable. Feel free to approach them for help whenever you need to find something.

The interior of Chefs & Bakers.

Go to the left of the checkout aisles to see shelves full of chocolate coins and little chocolate animals. These are great for loot bags/ giveaways and imagination games. There are also some fondant balls that look like pearls or jewelry!

Chocolate coins, chocolate balls and all sorts of little chocolates that will make kids happy.

Here’s a sweet tip for all you mothers out there.  Brighten up your kids play times with a treasure chest made up of Kit-Kats, candy pearls, candy jewels and chocolate coins.  Crush some cookies to make “sand”.  Microwave some chocolate to use as “glue”. Glue the treasure box together and fill it with “treasures”!  Your little ones will have a great time!

Your kids will love this “pirate” treasure chest!

Do you guys remember Iced Gem biscuits? These little cookies came with a dollop of hard icing on top of them.  They were my favourite snack time treat when I was younger.  Now you can buy big bags and tiny packs of them at Chefs & Bakers!


Are you and your kids crazy about cookies? There’s chocolate covered pretzel sticks, cookie sticks and chocolate chip cookies available in BULK packs.

Cookies! Cookie sticks! Be careful when opening a pack, it’s so hard to eat just ONE cookie!

Kids will also love these oversized lollipops and these gummy treats.  Just make sure they brush their teeth afterwards.

Lollipops and twizzlers.
Gummy worms, Gummy rings and Gummy squares – there’s a LOT of yummy gummies available at Chefs & Bakers.

For those having parties or picnics, check out the big bags of snacks and chips.  They come in big, bulk packages so there’s a lot to share with friends, classmates and families.

Cookie sticks, pretzel sticks and bags of cheese curls and cheese rings on sale.
Bags of Nachos!

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a cheesy Nacho dip to serve your guests.  You simply need a big bottle of Cheez-Whiz and a cup of salsa (available in bottles at your local supermarket). Simply mix them all together in a microwave proof bowl and heat in your microwave at MEDIUM heat for three minutes.  After three minutes, stir the mixture well and cook for another two minutes.

Cheez Whiz Salsa dip from the Kraft Recipe website.Click here!

How about a change from sweets and something healthier like nuts?  Chefs & Bakers carries all sorts of nuts to use for baking – but they can be used for snacking too! Simply spread the nuts out on a baking pan, pop it in a pre-heated oven and toast for 10 minutes or until the nuts become crunchy.  Toss the nuts with a small amount of salt and keep in zip-lock bags.  Mix it with small candy-coated chocolates, dried raisins and bananas to make a delicious trail mix.

Go nuts with almonds, cashews, and walnuts! All available here at Chefs and Bakers.\
Jellybeans and small candy covered chocolates like NIPS or M&M’s

Thirsty?  Whip up some great drinks with these Shake and drink mixes at Chefs & Bakers.

Assorted Shake powders.
Coffee and Milk tea!

There’s also blocks of cream cheese and butter! Also sausages.

Blocks of cream cheese and whipped cream

Since you’re already at Chefs & bakers buying stuff for your party or picnic, try picking up these guaranteed fun games  for hours of fun!

UNO and Monopoly Deal.

There’s a LOT of other stuff available at Chefs & Bakers.  They’re just more than baking supplies. It is a fun store with lots of snacks and treats priced VERY inexpensively. Give them a visit today!  There’s a lot of fun stuff you could make with the help of Chefs & Bakers!

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any incentives, money or freebies for this article.  

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