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Cakefully Yours Hotel: Cake themed Hotel in Bacolod City

Chefs and Bakers – the premiere place for baking goods, ingredients and supplies in Bacolod has transformed its second floor into Cakefully yoursa Cake themed hotel!

The family behind Chefs and Bakers decided on a cake themed hotel because the theme goes hand in hand with the baking store business.  We visited Cakefully yours to check out the rooms and amenities.

To get to Cakefully yours, just head to Chef’s and Bakers on 13th Street, Bacolod City and simply proceed to the second floor.

This cheerful cake themed counter will greet your eyes! Beside it is the Cakefully yours Cafe that is open from 11am to 8pm.

The cute rainbow cake themed table of Cakefully yours. The colorful icing drops are a nice touch!

Cakefully yours cafe serves coffee, drinks, cakes and meals.  We will write about this cafe in a future article so stay tuned.

Cakefully yours cafe.

Cakefully yours is undergoing renovation so they are adding rooms to the third floor. As of now all rooms that are available are on the second floor.

The hallways of Cakefully yours are decorated with cute images of baked treats.

Each one of the hotel rooms are named after a cake.  The first one that we visited was the Blueberry cheesecake room. It is a beautiful room decorated in soft pastel colors that look a bit like a cheesecake.

Blueberry Cheesecake room – good for 2 persons, matrimonial bed. 1,800php per night.

The next room is the Matcha crinkles room. It’s a green colored room with two single beds.

Matcha Crinkles Room – good for two persons. Two Single beds. 1,400 per night.

Cakefully yours has the Red Velvet cake and Lemon meringue cupcake rooms – they’re two big rooms that can each accomodate 4 people.

Red Velvet Cake room, two double beds 2,800 per night.


Look how big the room is!

Each of the hotel rooms at Cakefully yours have very nice, comfortable beds and some basic amenities that go with it. Each room is air conditioned, has WIFI and has the following items:

Hot water kettle, coffee and coffee cups


Large TV with Cable


Nice and Clean Bathrooms with hot water.

Cakefully yours is another hotel open to serve you in Bacolod. Its close proximity to Lacson street makes it especially awesome during the MassKara festival or just if you are making a visit to Bacolod city.


Cakefully yours

Chefs and Bakers building, 13th Lacson street, Brgy 4 Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Telephone numbers: (034) 435-1356, (034) 709-9489, +63916-402-4512


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any money, sponsorship or items in exchange for this review.

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