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Shed Twenty Three: Good things come in small packages

Hello guys! How was your Christmas?  During the Christmas Holiday we visited Shed Twenty Three – a tiny restaurant that is generating a lot of buzz and excitement for its cheap prices and good food.

Shed Twenty Three may be small but it attracts a lot of people. There’s actually a wait to get seated at this restaurant as there are only TWO long tables and a few seats along the wall.

A barkada dining at Shed Twenty Three

During our visit, several peple kept coming in with their friends and reserving the tables. Shed Twenty Three was soon jam-packed with customers. We’re lucky that we went really early and didn’t have to deal with the queue!

We tried a few of Shed Twenty Three’s specialties.  The menu items are priced reasonably – most items are below two hundred pesos which is perfect for students limited budget. The food is VERY good for the price – We felt that we got our money’s worth with most of the dishes.

The first dish that we ordered was Shed 23’s Baby back ribs. It was ribs cooked and served with the house barbecue sauce, sate rice and pickled papaya.

Baby Back Ribs – 180 php

The barbecue sauce was a little more tart and sourish than most barbecue sauces. It was a pleasant change to have something that is not too sweet and is different for a change. Overall the ribs are okay – they’re classic comfort food that everybody is used to.

A different kind of sauce

Shed Twenty Three is famous for its Truffle 3 cheese pizza.  It’s a delightful combination of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar all infused with the flavor of truffle oil.

Truffle 3 cheese pizza – 230 php

The pizza is a thin crust type pizza.  Our order came perfectly cooked – the crust was crisp. The tantalizing aroma of the cheeses and spices actually distracted us into taking a slice before remembering that we had to take a picture!

Overall the pizza had a nice balance – it wasn’t too salty or oily.  Portion size is good too -This pizza can comfortably fill up two people.

Highly recommended.

Shed Twenty Three has all day brunch so as dessert we decided to order the French toast from their brunch menu.

It was fantastic! We got two THICK slices of french toast sprinkled with powdered confectioners sugar and ground up crunch cereal. The whole thing came with a shot glass of maple syrup.  It’s such a simple dish but Shed Twenty Three does it really well – a very good, simple dessert.

French toast – 125 php.

Shed Twenty Three has various mixed drinks but these could be hit or miss depending on the palate of the person ordering. I wasn’t too thrilled with the Northern Lights drink – it seemed really pricey for what is basically shots of colored syrup mixed up together with a slice of apple. Students might like it though. Next time when we visit Shed Twenty three, we plan to try the other drinks that they have.

Northern Lights

Overall, Shed Twenty Three is a fantastic place to visit.  The food is extremely affordable and the store is clean and neat. Service is fantastic. The owners themselves are hopping all around the place, offering utensils and taking plates as well as giving out extra condiments without being asked to.  It’s no wonder that this place has become very popular.


Shed Twenty Three is located on Hilado Street near Burgos Market.

Open 10am to 9pm Mondays to Sundays.

Contact them via their Facebook:

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive, charge money or ask for freebies for this review. We practice ethical blogging.

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